Bubble Beez

by Crazy Tooth Studio
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Game features
Crazy Tooth Studio
April 2023
Bet Size
€0.25 - 40
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Cluster Pays, Collapsing Reels, Collect Symbols, Increasing Multiplier, Multiplier, Switching Symbols, Wild
3D, Animals, Wildlife

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Pros and cons
  • Grid comprises 37 individual spaces for varied gameplay
  • More than 2 slot features guarantee engaging gameplay
  • Over 2 special symbols bring gameplay variety
  • Non-standard payline direction offers unique win chances
  • Maximum bet capped at $40, limiting high rollers
  • No Free Spins feature cuts down on bonus opportunities

Bubble Beez Slot Review

Bubble Beez was developed by Crazy Tooth Studio and released in April 2023. The game emerges as a unique bee-themed slot set against the backdrop of a honeycomb, incorporating a distinctive hexagonal gaming area that closely mirrors the intricacies of bee architecture. This choice of design is instrumental in immersing players into the world of bees, complete with ambient visuals of dripping honey and a honeycomb that dominates the scenery. The aesthetic is well-complemented by a quirky jazzy soundtrack, setting a lighthearted and somewhat offbeat tone that is characteristic of Crazy Tooth Studio’s innovative approach to slot game design.

The primary characters in this game are the bees themselves, showcased in various colors and shapes across the reels. Each bee character brings its unique charm to the game, contributing to the theme’s vibrancy and engaging gameplay experience.

In terms of animation quality, Bubble Beez maintains Crazy Tooth Studio’s signature style, with a focus on playful and slightly whimsical animations that align with the game’s theme. Additional animations trigger during gameplay, especially when special features like the Tumble Reelz or Buzz Bomb are activated, enhancing the visual appeal and keeping players engaged.

The game’s sound design, particularly the upbeat and jazzy soundtrack, complements the game’s aesthetics perfectly, adding an additional layer of enjoyment to the gameplay experience. The sound effects during wins and triggered features also contribute to the game’s overall appeal.

For players interested in enjoying similar themed games, titles such as “The Hive” by BetSoft and “Wild Swarm” by Push Gaming offer comparable bee-inspired slot experiences, each with unique gameplay mechanics and immersive themes.

Bubble Beez is crafted to run smoothly across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices, ensuring that players can enjoy the game on their preferred mobile device without compromise on quality or performance.

How to Play Bubble Beez

Bubble Beez operates on a non-standard game structure featuring 37 individual spaces within a hexagonal shape, akin to a honeycomb. This unique design requires no traditional paylines; instead, the game uses an Any Adjacent Pays system, where wins are formed when at least three matching symbols are adjacent to each other in any direction on the game board.

In terms of the user interface, Bubble Beez employs a straightforward layout, integrating seamlessly with the game’s design. The UI is intuitive, with clear indications of current stakes and wins. Major control buttons include:

  • Spin: Iconic and prominently placed, this button initiates a single rotation of the game’s symbols.
  • Auto Spin: Allows players to set a predetermined number of spins to occur automatically.
  • Bet Size: Enables players to adjust their wager per spin, ranging from a minimum of $0.25 to a maximum of $40.
  • Information: Offers access to the game’s paytable, symbol values, and feature descriptions.
  • Mute: Provides the option to toggle the game’s sound effects and background music on or off.

Bets can range from $0.25 to $40 per spin, accommodating a wide variety of player budgets. The maximum win potential is 3862 times the player’s stake, offering substantial reward possibilities. With an RTP of 96.15% at its highest setting, Bubble Beez stands competitively among other slots, offering a fair return to players. The game’s volatility is rated medium/high, suggesting a balance between the frequency of wins and the potential payout sizes, making each spin potentially exciting and rewarding.

Game Rules

Bubble Beez Symbols

In Bubble Beez, the symbols serve as a direct reflection of the game’s bee and honeycomb theme, offering a vibrant mix of differently shaped and colored bee characters that bring the game to life. Unlike traditional slots that distinguish between low and high-value symbols, Bubble Beez adopts an innovative approach where all regular symbols hold the same value, emphasizing the game’s departure from classic slot conventions. This design choice underscores the game’s thematic consistency and innovation within current slot trends, aiming to provide a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Special Symbols

The special symbols in Bubble Beez significantly enhance the winning potential and trigger distinctive bonus features, setting them apart from regular symbols.

