Orbs of Atlantis

by Habanero
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Game features
February 2021
Bet Size
€0.15 - 3000
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Collapsing Reels, Free Spins, Increasing Multiplier, Jackpot, Multiplier, Random Wild, Retrigger, Scatter, Wild
3D, Myths, Underwater World

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Pros and cons
  • Unique Big Reels play area
  • Diverse gameplay features
  • Potential 9300x bet win rate
  • Max bet size up to $3000
  • Complex Gameplay

Orbs of Atlantis Slot Review

Developed by Habanero and released in February 2021, the Orbs of Atlantis slot machine transports players to the mythical city of Atlantis. Its theme centers around a sunken realm rumored to be populated by demigods. The game’s setting is brought to life with a visual palette dominated by deep-sea blues, augmented by graphics depicting krakens, deities, and schools of fish among the city’s ruins. Players are further pulled into the mysterious atmosphere with a haunting soundtrack that complements the underwater realm.

Animations within the Orbs of Atlantis demo are top-notch, transitioning smoothly across all platforms, including iOS and Android, thus assuring a wide appeal. Those who enjoy this submerged saga might also appreciate the Atlantis Megaways slot by ReelPlay or Playtech‘s Charms of the Sea, which offer similar aquatic escapades.

How to Play Orbs of Atlantis

Orbs of Atlantis online departs from traditional slot configurations, adopting a ‘Big Reels’ system. Instead of standard reels, symbols follow spiral paths around a central area, and wins are granted for sequences of 5 to 13 matching adjacently positioned symbols. When a win occurs, the winning symbols vanish, and new ones cascade into their positions, potentially triggering additional wins in quick succession.

The betting spectrum starts at $0.15 and extends to a maximum of $3000, making it accessible to a variety of players.

The Orbs of Atlantis casino game interface boasts core buttons like ‘Spin’, ‘Auto Play’, ‘Bet Level’, ‘Coin’, and an ‘Info’ button that elucidates the rules and the paytable. Unique to this title is a ‘Buy-in’ option to directly purchase free spins, enhancing player engagement. Its high volatility is matched by an RTP range that peaks at 96,58%, suggesting a generous payout potential relative to standard slots.

Game Rules

Orbs of Atlantis Symbols

True to its marine origin, the Orbs of Atlantis game’s symbols are artfully wrought to evoke mythological inscriptions on orbs along circular paths. The suite includes higher-value symbols like the Star, Human, and Bull, with lower-value symbols such as the Green Squid and Female Image contributing to the narrative of Atlantis’s exploration.

  • Star Orb: X13 = $5000, X12 = $2000, X11 = $1500, X10 = $1200, X9 = $750
  • Human: X13 = $2000, X12 = $600, X11 = $400, X10 = $250, X9 = $150
  • Bull: X13 = $1000, X12 = $300, X11 = $120, X10 = $80, X9 = $60
  • Green Squid: X13 = $500, X12 = $250, X11 = $75, X10 = $50, X9 = $30
  • Female Image: X13 = $400, X12 = $200, X11 = $50, X10 = $40, X9 = $20

These symbols don’t just adhere to the title and thematic graphics but also propel the Orbs of Atlantis free slot’s modernity, weaving innovation into every spin.

Special Symbols

The Orbs of Atlantis game incorporates pivotal special symbols, Torch Wild and Eye Scatter, each carrying a unique function to alter gameplay dynamics. The Torch Wild is not only a high-paying icon yielding up to $5000 for a 13-symbol combination but also substitutes for other symbols to form winning combinations, except for the scatter. In the base game, subsequent symbols cascade into place, and starting from the second cascade, two Torch Wilds are added randomly to enhance winning possibilities.

The Eye Scatter, a quintessential symbol in the Orbs of Atlantis real money and free-play modes, is critical to unlocking the slot’s bountiful free spins feature. Distinguished by its payout anywhere on the reels, the scatter adds to other wins while enabling access to a substantial count of free spins, going as high as 1000 for nine or more symbols.

Orbs of Atlantis Features

The bonus features within Orbs of Atlantis are designed to enrich the overall slot experience, extending beyond the conventional to offer players considerable winning potential. The ‘Cascading Symbols’ mechanic innovatively leads to symbols being replaced by new ones, with each cascade increasing a win multiplier in the base game up to x5, thus fostering progressive gameplay.

Free spins

When Eye Scatters materialize three or more times, the Free Spins feature is activated, availing up to an incredible 1000 free spins based on the scatter count. These spins not only enhance the Orbs of Atlantis slot RTP but also elevate multipliers up to x15 during the bonus rounds, boosting potential payouts.

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature presents an immediate way to engage with the slot’s most thrilling aspect, perfect for players eager for quick action or high-stakes strategies.

Buy Feature

A captivating feature of the Orbs of Atlantis Slot is its Progressive Jackpot, introducing an element of surprise and thrill to every spin, as it has the potential to be won at random. The opportunity to suddenly secure a significant amount keeps players eagerly anticipating the result of each spin.


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