by BetSoft
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Game features
October 2014
Bet Size
€0.50 - 500
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Collapsing Reels, Collect Symbols, Colossal Symbols, Multiplier, Respin, Sticky Symbols
3D, Adventures, Candy

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Pros and cons
  • High RTP of 97.6%
  • Innovative "All Ways Pay" mechanics
  • Wide betting range from $0.50 to $500
  • Supports iOS and Android platforms
  • High minimum bet capped at $0.50
  • No free spins rounds available

SugarPop Slot Review

Developed by the acclaimed BetSoft, the SugarPop online slot was released in October 2014, captivating players with a confectionery-themed adventure that transcends the typical slot machine experience. Its gameplay echoes that of the wildly popular mobile app games like Candy Crush, making it a favourite among players who enjoy vibrant, action-packed slots and practice play sessions in demo mode. The online slot’s rich, saccharine atmosphere is an indulgent treat for the senses, promising a genuinely whimsical and delightful gaming escapade.

The game’s design, encompassing a kaleidoscope of candy and jewels, emits an aura of fun and frivolity, perfectly capturing the essence of the theme. The upbeat ambience is accentuated by an array of colourful candies that shimmer with the promise of sweet rewards, poised to burst and reveal prizes. Though SugarPop forgoes a conventional plot, the progression through different “candy worlds” and bonuses mimics a storyline’s climax and resolution.

Animations in the SugarPop casino game are whimsical and fluid, with candy pieces bursting in bright animations that entertain and engage. With a high-quality animation standard synonymous with BetSoft’s reputation, the absence of dedicated video sequences is not a drawback, as the consistent in-game action keeps the momentum alive.

Accompanying the visual feast is a soundtrack that balances sugary delight with a pop of excitement. The backing tracks and sound effects enhance the candy-popping action, contributing to an all-encompassing sensory journey through the SugarPop slot machine.

In the realm of online slots with similar themes, SugarPop shares the limelight with NetEnt’s iconic Starburst and Pragmatic Play’s sugar-laden Sweet Bonanza. Each of these video slots brings its own twist to the genre, providing alternatives for players to explore.

With compatibility across iOS and Android platforms, the SugarPop slot machine grants accessibility to everyone, enabling gameplay on various devices, from smartphones to tablets. Its versatility ensures that the fun is always within reach, whether for instant mobile play or settled sessions on larger screens.

Targeting a diverse range of players, the casino slot machine is designed to attract casual gamers, social gaming enthusiasts, and those looking for a slot with an impressive RTP for real money play. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and entertaining mechanics, SugarPop appeals to both newcomers and seasoned slot aficionados.

How to Play SugarPop

SugarPop stands out as an innovative slot with a unique 5×5 grid structure that adds a twist to the conventional slot formula. This non-standard setup means winning combinations are achieved not through traditional paylines but by aligning the same candy symbols in any direction. The cascading reels feature is central to the gameplay, offering potentially endless winning combinations as candies pop and cascade down to fill the vacated spaces. An all-ways-pay system in which payouts are determined by popping candies creates a dynamic gaming experience that varies with every spin.

To rack up wins in this delectable slot game, players must align three or more identical candies either horizontally or vertically. Successful alignments lead to cascading symbols, which can further result in new winning combinations, keeping the action going and the anticipation building. The user interface is slick and intuitive, fitted with symbols and buttons that seamlessly blend into the game’s candy-themed design and provide an accessible experience for all players.

Control buttons included in SugarPop are as follows:

  • Coin Value: Adjusts the denomination of the wager.
  • Bet Size: Sets the desired total bet for each spin.
  • Spin: The central control that commences a single game round.
  • Max Bet: Located to the right of the Spins button, increases the bet size to the maximum allowed value.
  • Auto-Play: Enables a predetermined number of uninterrupted spins.
  • Information: Provides access to the SugarPop game rules and paytable.
  • Mute: Toggles the sound to suit the player’s preference.

The autoplay feature allows for an easier gaming session, and manual spins are available for those who prefer a hands-on approach. The array of features and the thoughtful design confirm SugarPop as a stand-out slot in BetSoft’s portfolio, offering an engaging interpretation of the classic slot experience.

Players can tailor their playing experience thanks to a betting range that accommodates various preferences, with coin values from $0.01 to $2 and an option to bet 50-250 coins per line. The absence of paylines in the traditional sense adds an exciting layer of variance to the slot, presenting a new dimension to calculating payouts and bankroll management.

The slot holds a high RTP of 97.6%, positioning SugarPop favourably against its peers and enhancing its appeal for real money play. A high volatility rating indicates that the slot can offer significant max wins, although these may come less frequently. This level of volatility suits players looking for the potential of sizeable bankroll boosts when they hit those rarer winning combinations.

