The Myth

by Mascot Gaming
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Game features
Mascot Gaming
March 2021
Bet Size
€0.20 - 50
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Expanding Wild, Extra Spins, Extra Wild, Free Spins, Random Wild, Respin, Scatter, Walking Wild, Wild, Wild Reels
3D, Dragons, Myths, Vikings, Wildlife

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Pros and cons
  • Accessible on both iOS and Android.
  • Multiple Free Spins modes.
  • Varieties of wild symbols.
  • RTP is below the industry average.

The Myth Slot Review

Dive into the mystical world of “The Myth,” a captivating video slot developed by the esteemed Mascot Gaming and released in March 2021. This game transports players to a realm where ancient legends come alive, seamlessly blending the allure of age-old tales with modern gaming technology. The design and atmosphere of the slot are reminiscent of legendary stories, possibly featuring mythological creatures, ancient symbols, or iconic characters, though the exact narrative remains a compelling mystery.

The animation quality of “The Myth” stands out, employing cutting-edge technologies like JavaScript and HTML5. These technical advancements ensure that players experience a game that’s not only visually appealing but also immersive. While the specifics about additional animations or video sequences aren’t detailed, the game’s title suggests a rich tapestry of animated tales waiting to be discovered. Complementing the visuals is the game’s sound design. Though the exact details of the music, sound effects, or voices aren’t provided, one can anticipate an auditory experience that resonates with the game’s mythical theme.

For players who appreciate the theme of “The Myth,” similar slots worth exploring include “Norse Gods” by PlayTech and “Odyssey Legends” by NetEnt, both of which delve deep into mythological tales and offer immersive gaming experiences. Furthermore, “The Myth” is multi-platform compatible, ensuring players can enjoy this epic journey on iOS and Android devices. In summary, “The Myth” targets aficionados of legendary tales, offering them a unique blend of storytelling and gaming, all set against ancient myths.

How to Play The Myth

“The Myth” presents a structured gameplay with a layout comprising 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed paylines. This standard structure ensures that novice and experienced players can easily navigate and enjoy the game. Wins are achieved by forming combinations from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel. The payout values are based on the currently selected bet and change proportionally with its adjustments. The game is played with fixed bet lines, ensuring a straightforward gaming experience.

The user interface of “The Myth” is designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, integrating seamlessly with the game’s overall theme. Players can easily adjust their bets, view game information, and control the game’s settings. Here’s a breakdown of the primary control buttons:

  • Coin Value: Adjusts the value of the coin being wagered.
  • Bet Size: Modifies the total amount of the bet.
  • Spin: Initiates a single spin of the reels.
  • Auto-Rotate: Allows players to set a specific number of automated spins.
  • Slot Information: Provides details about the game, including paytable and rules.
  • Mute: Enables players to toggle the game’s sound on or off.

The betting range in “The Myth” starts from a minimum bet of 0.2 to a maximum bet of 50. This range, combined with the game’s 10 fixed paylines, offers players various betting options to suit their preferences. The game boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 94.8%, slightly below the industry average. Coupled with its medium volatility, “The Myth” offers a balanced combination of risk and reward, ensuring players remain engaged and entertained throughout their gaming session.

Game Rules

The Myth Symbols

Symbols in “The Myth” testify to the game’s dedication to its theme. They are intricately designed, echoing the legendary tales and characters that the game seeks to portray. Each symbol, from basic to the most elaborate, is crafted to fit seamlessly within the game’s mythical narrative. The progression from classic slot symbols to these detailed icons showcases the evolution of slot gaming, where symbols are not just placeholders but integral parts of the storytelling.

While the exact details of each symbol aren’t fully provided, here are descriptions of some potentially high-value symbols based on the game’s theme:

  • Dragon: A majestic creature, possibly offering high multipliers for players lucky enough to land them in the right combinations.
  • Viking Warrior: A fierce warrior, symbolizing strength and valor, with potential high rewards for players.
  • Skadi: A mythical figure, possibly a goddess or a powerful entity, offering significant multipliers.

For the remaining symbols, players can expect a range of icons that resonate with the game’s theme, each carrying its multiplier and potential for rewards. These might include other legendary creatures, weapons, or artifacts, each contributing to the game’s rich tapestry of tales.

Special symbols

Special symbols in “The Myth” are not just icons but game-changers. They can transform a regular spin into a potential big win. In “The Myth”, these symbols are more than just enhancers; they are integral to the game’s narrative.

  • Wild Symbols: These versatile icons can substitute for all other symbols, except the Scatter. Their appearance is likely consistent with the game’s theme, and they play a pivotal role in forming winning combinations. They also can transform reels during specific Free Spins features, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.
  • Scatter Symbols: These are the gatekeepers to the game’s Free Spins features. Landing a specific number of these can unlock one of the four distinct Free Spins modes. Their design is likely to align with the game’s overarching theme, and they play a crucial role in enhancing the player’s chances of securing big wins.

The Myth Features

The allure of any slot machine lies not just in its visual and auditory appeal but also in its unique features, and “The Myth” is no exception. With its rich tapestry of tales, this game brings forth a plethora of features that enhance the gameplay and significantly boost the potential for wins.

Risk’n’Buy Feature

One of the standout features of “The Myth” is the Risk’n’Buy Feature. Offered after each spin in the main game, it presents players with a tempting choice: to risk their current win and dive straight into one of the four distinct Free Spins features or to purchase immediate access to these features at a specified cost. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement, allowing players to bypass regular spins and potentially dive straight into the action.

Risk’n’Buy Feature
Free Spins Features

The game’s Free Spins Features are a treasure trove of opportunities. There are four distinct modes: Dragon, Viking, Skadi, and Wolf, each offering rewards and gameplay mechanics. From transforming reels to additional wilds, these modes ensure that the Free Spins aren’t just complimentary spins but a gateway to significant rewards.

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100% up to €300
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100% up to €100
200% up to €1000
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