Crazy Hunter

by TaDa Gaming
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Game features
TaDa Gaming
November 2021
Bet Size
€0.05 - 50
Max Win
Bonus Bet, Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Free Spins, Multiplier, Retrigger
3D, Adventures, Dragons, Gold, Magic, Medieval, Monsters, Vikings, War

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Pros and cons
  • High RTP of 97%
  • Low minimum bet of $0.05
  • Non-standard slot mechanics in RPG form
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Maximum win rate tops at 2000x
  • Maximum bet could be higher than $50

Crazy Hunter Slot Review

Released in November 2021, the Crazy Hunter casino game delivers a medium-variance gaming experience, making it an appealing choice for both experienced enthusiasts and newer players. This game diverges from the traditional online slot machine paradigm by incorporating a vibrant monster shooting theme. It includes a cast of characters comprising goblins, dragons, princesses, and warriors, each offering various ways to win when targeted. The atmosphere of this video slot is intricately rendered, transporting players into diverse adventurous environments, ranging from icy dragon-infested caves to majestic grand palaces.

High-quality animations elevate the Crazy Hunter game, featuring detailed and dynamic figures. These animations, along with video sequences like the conflict with the Ice Dragon Boss, enrich the user experience by making each character and event feel lifelike. In terms of audio, this slot machine’s soundscape complements its visual flair. Sword clashes, the bellowing of dragons, and the cheers from characters are complemented by a suspenseful musical score, enhancing the immersive ambiance of the game.

When comparing Crazy Hunter to other fantasy-themed titles, games like “Dragon’s Myth” by Rabcat or “Tower Quest” by Play’n GO come to mind, offering a blend of rich storytelling and engaging gameplay similar to this slot’s adventure.

The Crazy Hunter real money slot is designed with multi-platform functionality, ensuring a seamless experience on both iOS and Android devices. Thanks to this compatibility, a diverse audience, from casual players enjoying the demo mode to high rollers seeking sizable payouts, can access the game on their preferred mobile or tablet device.

How to Play Crazy Hunter

The gaming structure of the Crazy Hunter slot online distinguishes itself from conventional slots by eschewing the usual reel and row framework for an engaging target-shooting model. Instead of spinning reels, players shoot at various monsters, each rewarding different prizes upon defeat. Such a feature introduces complexity and innovation, promising advantages in entertainment and player engagement.

Within the Crazy Hunter casino game, the user interface is designed for straightforward navigation and ease of play. The bet amount can easily be adjusted to suit individual bankroll preferences before players commence their monster-shooting action. Essential game controls include:

  • Bet Size: Positioned prominently, enabling players to modify the wager amount with ease.
  • Spin or Play Button: The central command that activates the onslaught against the monsters.
  • Auto-Rotate: Opted for those who prefer automated sessions.
  • Slot Information: Contains all the necessary game rules and payoff details.
  • Mute: It lets players toggle the sound on and off as desired.

This casino slot embraces a wide array of betting preferences, with minimum bets as low as $0.05 and the upper limit reaching $50, catering to both conservative and high-stakes players. With a potential max win of 2000x the stake and an RTP rated at 97%, the Crazy Hunter online slot positions itself as an attractive option in the market. The game’s medium variance offers a harmonious balance between the frequency of payout and the size of rewards, broadening its appeal to different gameplay styles.

Game Rules

Crazy Hunter Symbols

The interactive game symbols in the Crazy Hunter slot are at the epicenter of its gameplay. Unlike static images found in classic slots, these targets come in the form of animated creatures like goblins and dragons, each holding keys to potential prizes. This innovative feature, where symbols are directly linked to the shooting action, represents an evolutionary step in online slot design and potentially increases the winning combinations for players.

Accompanying the standard symbols are various high-value targets, such as the formidable Ice Dragon Boss and treasure chests. The dynamic inclusion of these symbols with their unique animations enhances the narrative depth and immersion in the Crazy Hunter slot machine experience.

Special Symbols

In the world of the Crazy Hunter video slot, special symbols alter the game’s dynamic by unlocking lucrative chances for player rewards. They distinguish themselves from regular symbols by initiating bonus rounds and free spins, offering a much higher impact on the gameplay’s potential profitability.

Among these special symbols that embellish this online slot are:

  • Key Symbol: Grants access to an additional game mode where players can win extra rewards.
  • Golden Treasure Chest: May release up to 10 complimentary games when unlocked.
  • Golden Piggy: Acts as an envoy to a series of free plays, thereby heightening the potential for considerable gains.
  • Dragon Shoot Feature: Presents an opportunity to aim at dragons for a chance to achieve a considerable prize.

These symbols enhance the slot machine’s action by showcasing expressive animations and effects, like the vibrant Dragon Shoot feature, which delivers an extra layer of excitement and the possibility of monetary victories.

Crazy Hunter Features

The Crazy Hunter slot machine integrates bonus features seamlessly with its theme, heightening the excitement and potential profitability for players. These bonus modes are not just mechanisms for payouts but are also experientially reflective of the game’s monster-hunting concept. Compared to industry standards, these interactive, narrative-driven features offer a fresh twist on the rewards system.

Free Rounds

One of the primary bonus features is triggered by the collection of key symbols, which leads players into a free game mode. Although the specific conditions and numbers of free attempts are not outlined in the available information, this mode is indicative of the slot’s intent to provide diverse gaming pleasures and ways to augment the players’ earnings.

Bonus Bet

An additional feature of the slot is the Bonus Bet feature – setting up a Fire Cannon instead of a regular cannon. The cost of a spin with Bonus Bet is increased by 3 times, but the player has an advantage that allows you to automatically attack neighboring enemies in addition to the main target.

Ice Dragon Trial Challenge

If a player gets a crystal when killing a monster, they are rewarded with a bonus mode battle with the Boss – Dragon. This challenge takes 60 seconds to complete. During the battle, the player may get a chance to get a chest of jewels that holds a big prize, or to get crystals that act as multipliers.

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