Game Rules

SugarPop Symbols

Within the kaleidoscope of captivating colours and sweet delights, the symbols in the SugarPop slot amplify the gaming experience by reflecting the game’s candy-inspired motif. Each candied icon is meticulously designed to sync with the playful theme while innovating beyond the formula of classic slots. Instead of following traditional payline patterns, SugarPop introduces a cascade feature where winning combinations result in exploding symbols, allowing new ones to tumble down and create further chances for wins.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in the Stack
Pink Heart 0.08x
Purple Triangle 0.12x
Orange Square 0.16x
Yellow Tear Drop 0.20x
Green Hexagon 0.24x
Blue Oblong 0.30x
Red Circle 0.40x

Special Symbols

The appearance of special symbols in SugarPop is a game-changing moment for players, offering a noticeable departure from regular symbols and elevating the potential for impressive wins. These symbols act as powerful catalysts within the game, each triggering distinctive bonus rounds and free spins, vastly enhancing the chances of striking payout-rich winning combinations.

For example, the Lollipop symbol is available immediately on the first level of the game, and when it appears to the player is given an additional chance to win if the rotation is missing winning combinations, and such a symbol as Chocolate becomes available at level 15, it has a size of 3×3 and after its appearance it explodes, which continues the winning streak and increases the chance to reach the maximum winnings.

Such special symbols are the keystones to SugarPop’s dynamic gameplay, linking thematically to the slot’s candied universe and offering players robust ways to achieve those sought-after winning combinations. Through the use of these symbols, the SugarPop game introduces a level of engagement that encourages players’ continual return, each session offering a new chance to unlock the sweet victory.

SugarPop Features

SugarPop’s bonus features converge to create an enthralling blend of profitability and playability, skillfully woven into its dessert-themed narrative. Each feature is crafted to align synergistically with the sweet-themed elements of the game, from special candies to intricate patterns, enticing players with the potential for indulgent rewards. The alluring bonus features complement the game’s theme and cater to a wide array of player preferences, promising a delightfully unique and appealing gaming adventure. Rewarding strategies such as levelling up and hitting bonus patterns are a nod to the latest trends, infusing classic slot play with videogame-like accomplishment and satisfaction, appealing to players seeking depth in their casino experience.

Level Up Progression

The core of SugarPop’s gameplay lies in its momentum-building progression system. Embarking on this sugary journey, players elevate through the levels by securing wins and cascading candies. To quantify advancement, a level-up meter fills progressively with each winning combination made. This advancement is not merely numerical; it is a gateway to discovering new “candy worlds”, each replete with its distinct setup of bonuses and special candies, thereby perpetuating a sense of novelty and excitement. Across this ever-evolving landscape, players can explore up to 20 levels, ensuring that the SugarPop game remains perpetually enticing and fresh, resonating with players’ aspirations to conquer each level and discover the treasures hidden within.

Special Candy Features

The delectable journey through SugarPop’s world is enriched with assorted special candies, each unlocking specific features that activate in the wake of winning combinations, accentuating the sweetness of victory. These include:

  • Super Color Feature, which spices up the match by transforming winning combinations of four candies into a Super Color symbol, promising multipliers if it subsequently aligns with similar colours.
  • Color Bomb Feature, a spectacular display that ensues when five candies of a kind match, clearing the screen of all identical colours and inciting the potential for cascading wins.
  • Candy Cane Feature, striking rows and columns with its open availability from level 10, clearing the path for more winning possibilities.
  • Cotton Candy Feature, which swirls into action from level 20 with a tornado that sweeps away other symbols, adeptly assisting in forming rewarding combinations.
  • Jelly Beans Feature, adding a burst of flavor from level 12 as it scatters across the screen, detonating and clearing any contacting symbols.
  • Caramel Chew Feature, indulging players from level 2 with a path of cleared symbols, potentially leading to additional sweet rewards.
  • Gum Drop Feature, devouring and bursting other symbols in its vicinity for those who have ventured to level 6 or beyond.
  • Lollipop Feature, stirring the pot for a second chance at success, is available to every player.
  • Chocolate Feature, melting away at level 15 to craft a 3×3 area for new wins.
  • Jawbreaker Feature, crunching into the scene from level 8 to crush more symbols and create room for victories.
  • White Chocolate Feature, launching missile-like confections that target and shatter symbols to make room for potential wins from level 4 onwards.
Bonus Pattern Feature

SugarPop’s sweet universe harbours an innovative Bonus Pattern feature that tasks players with matching candies to specific patterns, echoing the style of a bingo game. Successfully aligning candies to the showcased pattern yields an illustrious 1200-point bonus, accelerating the ascent in the level-up meter. This feature not only introduces a strategic component to each spin but also galvanises players to seek out and align patterns intentionally, adding a layer of strategy to the game’s rich tapestry of features.

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