Loony Blox

by Habanero
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Game features
February 2020
Bet Size
€0.25 - 5000
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Expanding Wild, Free Spins, Jackpot, Synced Reels, Wild, Win Both Ways
3D, Adventures, Animals, Desert, Fruits

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • High RTP of 96.74% for increased winnings
  • Maximum bet reaches a high $5,000
  • Numerous features offer engaging play
  • Paylines pay both left-to-right and vice versa
  • Four special symbols enhance gameplay
  • High Volatility

Loony Blox Slot Review

Loony Blox slot machine was meticulously crafted by the developers at Habanero and made its vibrant entrance to the world of online slots in February 2020. The game offers a delightful display of animated charm presented in a cartoonish desert landscape. The design embraces an inventive twist, reminiscent of animated classics, that slots aficionados have come to appreciate in the Loony Blox casino game. The atmosphere exudes a bubbly vibe, where each spin is an invitation to an engaging escapade.

The primary cast in this animated escapade consists of delightfully illustrated animals, each with distinct features linked to bonus rounds. The central figures — the rabbit, wolf, and elephant — are more than mere symbols. They drive the narrative of the game, with each character playing a pivotal role in the pursuit of winning combinations and unlocking special features. These compelling characters do more than just jump off the reels; they guide the player through the Loony Blox online slot gaming journey with their antics.

Quality animations bring fluidity to the reels, maintaining a standard of excellence that Habanero is known for, while the visual storytelling is a feast for the player’s eyes. Each manual spin of the reels is supplemented by a symphony of sounds, enhancing the user experience with jingles that heighten the anticipation of a potential win.

Catering to a diverse audience, the Loony Blox game is available on multiple platforms. So, whether you choose to indulge via a desktop or engage in practice play on your mobile, app smoothness is guaranteed. This slot attracts a variety of players, from those who cherish animated themes to those seeking high volatility gameplay on their smartphone or tablet.

How to Play Loony Blox

This casino slot flaunts a conventional five-reel, three-row configuration, but it stands out with a compelling 243 ways to win. Players can score payouts by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels in any position, offering flexible winning directions. The intuitive user interface of the Loony Blox slot machine harmonizes with its amusing theme, making navigation a breeze for both veteran players and novices eager to explore the game rules.

The control panel includes key buttons:

  • Coin Value: Selects the denomination for play;
  • Bet Size: Adjusts the total wager for each spin;
  • Play: Commences a single spin of the reels;
  • Auto-Play: Sets the reels to spin automatically with the option to establish stop conditions;
  • Information: Outlines the paytable and detailed game rules;
  • Max Bet: Instantly maximizes the wager to the upper limit;
  • Map: Toggles the board game feature view;
  • Mute: Silences or activates game audio.
The Loony Blox demo shows that the slot’s RTP can be quite generous when set to its highest at 96.74%. The game’s variance, or volatility, indicates that while wins are not as frequent, they are often more rewarding when they do occur, adding a layer of excitement to each autoplay session. 

Players can embark on their desert escapade with a bet range that commences at a conservative $0.25 and ascends to a significant $5,000, enabling engagement at various bankroll levels. The max win capability of this highly volatile game can net players up to 4864 times the stake, a figure that is enticingly attractive.

Game Rules

Loony Blox Symbols

Echoing the game’s whimsical title and theme, Loony Blox presents an array of symbols animated with personality, bringing each spin of the reels to life. The symbols represent a fusion of classic slot imagery and cartoonish art, offering a playful mix of familiar fruit icons and innovative animations. As players engage in demo mode or real money play, they’ll encounter symbols that are seamlessly intertwined with the game’s narrative.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Diamond 0.6x 6x 10x
7 0.4x 2x 3.2x
BAR 0.32x 1.2x 1.6x
Bell 0.28x 0.8x 1.2x
Cherries 0.2x 0.32x 1x
Lemon 0.16x 0.24x 0.8x
Plum 0.12x 0.16x 0.6x
Watermelon 0.08x 0.12x 0.4x

Unique to Loony Blox, the character symbols – Elephant, Wolf, and Rabbit – are not only eye-catching but also pivotal, harmonizing with the slot’s narrative. These personas each yield a payout of 0.08x for three in sequence, escalating to 0.12x for four, and peaking at 0.4x for a sequence of five.

Special Symbols 

The action in this video slot is amplified by the presence of special symbols, each with a critical role in elevating the gameplay experience and maximizing winning potential.

  • Cactus Wild – Imitating a flourishing desert plant, the Cactus Wild can assume the role of any symbol, providing players with greater prospects for landing winning combinations. It stands out not just for its versatile substitution power but also for its ability to expand, transforming an entire reel into wilds under the correct conditions. The visual and auditory cues that accompany this transformation are integral in creating exciting, tension-filled moments as players hope for substantial wins
  • Elephant, Wolf, Rabbit – These character symbols are central to both the narrative and mechanics of the slot, driving the bonus action. When players align these symbols, each character drives their brightly colored car across the in-game map seeking valuable free spins and launching their distinct in-game bonuses
  • Elephant: Unleashes expanding wilds, magnifying the win potential across the reels
  • Wolf: Activates paylines that award wins from both right-to-left and left-to-right, effectively doubling the number of ways to win
  • Rabbit: Syncs up to five reels to display identical symbols, augmenting the chances of hitting a big payout

The special symbols in Loony Blox set the stage for an unpredictable and thrilling slot experience, providing a plethora of opportunities to hit winning streaks and enjoy the animated action that unfolds.

Loony Blox Features

In Loony Blox, the bonus features are not mere additions, they are integral components that vitalize gameplay and significantly heighten the win potential. The game stands out in the online casino landscape with its array of novel features that inject an added element of unpredictability and excitement.

Map Feature

The Map Feature is a compelling and interactive mini-game that extends the play beyond the reels, as players navigate a desert map in vehicles driven by the slot’s characters. Triggered with the alignment of character symbols in a winning combination, this feature propels players along the path towards potential free spins. It’s not just about the extra spins, though; this immersive feature provides a visual adventure where each character’s special ability can lead to generous rewards, delivering 12 free spins when the animated cars land on the designated green dots.

Character Feature

Anchoring the very essence of the game are the Character Features, linked to each unique animal avatar.

  • When the Elephant marks its territory on the reels, it commands the wilds to expand vertically, potentially filling entire reels and maximizing wins.
  • The crafty Wolf, on the other hand, introduces the win-both-ways feature, effectively broadening the scope for hitting paylines.
  • The cheeky Rabbit has a different trick up its sleeve: it can lock reels, syncing them to display matching symbols, a mechanic that echoes the essence of a re-spin feature.

Each of these features has the potential to dramatically shift the course of the game, providing bursts of animation and sound that signify the unlocking of advantageous gameplay scenarios.

The Jackpot Race

The Jackpot Race is an innovative progessive feature that stands out in Loony Blox play. It commences with the Accumulation Phase, where a fraction of every bet contributes to the jackpot’s progressive pool. Coupled with an exhilarating Race Phase countdown, the players’ anticipation reaches fever pitch, knowing the triggered jackpot will be split among the top three bettors closest to the jackpot trigger.

Jackpot Race

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