Fruit Mania

by Wazdan
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Game features
September 2014
Bet Size
€0.10 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Free Spins, Gamble, Pick Bonus, Scatter, Sticky Symbols
Classic, Fruits, Jewels, Retro

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Impressive RTP of 96.59%
  • Accessible minimum bet of $0.10
  • Vast betting range up to $100
  • Available on mobile, app, and desktop
  • Max Win limited at 1000x
  • Small 3x3 grid

Fruit Mania Slot Review

Wazdan’s Fruit Mania slot machine, introduced in September 2014, offers a contemporary twist on the time-honored fruit machine experience. It is designed to captivate players with its vivid and straightforward fruit, food, and gem-themed visuals, transporting them into a world reminiscent of old-school slots. This casino game intentionally sidesteps complex storylines to provide a pure, classic fruit slot feel where the goal is to match symbols like bells, stars, and a diversity of fruits, all symbolic of an era when such slots were king.

The visuals in Fruit Mania are intentionally simplified, dispensing with intricate graphics in favor of bright and cheery fruit and gem icons set against a cartoonish backdrop. The slot’s soundtrack and effects echo the clinks and chimes of brick-and-mortar casino slot machines, without leaning too heavily on modern audiovisual flair.

In line with Fruit Mania’s retro vibe, players seeking slots with similar themes might gravitate towards Novomatic’s “Sizzling Hot” or NetEnt’s “Twin Spin,” each offering a throwback to classic slot experiences. For those who prefer to practice play without the risk, the Fruit Mania demo is accessible, allowing for an understanding of the game rules before wagering real money.

The slot machine’s multi-platform compatibility ensures that whether you’re using an iOS or Android device or simply playing from your desktop, the game’s quality remains uncompromised. It caters to those who prefer mobile gaming on a smartphone or tablet, providing the same vibrant user experience as on larger screens.

Fruit Mania’s target audience is broad, ranging from nostalgic players enamored with vintage fruit machines to those seeking a simple, no-frills gaming experience. The Fruit Mania online game serves both casual players and aficionados of the classic casino floor ambiance.

How to Play Fruit Mania

The Fruit Mania slot stands out with its nine reels arranged in a three-by-three grid, a layout that veers away from standard slot structures and intricately intertwines the reels with the game’s winning combinations. To secure a win, players must gather a series of identical symbols across the grid, a departure from traditional paylines that instantly signal success to the player.

The slot’s interface pays homage to classic game design, offering a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate control panel. Here’s a rundown of the main game controls:

  • Spin Button: Prominently positioned for easy access, it activates a manual spin.
  • Autoplay Option: For an uninterrupted gaming session, players can set up a series of spins to run automatically.
  • Bet Size Selector: This control allows for adjustments to the wager amount, accommodating personal bankroll preferences.
  • Max Bet Button: Instantly sets the highest possible bet per spin.
  • Paytable Information: A comprehensive guide to payouts and winning combinations, key for strategic play.
  • Settings: Opens a functional window with slot configurations.
  • Speed Mode: Switching between three spin speed modes.

Fruit Mania caters to a range of wagering preferences, with bet sizes stretching from a modest $0.10 to a more ambitious $100. Players can adjust the coin value to align with their desired level of risk. The game’s RTP stands at an impressive 96.59%, providing respectable odds when compared to a variety of other slots. Nonetheless, its high variance may result in substantial fluctuations in the player’s bankroll during the course of play.

The game eschews conventional pay lines, opting for payouts when players land matching symbols uniformly across the reels. Unique to Fruit Mania, even a pair of Lotto symbols can generate a win, simplifying the game rules and offering straightforward win conditions.

With an eye on practicality and an authentic gaming vibe, Fruit Mania’s user interface and functionality hearken back to the unfussy nature of manual spin slots, while still integrating essential modern conveniences like autoplay for the contemporary player.