  • Wild Symbol: Represented by an icon with ‘WILD’ inscribed and a honey backdrop, it can substitute for any regular symbol to form or enhance winning combinations. The Wild symbol’s versatility makes it a crucial element in achieving higher payouts.
  • Queen Bee Overlay: This is characterized by a blue hexagonal frame and occasionally surrounds regular symbols. Collecting at least three of these triggers the Queen Bee feature, leading to potential game board modifications and enhanced win opportunities.
  • Honey Prize Overlay: Appears as a red hexagonal shape surrounding regular symbols. Accumulating five or more of these triggers the Honey Prize Award, offering an instant prize that can range from 4x to 123x the bet amount. This symbol adds an element of progression, rewarding players as they collect the overlays.
  • Triangle Multiplier: This special symbol activates upon forming a triangular winning combination, doubling the wins for symbols adjacent to at least one triggering symbol. The Triangle Multiplier, exclusive to such specific winning patterns, emphasizes the strategic aspect of forming winning combinations.
  • Buzz Bomb: Exclusively appearing on non-winning spins, this symbol may explode to remove symbols from the grid, potentially initiating new wins and collecting any adjacent special overlays, thus offering players a second chance at hitting a winning combination indirectly.

Bubble Beez Features

The bonus features in Bubble Beez are intricately designed to enrich the player’s experience, intertwining closely with the game’s bee-themed narrative. These features not only heighten the excitement and potential profitability of the game but also showcase the developer’s creativity in embedding thematic elements into gameplay mechanics. The inclusion of unique modifiers, progressive multipliers, and instant prize awards illustrates current trends in the slot gaming industry towards more immersive and interactive elements that keep players engaged.

Tumble Reelz™ Feature

Triggered by any winning combination, the Tumble Reelz™ mechanic clears the winning symbols off the board, allowing new or existing symbols to fall into the vacant spaces. This feature continues until no new wins are formed, potentially leading to consecutive wins from a single spin. The immersive nature of this feature enhances the gameplay, providing dynamic action and the possibility of extended winning streaks.

Tumble Reelz Feature
Queen Bee Feature

Activated when at least three Queen Bee Overlay symbols have been collected in a single spin or series of tumbles, this feature can lead to one of three outcomes:

  • Transformation: Changes symbols on the grid into another regular symbol, potentially creating new wins.
  • Multiplier Alteration: Converts a group of three symbols into the same symbol, increasing the likelihood of forming winning combinations.
  • Elimination: Removes symbols from the grid, collecting any associated Queen Bee or Honey Prize Overlays, which can lead to additional tumbles and potentially more wins.
Triangle Multiplier

When three adjacent matching symbols form a triangular winning combo, a Triangle Multiplier symbol is placed next to the triggering symbols, doubling the wins for symbols within the triangular formation. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy to forming winning combinations, rewarding players for achieving specific patterns on the grid.

Triangle Multiplier
Bee Boost

After the second Tumble Reelz™ feature round, the Bee Boost feature kicks in, increasing the multiplier by 1x for each subsequent tumble round, up to a maximum of 5x. This progressive multiplier boosts the payout of any wins during the feature, rewarding players with increasingly larger wins the longer they can sustain their winning streak.

Buzz Bomb

This feature may activate on a non-winning spin if the Buzz Bomb symbol appears. It explodes, removing symbols from the grid and collecting any adjacent special overlays, potentially leading to new wins and symbol tumbles. The Buzz Bomb offers a dynamic twist to gameplay, providing unexpected opportunities for wins.

Honey Prize Award

Triggered by collecting five or more Honey Prize Overlay symbols, players are awarded an instant prize ranging from 4x to 123x the bet amount. This feature not only adds an element of anticipation as players collect the overlay symbols but also offers the potential for significant rewards independent of the standard paylines.

Honey Prize Award

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