by BetSoft
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Game features
February 2013
Bet Size
€0.01 - 22.50
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Expanding Wild, Multiplier, Pick Bonus, Scatter, Wild, Wild Reels, Win Both Ways
3D, Adventures, Ancient Rome, Animals, Gold, History, Medieval, War

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Flexible line selection enhances gameplay
  • Offers more than three slot features
  • Includes more than two special symbols
  • Supports both iOS and Android platforms
  • RTP stands below the industry average at 92.67%
  • Only 30 ways to win
  • Lacks a free spins feature for extra wins

Gladiator Slot Review

BetSoft, a developer celebrated for its exquisite 3D gaming propositions, unveiled the Gladiator slot machine in February 2013. Designed to encapsulate the vigor of Ancient Rome, this slot machine takes players right into the heart of gladiatorial contests within the Colosseum. With a carefully crafted aesthetic that mirrors the era’s grandiosity, the game offers a spectrum of Roman symbols, from valiant warriors to predatory beasts, not forgetting the treasures one would expect from such heroic conquests.

The narrative of this online slot follows the grueling lives of gladiators, with characters that aren’t just for show. They are pivotal to the gameplay, especially in bonus rounds, where each character brings a different aspect of the game to life. The Princess symbol, in particular, holds sway over the other symbols on the reel, potentially altering the outcome of the game with a sweep of rose petals.

The animations in Gladiator stand out, bringing a heightened level of excitement with winning combinations. Watch as gladiators spring into action, ready to strike with their weapons once they form part of a winning line. Supplementing this is the Gladiator demo mode animations and video sequences that are triggered during the bonus features, adding depth to the story and gameplay.

Audio plays an essential part in the Gladiator casino game, blending the dramatic undertones of the music with the clashing sounds of battle and the exuberance of the gathered crowds. These elements of sound work harmoniously, enveloping the player in the complete Gladiator experience.

For those who enjoy the gladiatorial theme and are searching for similar experiences, other slots such as Playtech’s cinematic “Gladiator” or Microgaming’s “Romanov Riches” might also capture their interests, reflecting both developers’ forays into historical grandeur.

Thanks to its multi-platform design, users can revel in the Gladiator free game on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Both Android and iOS systems support the Gladiator online slot, ensuring broad access and user experience. With a target audience that spans history enthusiasts to those intrigued by immersive narrative slots, Gladiator appeals to players who are after rich, story-driven content wrapped in a video slot package.

How to Play Gladiator

This video slot adopts the standard layout of five reels and three rows, along with 30 paylines that pay both ways, left to right and right to left. This two-way payline setup means that players have more ways to win, as winning combinations can be generated from either side of the reels.

The game interface meshes with the ancient theme seamlessly while ensuring that players find it easy to manoeuver through the betting options and game rules. Gladiator is designed to be intuitive, with a user experience that streamlines the integration between design and functionality.

Control Buttons:

  • Choose Coin Bet: Enables the player to select the coin denomination for their bankroll, ranging from $0.01 to $4.50.
  • Bet per Line: Adjusts the amount wagered on each line between 1 and 5 coins.
  • Select Lines: Activates a specific number of paylines, from 1 to 30.
  • Spin: Launches a single reel spin.
  • Auto-play: Kickstarts a sequence of spins with pre-configured settings such as coin value, number of paylines, and spins.
  • View Pays: Displays the paytable featuring max win amounts and bonus rounds information.
  • Sound On/Off: Mutes or activates game sounds.

With the gameplay, bet sizes in Gladiator cater to a variety of players, beginning at just $0.30 per line and soaring to a max of $22.50 per spin. This variance allows both cautious players and thrill-seekers to find their comfort zone. The maximum win potential reaches 3,382x, offering a glimpse of the treasures that await in the arena. The RTP of this slot sits at 92.67%, a figure that is a touch lower when compared to other slots, while the volatility is medium, suggesting that players may encounter wins more frequently, albeit at lower values.

