Sizzling Eggs™

by Wazdan
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Game features
June 2022
Bet Size
€0.10 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Extra Reel, Extra Spins, Free Spins, Gamble, Jackpot, Retrigger, Scatter, Select Volatility, Sticky Symbols, Wild
3D, Adventures, Classic, Fire, Fruits, Myths

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • High RTP at 96.12%
  • In-game Jackpot feature available
  • Opportunity to buy a bonus mode
  • Accessible across multiple platforms
  • Only 5 ways to win may limit chances
  • Max win capped at 2,500x

Sizzling Eggs™ Slot Review

Sizzling Eggs™, a captivating video slot from the innovative software provider Wazdan, arrived on the online casino scene in June 2022, quickly igniting the interest of slot enthusiasts. The game’s design plunges players into an intense, molten world inspired by the mythical Phoenix, with a dark, volcanic lair serving as the slot’s brooding backdrop. This setting creates an evocative atmosphere that’s heavy with the promise of mythological wonders and sizzling wins.

The central icons of this richly themed slot machine are the Phoenix’s eggs, esteemed Collector symbols around which much of the game’s winning potential revolves. While the game does not unfold a narrative in the traditional sense, the presence of these Collector symbols suggests a tale of pursuit for hidden riches, with every spin providing the chance to unlock part of the treasure.

Animation quality in Sizzling Eggs™ is top-notch, featuring vibrant and dynamic visuals that add life to each spin. Key moments are heightened by fiery animations that emphasize significant game events. The soundscape complements the aesthetic perfectly; thematic music and immersive sound effects envelop players in the slot’s enigmatic surroundings, with the crackling of fire and the anticipation of hatching winnings.

For those seeking similar thematic experiences, slots such as “Dragon’s Myth” by Rabcat and “Fire & Steel” by Betsoft also delve into fantastical realms furnished with legendary creatures and epic quests.

Sizzling Eggs™ is developed for multi-platform enjoyment and can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices. This broad compatibility ensures players can venture into the Phoenix’s lair on their preferred mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, experiencing the same high-quality visuals and gameplay.

The target audience for the Sizzling Eggs™ online slot is a diverse group of players. It beckons to those enchanted by legends and fantasy as well as those who savor the juxtaposition of classic slot symbols with innovative gameplay features. Players appreciate the flexibility offered by the game’s variable volatility feature, which tailors the experience to suit different playstyles, from the cautious to the bold.

How to Play Sizzling Eggs™

Sizzling Eggs™ is structured with a standard array of 5 reels and 3 rows, featuring an innovative twist with the additional Collector row, enriching the game with unique potential for winning combinations. The game offers 5 fixed paylines, revealing payouts from left to right when matching symbols land along these lines.

When engaging with the user interface, players will find functionality and design cohesion. The control panel is thoughtfully crafted, enhancing both the user experience and the thematic allure of the slot. The game rules and paytables are straightforward to grasp, making the Sizzling Eggs™ demo a great place for practice play.

The following key buttons control gameplay:

  • Quick Betting Panel: Allows players to adjust their bet level with ease.
  • Spin Button: Initiates a single manual spin with the current bet settings.
  • Manual Stop Button: Grants the opportunity to stop the reels prematurely.
  • Speed Button (Panther/Rabbit/Turtle): Modifies the velocity of reel spins.
  • Auto Play: Enables a predetermined sequence of automatic spins.
  • Volatility Level (Peppers): Adjusts the game’s variance to the player’s preference.
  • Gamble/Cash Out: Accesses the Gamble feature or secures current winnings.
  • Shopping Cart: Buys entry into the Free Spins feature at set costs.

Bet ranges are designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of bankrolls, from a modest minimum of $0.10 to a high-roller maximum of $100. This flexibility in wagering appeals to players with varying budgets and strategies, ensuring that everyone can experience the thrill of the game within their means.

The max win achievable in a single round is a fiery 2,500 times the stake, presenting an enticing target for players. Sizzling Eggs™ slot’s RTP is set at a respectable 96.12%, competitive within the online slot market. Players are empowered to choose their level of risk with the slot’s adjustable volatility options, creating an experience tailored to their gameplay style and risk tolerance.

