Magic Shoppe

by BetSoft
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Game features
June 2017
Bet Size
€0.25 - 18.75
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Free Spins, Gamble, Retrigger, Scatter, Switching Symbols, Wild
3D, Horror, Magic

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • A high max win rate of 4104x
  • More than 2 special symbols increasing win chances
  • Broad betting range from $0.25 to $18.75
  • Supports both iOS and Android platforms
  • RTP is below average at 95.86%
  • No progressive jackpot feature

Magic Shoppe Slot Review

BetSoft, known for its high-quality 3D slots, released the Magic Shoppe slot machine in June 2017, drawing players into a world where magic and mystique meet. The design and atmosphere of the Magic Shoppe online casino game invite you to step into a secretive shop filled with arcane objects that could belong to a magician or a sorcerer. This virtual shop, with its assortment of mystical elements such as magic orbs, enchanted locks, and spellbound trinkets, creates an ambience of mystery and suspense.

The game rules come alive with the central theme, presenting a plot driven by symbols of illusion and magical paraphernalia. Magic Shoppe’s striking animations are complemented nicely by additional visual effects, particularly when special symbols lead to extra features. Although the game lacks extensive video sequences, the high-quality animations elevate the player reviews positively, underlining the game’s ability to mesmerise through visuals.

The soundtrack contributes significantly to the user experience, as haunting melodies and well-timed sound effects encapsulate the sense of adventure and the unknown, enhancing the feeling of immersive gameplay. This auditory experience, combined with the game’s visuals, ties together the slot’s overall sense of mystery and enchantment.

For those searching for a similar experience, other BetSoft titles offer comparably engaging themes. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde deliver the duality of good and evil through a Victorian-era narrative, while House of Fun offers playful scares in an animated haunted house. Who Spun It combines a whodunit mystery with the thrill of slots, creating a detective-like gaming adventure.

Thanks to its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, Magic Shoppe appeals to a broad audience, including both casual players and enthusiasts. Anybody with a penchant for the arcane or an appreciation for slots that offer a semblance of narrative will find this game an enticing option, especially with its responsive design on mobile and tablet platforms.

How to Play Magic Shoppe

Magic Shoppe’s 5-reel, 3-row slot structure supports a game with 25 fixed paylines, standardising the winning combinations’ approach — aligning symbols left to right for a payout. The intuitively designed user interface remains consistent with the ethereal shop theme, making the demo mode as accessible as practice play for real money. Newcomers can learn the ropes without placing bets, while seasoned players can test their strategies to optimise their bankroll management.

The interface’s layout incorporates the following primary buttons:

  • Coin Value: adjust the denomination for tailored wagering.
  • Bet Size: control the betting volume per line, enabling strategic play.
  • Max Bet: raises the player’s bet by the maximum.
  • Spin: initiate the reels in motion for a manual spin, ensuring autonomy.
  • Auto-rotate: automate spins to streamline the gameplay, an advantageous option for rapid sessions.
  • Slot Information: learn about payouts, symbols, and tips, fostering informed gaming.
  • Mute: manage sound preferences for a personalised user experience.

Bets span from a modest $0.25 to a higher stake of $18.75 per round, thus inviting both modest players and high rollers. A significant lure for players is the max win potential, which can accrue to 4,104x. The Magic Shoppe slot machine’s RTP sits at a competitive 95.86%, which is slightly below the industry standard. Slot’s medium variance promises an equilibrium between frequent small wins and occasional larger hauls.

