Fire Gnomes

by Crazy Tooth Studio
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Game features
Crazy Tooth Studio
July 2023
Bet Size
€0.15 - 30
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Extra Wild, Free Spins, Multiplier, Random Wild, Retrigger, Scatter, Wild
3D, Fire, Magic, Money, Myths

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Pros and cons
  • Expanded grid size introduces unique gameplay.
  • Over two slot features guarantee diversity.
  • More than two special symbols bring variety.
  • The maximum bet is limited to $30.

Fire Gnomes Slot Review

Fire Gnomes is a captivating slot game released in July 2023, developed by Crazy Tooth Studio. This game, available through the Games Global network, combines enchanting designs and innovative gameplay that takes players into a mystical realm occupied by gnomes. Unlike traditional slots, Fire Gnomes unfolds in an underground grotto setting, brimming with toadstools and gnome abodes, reminiscent of a Smurf Village where everything seems to exist in a different, somewhat whimsical dimension.

The design palette and atmosphere of the game are intricately woven with the theme, offering a fantastical experience animated with lively gnomes and lush mushroom houses plastered against the cavernous background. Central to Fire Gnomes are the titular characters themselves, mischievous yet bears a significant role in the gameplay, interacting animatedly with the elements on the reels, adding a layer of depth to the visual storytelling.

Animation quality in Fire Gnomes is notable for its dynamic and fluid motions, especially during the Big BuildUp features and bonus rounds, where gnomes playfully interact with the game mechanics, rolling bombs and activating multipliers. These engaging animations enhance the immersive experience of the slot.

The soundtrack further complements the theme, blending ambient and cheeky tunes that match the underground grotto setting, creating an auditory environment that keeps players entertained and engaged throughout their session.

Fire Gnomes shares thematic similarities with slots like Gnome Wood by Rabcat and Gnome Around The World by Betconstruct, where mystical creatures and enchanting forests provide the backdrop for the gameplay.

This game is designed to be multi-platform, offering a seamless experience across both iOS and Android devices, ensuring wide accessibility.

How to Play Fire Gnomes

Fire Gnomes features a non-standard game structure with 4 reels, 5 rows, and an intricate 95 paylines, deviating from traditional slot designs to offer a unique gaming experience. This setup caters to winning combinations of 3 or 4-of-a-kind only, adding a layer of strategy to each spin.

The user interface integrates seamlessly with the slot’s fantastical theme, with control buttons artfully designed to complement the game’s aesthetic. These include:

  • Spin Button: Stands out on the right side of the screen, it initiates a single game round.
  • Autoplay: Allows players to set a number of automatic spins.
  • Bet Selector: Enables adjustment of bet sizes, ranging from $0.15 to $30 per spin.
  • Mute: Controls the game’s volume, allowing for a customizable auditory experience.

Bets can be adjusted within a range of $0.15 to $30, accommodating both low-stake enthusiasts and high rollers. The maximum win is touted at 6,788x the stake, offering a sizable potential payout. With an RTP of 96.18% at its peak, Fire Gnomes stands above the industry average, providing a fair balance of risk to reward. The game’s high volatility ensures that wins, while less frequent, can be significantly rewarding.

Game Rules

Fire Gnomes Symbols

Fire Gnomes encompasses a rich variety of symbols that mirror its enchanting theme and immersive gameplay. The symbols in this slot are divided across low-paying and high-paying categories, each presented with distinctive designs that align with the game’s mystical narrative. High-paying symbols include variously colored mushrooms, while low-paying symbols are represented by creatively designed card suits. This blend of conventional and thematic elements reflects the game’s innovation within the current trends, building upon classic slot mechanisms with an imaginative twist.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line
Green Mushroom 0.13x 0.33x
Brown Mushroom 0.13x 0.33x
Purple Mushroom 0.13x 0.33x
Blue Mushroom 0.13x 0.33x
Green Club 0.07x 0.2x
Brown Heart 0.07x 0.2x
Purple Diamond 0.07x 0.2x
Blue Spade 0.07x 0.2x

Special Symbols

Special symbols in this online slot play crucial roles that transcend their immediate appearances, significantly enhancing the winning potential and unlocking an array of bonus features.

  • Regular Wilds: Substitute for all paying symbols, facilitating the formation of winning combinations.
  • Wild Multipliers: Vary between 2x and 5x, stepping in for pay symbols to help complete wins, with each involved wild boosting the relevant win.
  • Feature Activation Symbol: Appears on reels 2 and/or 3 to trigger the Big BuildUp feature, activating saved up feature symbols.
  • Build-Up Symbols: Manifests on reels 1 and 4 during the base game, they contribute to either wilds/multiplier wilds or Silver/Gold prizes upon their activation.

Fire Gnomes Features

In Fire Gnomes, the bonus features are ingeniously integrated with the game’s thematic essence, elevating the play to an immersive experience filled with potential rewards. These features leverage the mystical setting and the adventurous antics of the game’s titular characters, making each bonus round not just a chance for winnings but also an extension of the story. From the unique Big BuildUp mechanic to the climactic Fire Gnomes Bonus Game, players are invited into a gamified adventure that’s as rewarding as it is entertaining.

Big BuildUp Feature

The Big BuildUp feature sets the stage for unpredictability and excitement, distinguished by its innovative approach to accumulating and releasing game enhancements. When one or more Feature Activation symbols land on reels 2 and/or 3, this feature kicks into action, bringing to life the rewards that have been piling up on the shelves flanking the reels.

Fire Gnomes Bonus Game

The Fire Gnomes Bonus Game is where the magic of this slot truly ignites, offering a visually captivating bonus round imbued with the playful chaos of gnomes wielding explosive multipliers. Triggered by landing 2 scatter symbols on reels 1 and 4, this bonus round plunges players into a dynamic playfield where anything can happen.

The bonus game consists of the following stages:

Initial Setup: Awards 5 free spins, populating the reels with credit values and special bonus symbols.

Gnome Interaction: On each spin, at least one gnome rolls a bomb across the grid, activating or amplifying credit prizes and triggering special symbols with its multiplier effect. Special Symbols:

  • Retrigger: Increases spins according to the multiplier value.
  • Credit Boost: Augments activated credit values by its boost value times the multiplier.
  • Row/Column: Activates all positions in the corresponding row/column with the multiplier.
  • Orthogonal: Activates all orthogonally adjacent positions with the multiplier.

Conclusion: As spins conclude, the sum of all activated positions translates into the player’s total win from the feature.

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