Serengeti Diamonds

by Lightning Box
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Serengeti Diamonds Slot Review
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Game features
Lightning Box
April 2011
Bet Size
€0.50 - 125
Max Win
Collect Symbols, Free Spins, Multiplier, Pick Bonus, Respin, Scatter, Sticky Reels, Wild
Adventures, Africa, Animals, Desert, Jewels

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Pros and cons
  • Higher RTP of 97% for better payouts
  • Wide betting range from $0.50 to $125 suits various budgets
  • Accessible on multiple devices for convenience
  • Only 25 ways to win may limit opportunities
  • A minimum bet of $0.50 may be high for some

Serengeti Diamonds Slot Review

The Serengeti Diamonds slot machine, a product of Lightning Box Games, introduced an exciting casino game to the online platform since its release in April 2011. Incarnating the allure of an African safari, players are immersed in the expansive landscapes of the Serengeti, effortlessly translated onto the screen with a scenic backdrop that captures Mount Kilimanjaro’s grandeur.

In the game, the narrative revolves around a safari adventure in the heart of Tanzania and Kenya, where animated wildlife icons are key players contributing to the potential max win. These characters are not merely figures of grandeur but embody high-value symbols in a pursuit that mirrors the hunt for the dazzling diamonds synonymous with the game’s title.

Animation within the Serengeti Diamonds casino game leans toward the classically straightforward. With the absence of flashy video sequences and additional animations, the slot’s simple visual approach maintains its charm and allure through the years, often drawing player reviews that commend its timelessness.

Accompanying the visuals is an audio ensemble, a soundtrack replete with lively African rhythms providing an audio backdrop to the game rules and winnings. The semblances of the Serengeti are brought forth through sound effects that deepen user experience by delivering authenticity and immersing the player in the natural surroundings of the African plains.

For enthusiasts who find themselves captivated by this slot machine’s theme, similar titles with comparable themes include Savannah Sunrise by NextGen Gaming and African Simba by Novomatic. Each of these video slots presents an opportunity to explore the wild terrains of Africa, featuring diverse fauna and a sense of adventure.

Reflecting modern gaming trends, the Serengeti Diamonds slot accommodates multi-platform compatibility, catering to mobile and app-based gaming on smartphones and tablets. The target audience for this adventure-themed slot ranges from aficionados of natural and wildlife-themed slots to those who enjoy online slots with an exotic narrative and the allure of treasure-seeking.

How to Play Serengeti Diamonds

Playing Serengeti Diamonds is to venture into a standard layout of a casino slot featuring 5 reels and 3 rows, adorned with 25 paylines that direct the success of winning combinations from left to right. For a spin to be favorable, a player must align three or more matching symbols — or a duo of higher-value icons — along any active line, adhering to established game rules.

The integration of the game interface complements the Serengeti theme with ease of use, enabling both seasoned players and novices to grasp the game’s mechanics quickly. Controls are intuitively placed and straightforward to navigate, underscoring the accessible nature of the slot’s design.

The essential control buttons are:

  • Spin: This button, central to the panel, initiates a manual spin with the current betting configurations.
  • Auto Spin: Positioned adjacent to the spin control, this function enables a predetermined number of automatic rotations.
  • Bet Max: This instantly selects the top betting scale and activates a single spin.
  • Coin Value: This adjusts currency denominations used in the betting process.
  • Bet Size: This modifies the number of coins wagered on each payline.
  • Info: This summarises paytables and the intricacies of playable features.

Wagers in Serengeti Diamonds can span from a lower limit of $0.50 to an upper threshold of $125 per manual spin. Such variance allows flexibility for the player’s bankroll, with the game accommodating both conservative betters and high-rollers. The slot offers a noteworthy top win, achievable through strategic play and Lady Luck’s favor; 5,000 times the line bet is the lucrative max win made possible by the highest-paying icon sequence.