Game Rules

Gladiator Symbols

The symbols in the Gladiator slot resonate deeply with the theme, weaving the narrative of Ancient Rome’s gladiatorial combat into the fabric of the game. With a diverse cast of symbols, from hardened gladiators to the majestic creatures that once roamed the amphitheater and symbols of wealth, these icons enrich the player’s experience. The innovative use of these symbols not only reflects current trends in video slots but also highlights the evolution of classic slot machines.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Mask-helmed Gladiator 2.67x 5.33x 13.3x
Horn-helmed Gladiator 2.67x 5.33x 13.3x
Horse 0.67x 1.33x 3.33x
Bag of Gold 0.33x 0.67x 1.67x
Tiger 1x 2x 5x
Sword and Shield 1.67x 3.33x 8.33x
Mace and Shield 1.67x 3.33x 8.33x
Gold Cup 0.17x 0.33x 0.83x
Flag 0.5x 1x 2.5x

The symbols’ design contributes to the gladiatorial setting, with additional icons like the horse and the sacks of gold accounting for the slot’s smaller payout combinations. These minor symbols fortify the slot’s stance on variety and help maintain the lively atmosphere with every spin.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Gladiator distinguish themselves through their unique roles and dramatic impact on the gameplay. Aiding players in striking winning combinations, they trigger various bonus rounds and free spins, often proving to be game-changers. Gladiator possesses a wealth of these symbols, each activating different bonus features that enrich the narrative and enhance the potential to score big wins.

  • Princess: Serving as a powerful figure, when the Princess symbol lands atop the reels, it releases rose petals that turn the symbols below into 2x wilds and consequently doubles the payouts of the winning combinations they help form.
  • Coliseum: A symbol of might, the Coliseum scatter pays regardless of its position across the paylines, with payouts reaching up to 3,750 credits for a five-of-a-kind.
  • Door: The enigmatic Door symbol initiates a lucrative click-me feature, offering an instant reward that varies based on the total wager placed by the player.
  • Gladiator: Signifying strength and valor, the Gladiator symbol activates the Gladiator Smash Wild Reel when it makes its appearance on the third reel. The resulting filmstrip of wilds can lead to a grand victory, echoing the crowning of a champion in the arena.

These special symbols are designed to elevate the gaming experience, creating pivotal moments that can bring substantial rewards or usher in the excitement of interactive features.

Gladiator Features

The Gladiator slot is graced with a suite of bonus features that seamlessly intertwine with its thematic essence, drawing players into the heart of the Colosseum. These features not only provide a refreshing deviation from the base gameplay but also afford an array of profitable opportunities tailored to a spectrum of player preferences.

Click-Me Feature

Initiated by three or more Door symbols, the Click-Me feature embodies the game’s simplicity and potential for immediate rewards. Players choose from a selection of doors to reveal hidden credits, continuing to accrue prizes until the ‘collect’ option emerges to conclude the feature. This pick-and-win style bonus is a straightforward and enjoyable path to amplify the player’s bankroll.

Gladiator Smash Wild Reel

An embodiment of Gladiator’s raw power, the notable Gladiator Smash Wild Reel feature is unleashed when the hero symbol conquers the entire central reel. A marble slab then covers the reel, which the gladiator forcefully shatters to unveil a full reel of wilds. The feature intensifies the gameplay, heightening the potential for commanding wins, and is indicative of the slot’s medium variance and heartening hit frequency.

Prepare for Battle Bonus

The Prepare for Battle bonus offers a deeper level of engagement, pitting the hero against the villain in a cinematic showdown. Upon the appearance of these symbols alongside the Coliseum on predetermined paylines, the player selects their champion. Each clash and defensive maneuver during the battle accrues credits, with a significant reward for the victor, contributing to the game’s overall payout potential.

x2 Wild Feature

While not explicitly labeled as a bonus round, the x2 Wild feature, propelled by the Princess symbol, bestows a multiplier elevation on the reels. The princess’s petals transform symbols into 2x wilds if they contribute to a win, fostering the potential for a more lucrative play session. This additional element propels Gladiator beyond the realm of ordinary slots, imbuing each spin with the possibility of enhanced rewards.

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