Game Rules

Magic Shoppe Symbols

In Magic Shoppe, each symbol is meticulously designed to embody the game’s magical theme, contributing significantly to forming winning combinations. They are the game’s pivotal characters, with each spin bringing the possibility of a player casting their spell on the reels for a chance at the max win. The game’s non-standard symbols are fashioned to look like items you would find on the dusty shelves of a sorcerer’s store, echoing Magic Shoppe’s fantasy-focused narrative.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Skull 12x 20x 40x
Handcuffs 8x 16x 32x
Daggers 5x 10x 20x
Silver Coin 4x 8x 16x
Top Hat 2x 4x 8x
A 1.3x 3x 6x
K 1x 2.4x 4x
Q 0.8x 2x 3.2x
J 0.4x 1x 3x
10 0.2x 1x 2x

When it comes to the lower-value symbols, the playing cards (10, J, Q, K, A) are rendered in a gothic style and are often the key to more frequent payouts. Despite offering smaller prizes, they help keep the player’s bankroll ticking over in between the larger wins that the higher-value symbols can provide. They are also subject to substitution by the game’s Wild symbol, which can dramatically change the success of a spin.

Special Symbols

The special symbols in Magic Shoppe bring a touch of wizardry to the reels, each possessing a unique charm that can make a significant difference to a player’s fortunes. These symbols serve a pivotal role not only in forming winning combinations but also as triggers for the game’s engaging bonus features, thus deepening the game’s appeal and elevating its hit frequency.

  • Wild Symbol: Bearing a striking “Wild” emblem, this symbol has dual functions; it replaces other symbols to help form winning lines and also pays out up to 96x if matched. Its extraordinariness is apparent each time it aids in forming lucrative combinations on the reels.
  • Scatter Symbols – Sun and Moon Boxes: These mystical boxes act as the game’s scatter symbols and are key to unlocking the Sun and Moon Free Spins feature. Depending on the number and type of boxes appearing across the reels, a player can unlock up to 12 free spins, enhancing their chances of hitting a winning combination during these bonus rounds.
  • Magic Wand Symbol: More than just an embellished rod, the Magic Wand symbol is an in-game talisman that, when appearing in threes or more, transforms all Magic Wand, Sun Box, and Moon Box icons into Wilds. This miraculous conversion frequently leads to a cascade of payouts and adds an element of surprise to each spin.

The carefully crafted integration of these special symbols within the reel matrix of Magic Shoppe is not by accident. BetSoft strategically placed these potent icons to guarantee that they are not just decorative but also actively contribute to a more invigorating Magic Shoppe slot online experience.

Magic Shoppe Features

BetSoft’s Magic Shoppe slot is replete with bonus features that are adeptly aligned with the game’s magical theme, serving to enhance an already captivating slot experience. The slot machine echoes modern slot trends by offering bonus rounds that promise both entertainment and opportunities for increased winnings. Each bonus feature is contextually tied to the elements of spellcasting and wizardry, crafting a cohesive and enchanting gameplay narrative.

Sun and Moon Free Spins

Magic Shoppe’s standout feature is its dual-themed Free Spins rounds, powered by the Sun and Moon Box symbols. These pivotal boxes hold the keys to lucrative free spins sessions, depending on their number on the reels:

  • 3 Sun/Moon Box symbols: 3 free spins.
  • 4 Sun/Moon Box symbols: 6 free spins.
  • 5 Sun/Moon Box symbols: 12 free spins.

Uniquely, every spin within these rounds is assured to end in a winning combination or the activation of more free spins, effectively heightening the player’s anticipation for substantial rewards. The ability to retrigger additional free spins within the rounds themselves provides an extra layer of excitement and the possibility for payout.

Magic Wand Feature

The Magic Wand Feature in Magic Shoppe underscores the game’s theme by turning the commonplace into something extraordinary. Achieving three or more Magic Wand symbols triggers a transformation of all Magic Wand, Sun Box, and Moon Box icons into wilds. This magical metamorphosis immediately elevates the potential for impressive wins, offering a spectacle of rewarding combinations that align perfectly with the slot’s supernatural atmosphere.

Double Up Game

Following any win, the Double Up game is an available choice where players can gamble their winnings on a simple coin flip — a feature that infuses a traditional guessing game with a dash of enchantment. This option, offering a risk-versus-reward dilemma, adds an additional element of engagement beyond the main reel play.

Gamble Feature

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