The Serengeti Diamonds online slot stands out with a remarkable return to player (RTP) of 97%, exceeding the average percentages typically found in online offerings, promising an attractive payout ratio. The medium variance of the game strikes a balance, presenting players with moderately frequent wins — a fact that might influence bankroll management and autoplay strategies.

Game Rules

Serengeti Diamonds Symbols

The array of game symbols in Serengeti Diamonds reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the African Serengeti. Each symbol, from the lower-valued cards to the depictions of fauna and cultural items, is interwoven with the theme, contributing to a rich tapestry of imagery. The symbols align with current trends toward integrating the game’s theme into every aspect of the slot, stressing their crucial role in forming winning combinations and enhancing the overall player experience.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
9 0.10x 0.75x 5.00x
J 0.25x 0.75x 5.00x
Q 0.25x 1.25x 5.00x
K 0.25x 1.25x 5.00x
A 0.25x 2.00x 6.25x
Vase 1.25x 2.50x 7.50x
Mask 1.25x 2.50x 7.50x
Hut 0.10x 1.25x 10.00x
Elephant 0.10x 1.25x 10.00x
Lion 0.10x 6.25x 20.00x

The non-special symbols encapsulate elements of the Serengeti’s ecosystem and cultural heritage, revealing more than just a chance at a payout but a storyline on the reels. Players can witness the essence of the Serengeti unfold before them as they target these symbols for potential winning combinations, their success resonating with the treasures hidden within the African plains.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in the Serengeti Diamonds slot imbue the gameplay with a heightened prospect of landing significant rewards. These symbols distinguish themselves from standard ones by their unique functions that can turn a regular play into a jackpot opportunity. Special symbols hold a place of supremacy on the reels, heralding the arrival of bonus rounds and free spins, often becoming the harbingers of the most memorable moments during the game.

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild, depicted as Mount Kilimanjaro with a vibrant “Wild” text, is a pivotal symbol in the game. It acts as both a substitute for the standard symbols, enhancing winning combinations, and also as a harbinger of the game’s highest payouts with its substantial rewards up to 500x of the total stake.
  • Scatter Symbol: The coveted Diamond, rendering itself as Scatter, triggers the Hold n Spin online slot feature when two to four appear adjacent to the first reel. Those scatters then remain in place, awarding additional spins to secure more Diamonds. Apart from being the key to a dynamic bonus round, the Scatter symbol also has its standalone payout values from 2x to 50x.

Serengeti Diamonds Features

The bonus features in Serengeti Diamonds seamlessly merge the enchanting theme with the thrill of strategic gameplay, presenting players with specialized opportunities to increase their winnings significantly. These bonus rounds are thoughtfully aligned with the game’s safari motif and present a unique and lucrative aspect of the user experience, underscored by player ratings and reviews. The anticipation of triggering these features keeps players on the edge of their seats, enhancing the overall excitement of the game and its Hit Frequency.

Hold n Spin Feature

Players activate the Hold n Spin feature by landing two to four Diamond Scatters consecutively from the first reel. These symbols become fixed, and the game dispenses three additional spins aimed at capturing more Diamonds. Success in this endeavor resets the spins to three, continuing until the appearance of further Diamonds ceases or all five positions are filled. Completing the quintet launches the Diamond Pick Bonus, effectively aligning with the slot’s Ways to Win.

Diamond Pick Bonus

Upon securing five Scatters, the Diamond Pick Bonus presents a chance to choose two out of the five locked Diamond symbols, unveiling players’ rewards. This highly anticipated feature can yield:

  • Number of Free Spins: 5, 8, or 10.
  • Multiplier Value: 3x, 5x, or 8x.

Following the initial revelation, players have the agency to exchange their initial selections for unknown alternatives, injecting an element of risk and strategy. This bonus not only embodies the thematic nature of the hunt for Serengeti riches but also highlights the game’s variance, as players can choose to hold or swap in pursuit of higher multipliers or more free spins. Once satisfied with their free spins and multiplier, players embark on the bonus round, which is capable of retriggering and extending the excitement and the potential for substantial payouts.

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