Rhino Rilla Rex

by Crazy Tooth Studio
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Game features
Crazy Tooth Studio
April 2022
Bet Size
€0.25 - 12.5
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Extra Spins, Free Spins, Jackpot, Multiplier, Scatter, Stacked Symbols, Wild, Win Both Ways
3D, Animals, Dinosaurs, Jungle, Science and Technology

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Pros and cons
  • RTP can reach up to 96.20%
  • Features 3,125 ways to win for diverse winning potential
  • Large 5x5 grid enhances gameplay experience
  • Multiple slot features for dynamic play
  • Jackpot feature available for big win chances
  • Offers 2 special symbols for added excitement
  • Lower RTP configurations available (92.13% and 94.13%)

Rhino Rilla Rex Slot Review

Rhino Rilla Rex is a creation of Crazy Tooth Studio, released in April 2022. It transports players into a fantastical world where prehistoric creatures meet modern-day beasts, resulting in a unique and thrilling online slot experience. The design and atmosphere of the game blend elements of the Jurassic era with a touch of futuristic sci-fi, making it stand apart in terms of visual appeal and thematic execution.

The game revolves around three primary characters – a Rhino, Rilla (Gorilla), and a Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex), each contributing to the formation of innovative hybrid creatures within the gameplay, such as Rhino-Rilla or Rexorilla. These characters are not just for show, as they play a pivotal role in the game’s bonus features, creating a dynamic and interactive gaming environment.

The animation quality of Rhino Rilla Rex is commendable, with smoothly transitioning reels and character animations that bring the game to life. Additional animations, particularly during the activation of bonus features, enhance the gaming experience further, immersing players in the bizarre yet fascinating world created by Crazy Tooth Studio.

The sound design complements the game’s theme perfectly, with a jungle-themed soundtrack mixed with futuristic sound effects that encapsulate the blend of past and future. The whole audio-visual experience is designed to keep players engaged and entertained throughout their gaming session.

For players looking for similar thematic experiences, slots like “Jurassic Park” by Microgaming or “Raging Rex” by Play’n GO offer a dive into prehistoric themes, while “Gorilla Go Wild” by NextGen Gaming explores the jungle adventures of a gorilla.

Rhino Rilla Rex is developed using HTML5 technology, ensuring compatibility across both iOS and Android platforms. The game targets adventure-seeking players and those fascinated by a blend of science fiction and prehistoric themes.

How to Play Rhino Rilla Rex

Rhino Rilla Rex is structured as a 5 reel, 5 row video slot, providing 3,125 ways to win through its Any Adjacent Pays system. This non-standard structure means players can form winning combinations of three or more symbols starting from any position, a feature that introduces more dynamism into the gameplay.

Winning conditions are straightforward, focusing on the adjacency of symbols rather than their position on a traditional payline. This approach simplifies the gaming experience while making it more exciting due to the increased number of potential winning combinations.

The user interface of Rhino Rilla Rex is both functional and well-integrated into the game’s design. Key control buttons include:

  • Spin: Arranged prominently on the interface, allowing players to begin the game.
  • Bet Size: Users can adjust their stake amount, with options ranging from $0.25 to $12.50 per spin.
  • Auto-Rotate: Enables a series of spins to be played automatically.
  • Slot Information: Provides details about paytables and features.
  • Mute: For turning sound on and off.

The betting range of $0.25 to $12.50 per spin caters to both low and high rollers, ensuring a wide appeal. The game boasts a potential maximum win of up to 1768x the stake, a substantial payout that complements its high volatility nature. The RTP varies, having configurations of 96.20%, 94.13%, and 92.13%, with the highest setting being slightly above the industry average.

Game Rules

Rhino Rilla Rex Symbols

In Rhino Rilla Rex, the game symbols play a pivotal role in weaving the unique theme into the gameplay. The symbols are a creative blend of prehistoric creatures and futuristic elements, echoing the imaginative fusion that characterizes the slot. This selection of symbols demonstrates innovation within current slot trends, taking players on a journey back in time while simultaneously propelling them into a possible future.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Green Icon 0.04x 0.04x 0.04x
Red Icon 0.04x 0.04x 0.04x
Blue Icon 0.04x 0.04x 0.04x
Purple Icon 0.04x 0.04x 0.04x
Rhino 0.08x 0.08x 0.08x
Rilla (Gorilla) 0.08x 0.08x 0.08x
Rex (Dinosaur) 0.08x 0.08x 0.08x

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Rhino Rilla Rex amplify the excitement and potential for substantial wins, playing crucial roles in triggering the game’s varied bonus features.

  • Wild Symbol: Described as containing the “WILD” text, this symbol substitutes for all paying symbols to help form winning combinations. Wilds are exclusive to reels 1 and 5, adding a strategic element to their appearance.
  • Full Stack Bonus Symbol: These symbols are special versions of the Rhino, Rilla, and Rex icons, distinguished by a golden frame and marked with the text “Bonus”. Their sizes correspond to their regular counterparts, with the Rhino covering 2 positions, the Rilla 3, and the Rex 4. They enhance gameplay by triggering unique bonus features when landed in full view on the reels. The positioning of these symbols is also strictly defined, with the Rhino appearing only on reel 1, the Rilla on reel 3, and the Rex exclusively on reel 5.

Rhino Rilla Rex Features

The bonus features in Rhino Rilla Rex are designed to elevate the player experience by integrating the slot’s thematic elements into rewarding gameplay mechanics. These features not only enhance potential profitability but also align closely with the game’s unique premise, offering players not just the excitement of wins but an engaging narrative journey.

Team Up Feature

Triggered by landing any combination of 3 to 5 full-stack premium animal symbols (Rhino, Rilla, Gorilla, or Rex) in full view, the Team Up feature transforms the gameplay onto a new grid. On this grid, players can only land multipliers, cash prizes, and tokens. The size of the reel on this new grid is determined by the height of the triggering symbols, indicating that the animals not only serve as characters but as integral aspects of the game mechanics. The total cash prize from this feature is subject to multipliers which depend on the combination of animals that triggered it, ranging from 2x, 3x, 4x, to 5x.

Team Up Bonus Spins

A variation of the Team Up feature, the Team Up Bonus Spins, is activated when at least one of the 3 to 5 full-stack symbols comes with a golden “bonus” frame. This feature transports players to a similar alternate grid, offering 3 initial free spins that focus on cash prizes, multipliers, and extra spin symbols. The presence of extra spin symbols implies that the Team Up Bonus Spins can potentially extend, allowing for continued accrual of rewards.

Beast Prizes

On the left side of the screen, four progressive Beast Prizes escalate in value with each corresponding full-view animal symbol landed. These prizes start at base values of 5x, 25x, 100x, and 500x the stake for the Rhino, Rilla, Rex, and the combined Rhino Rilla Rex prize, respectively. Tokens acquired through the Team Up and Team Up Bonus Spins features contribute towards filling meters associated with each Beast Prize. Collecting the requisite number of tokens for each prize results in its award, with prizes capable of reaching up to a maximum of 1768x the stake. This feature incentivizes long-term play, rewarding players for their persistence with potentially high payoffs.

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