Game Rules

Fruit Mania Symbols

The non-special symbols in Fruit Mania bridge the gap between classic slot machine nostalgia and video slot modernity. Players will encounter a dashing array of brightly-colored fruity icons, including plums, cherries, and oranges, which are central to creating winning combinations in the game. These symbols are animated in a style that is both familiar to long-time slot players and engaging for newcomers, reflecting the title’s theme through vibrant graphics. With this slot, Wazdan has innovated within the boundaries of classic slots, maintaining the essence of retro games while ensuring the symbol design remains appealing in today’s gaming landscape.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 4 in Line 5 in Line 6 in Line 7 in Line 8 in Line 9 in Line
Cherries Symbol x1 x2 x3 x5 x15 x30
Orange Symbol x2 x3 x5 x10 x25 x60
Plum Symbol x2 x3 x6 x12 x30 x80
Bell Symbol x4 x5 x8 x20 x50 x120
Star Symbol x4 x5 x10 x25 x70 x150
Watermelon Symbol x4 x5 x12 x30 x90 x180
Black Vegas Symbol x6 x10 x24 x48 x100 x200
White Vegas Symbol x10 x18 x35 x60 x120 x250
Red Vegas Symbol x10 x20 x40 x110 x200 x350
Diamond Bonus Symbol x15 x30 x50 x150 x300 x500

The paytable laid out here is integral to understanding how each symbol translates into potential payouts. The Lotto symbols, not included in the table, are also instrumental in the game, offering their own rewards system and adding depth to the player’s pursuit of max win opportunities.

Special Symbols

The inclusion of special symbols in the Fruit Mania casino game is a minimalist approach that underscores the slot’s traditional ethos. These symbols, which include the Diamond Bonus Symbol and the Lotto Bonus Symbol, are valuable in their ability to elevate the gaming experience from ordinary to thrilling.

  • Diamond Bonus Symbol: This symbol activates a compelling feature within the Fruit Mania slot machine. As diamonds accumulate on the reels, they populate a special feature matrix. Once filled, the player is granted nine additional spins and access to bonus rounds without risking extra coins, increasing their ways of winning.
  • Lotto Bonus Symbol: When players encounter three of these symbols aligned on a central reel, the slot transitions them into the Lotto Bonus Game. Here, they can select from among three hidden prizes, further amplifying the game’s excitement. In addition to selectable prizes, the Lotto symbol also offers incremental wins, further adding to the slot’s bonus rounds and contributing to a dynamic user experience.

The game’s elegant simplicity appeals to many who enjoy straightforward play, with these distinct symbols encapsulating the essence of increased winning potential without unnecessary complication. This focus on ease of play resonates with player reviews and is often reflected in the ratings and tips shared within the gaming community.

Fruit Mania Features

Fruit Mania seamlessly blends traditional gameplay with intriguing bonus features, ensuring that these additional elements resonate with the slot’s classic fruit machine theme. These bonus rounds offer a unique addition to the straightforward play style, enhancing the excitement without deterring the game’s retro charm. They provide opportunities for increased winnings and add a modern twist to the vintage slot experience, catering to various player preferences.

Diamond Bonus Feature

Triggering the prized Diamond Bonus feature becomes a key objective during the Fruit Mania play. The quest to collect red diamond symbols not only serves as an engaging side game but also promises nine extra bonus games once the diamond matrix is filled. This feature reflects the innovative approach of Wazdan in incorporating special symbols to unlock additional gameplay, effectively balancing simplicity and bonus engagement without additional cost.

Lotto Bonus Game

In the Lotto Bonus Game, anticipation reaches its peak as players choose from three lottery tickets, adding an interactive element with the promise of hidden rewards. Aligning with the game’s variance, this bonus can potentially tilt the scales significantly in favor of the player’s bankroll, showcasing the game’s capability to offer sizeable payouts reminiscent of a real money casino experience.

Gamble Feature

For those who enjoy an element of risk, the Gamble feature provides a chance to double recent winnings by predicting the color of a card. This traditional feature is common in many video slots and offers players an additional decision-making element that could either increase payouts or cost winnings, emphasizing the careful balance between risk and reward in online gaming.

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