Game Rules

Sizzling Eggs™ Symbols

The intricately designed symbols within Sizzling Eggs™ play a pivotal role in forging the volcanic and fantasy-themed environment of the slot. Flaunting a collection of animated, sizzling fruits and classic icons like stars and sevens, the game innovatively combines traditional slot elements with a modern twist to enhance the user experience and adhere to the game’s overarching theme. These symbols are not just vibrant adornments but are the essence of winning combinations and payouts integral to the engaging gameplay.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Red Seven x2 x10 x50
Orange x1 x2 x20
Lemon x0.6 x1 x2
Cherries x0.5 x0.8 x1.5
A x0.3 x0.6 x1.2
K x0.3 x0.5 x1
Q x0.2 x0.4 x0.8
J x0.2 x0.3 x0.6

Special Symbols

In Sizzling Eggs™, special symbols stand out for their pivotal roles in maximizing winnings and unveiling the bonus features that make this online slot machine both captivating and rewarding. Their distinctive characteristics not only distinguish them from the standard symbols but also serve as the gateways to the game’s most significant moments and the exhilarating chance of winning real money.

  • Wild Symbol: A symbol of fiery possibility, the Wild, depicted as a dangerous, flower-like form, replaces regular symbols, creating advantageous winning combinations and intensifying player experiences.
  • Scatter Symbol: The gleaming Star Scatter is the harbinger of much-anticipated Free Spins, activating the bonus feature with its appearance and promising more opportunities for a red-hot win.
  • Egg Collector Symbols: Not merely standard icons, these dragon egg symbols embody the potential for immense rewards, trapping cash and jackpot prizes under the gaze of the Phoenix for payouts as sky-high as 200x the stake.

Sizzling Eggs™ Features

Delving into the array of bonus features in Sizzling Eggs™ reveals a fiery landscape where players can exponentially increase their bankroll. These bonus rounds are not mere add-ons; they are expertly crafted to align with the game’s mythological theme, enhancing the overall experience. Offering players the chance to embark on bonus adventures through free spins, special collector symbols, and modifiers, the slot machine ensures that the pursuit of wins is consistently thrilling and potentially lucrative.

Free Spins

Activating the Free Spins in Sizzling Eggs™ is a pivotal moment, charged with the potential to dramatically increase player winnings. The condition for entry into this molten realm is straightforward:

  • 3 Scatters result in a reward of 10 free spins.
  • 4 Scatters bless the player with 20 free spins.
  • 5 Scatters unlock a generous bounty of 30 free spins.

Once inside the Free Spins mode, special Dragon Egg Collector symbols come into their own. Presiding on the top reel, these symbols demonstrate their power by amassing values from Cash and Jackpot symbols. With the added intrigue of retriggering the bonus round for even more spins, players are granted continuous pathways to potential wins.

Collector Symbols

Sizzling Eggs™ slot machine enriches the gameplay with Collector symbols, the dragon eggs perched on the game’s top row. These are not mere embellishments but active icons that gather cash and jackpot symbols’ values, serving as both a spectacle and a significant win-boosting mechanism. Each Collector comes with a random countdown, establishing a suspenseful race against spins, during which they harvest all possible winnings below.

Collect to Infinity™

An exclusive feature of Sizzling Eggs™, Collect to Infinity™ is the embodiment of endless potential. Collector eggs stamped with the infinity symbol disregard the usual spin countdowns, instead collecting values for the duration of the Free Spins mode. This characteristic can ratchet up the excitement and lead to an impressive payout once the fiery bonus round concludes.

Collect to Infinity™
Gamble Feature

Risk and reward go hand in hand in Sizzling Eggs™, exemplified by the Gamble feature. Here, players can wield their winnings from the base game on a 50/50 bet. With the clash of two Phoenix eggs, a correct pick can double the prize, adding a layer of strategy and anticipation to each victory. This feature permits players to test their luck multiple times or secure their earnings as they see fit.

Gamble Feature
Bonus Buy Feature

To cater to those who prefer immediate action, Sizzling Eggs™ offers a Bonus Buy feature, allowing direct purchase of entry into the Free Spins. This Himayat comes in different volatility levels, attached with a range of Collector configurations, priced from 50x to 600x the player’s current bet. For players desiring instant gratification or a change in their gaming rhythm, this feature presents a tantalizing opportunity to dictate the pace and potential winnings of their game session.

Bonus Buy Options

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