12 Zodiacs

by Habanero
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Game features
May 2016
Bet Size
€0.18 - 900
Max Win
Free Spins, Jackpot, Multiplier, Scatter, Switching Symbols, Wild, Win Both Ways
Animals, Asian, Dragons

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Offers progressive jackpot
  • Playable on iOS and Android
  • Wins pay both ways
  • Betting range up to $900
  • Only 18 paylines available
  • Below-average RTP
  • Win potential up to 188x only

12 Zodiacs Slot Review

The 12 Zodiacs slot machine from Habanero, launched in May 2016, delves deep into the Chinese zodiac theme’s mystique. This game showcases an array of astrological signs, each animal signifying a different facet of the game’s overall design and gameplay.

With exceptional graphics and additional animations that genuinely capture the essence of each zodiac, players are treated to an aesthetically pleasing setting where the atmosphere is teeming with cultural richness.

The sound design in the 12 Zodiacs online game elevates the user experience further, featuring a soundtrack replete with traditional music and fitting sound effects that enhance the theme’s authenticity.

Notably, 12 Zodiacs play extends across multiple platforms, ensuring a seamless experience whether on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This cross-platform functionality supports diverse user preferences, including iOS and Android devices.

The 12 Zodiacs review points to a game that appeals widely, targeting those who appreciate a blend of traditional motifs with modern slot mechanics.

As similar slots, Fu Dao Le by Bally and 88 Fortunes by SG Gaming also celebrate the rich heritage of Asian culture.

How to Play 12 Zodiacs

Approaching 12 Zodiacs slot machine gameplay, one finds the formula simple yet engaging. With its classic configuration of five reels and three rows, accompanied by 18 adjustable paylines, the 12 Zodiacs game offers ample chances for winning combinations in both directions, a delightful divergence from the standard left-to-right play.

The user-friendly interface of the 12 Zodiacs slot stays true to its elegant design theme, with an intuitive layout where players can readily adjust settings.

The game includes essential buttons such as:

  • Spin: central button to commence play.
  • Coin Value: ‘+’ and ‘-‘ allows you to set the coin size.
  • Bet Level: ‘+’ and ‘-‘ allows you to regulate coins per line.
  • Autoplay: affords you the flexibility of continuous spins.
  • Max Bet: the button caters to high rollers looking to wager at peak levels.
  • Information button: provides information about the pay table and game rules.

Bets begin at a minimum of $0.18 in 12 Zodiacs demo and 12 Zodiacs real money modes, stretching to a $900 maximum. This allows players to practice play without risk before committing real funds.

The top win in this slot is a multiplier of 188x the player’s bet level, with the game’s RTP rating of 94.10%. Notably, the slot’s low volatility can mean more frequent but smaller wins, a desirable feature for those who enjoy extended play.

Game Rules

12 Zodiacs Symbols

Aligned with the game’s thematic core, the primary symbols of the 12 Zodiacs slot embrace the traditional Chinese zodiac. In a fresh take on slot design, these symbols – from the rat to the pig – all carry equal weight in the payout structure.

This egalitarian approach to symbol value ensures that each spin holds uniform potential for success, simplifying the user experience and keeping the focus on the delight of the game’s ambiance and potential rewards.

The harmonious approach to the symbol design in 12 Zodiacs game ties in with its theme, leading to a rich tapestry of graphics that enhance gameplay without complicating the rules of the game. The appeal of being able to hit a max win of 188 coins with the alignment of five of any animal symbol makes the payout structure straightforward, effectively encapsulating the engaging simplicity at the heart of 12 Zodiacs casino play.

Special Symbols

The rich tapestry of the 12 Zodiacs slot game is enhanced by its special symbols, the Wild and Scatter, which introduce greater depth and excitement to the gameplay. In this particular slot, Habanero has designed these symbols to stand out, not only visually but also in terms of the roles they perform within the game’s mechanics.

  • Wild Symbol: Is represented by a full moon, is a classic feature among slots and in the 12 Zodiacs online game, it carries out its familiar duty of substituting for other symbols to aid in forming winning combinations. Appearing only on reels 2 through 5, the Wild has a transformative twist where it can turn into a glowing sun symbol at random, applying a 3x multiplier to winnings. This special feature adds an unpredictable excitement to every spin.
  • Scatter Symbol: A symbol taking the form of a floating paper lantern. This symbol is the key to unlocking the 12 Zodiacs bonus features, paying out irrespective of its position on the reels. Scoring a combination of Scatter symbols can lead to significant rewards, with five resulting in a 38x multiplier to the total bet, making it a sought-after icon during every turn.

12 Zodiacs Features

Beyond the base game, the 12 Zodiacs game is rich with slot features that not only diversify the user experience but also present numerous pathways to potential winnings.

The features are supported by the slot’s statuesque graphics and thematic sound design, ensuring that both the visual and interactive elements of the game remain fresh and engaging throughout. Combined with the game’s low volatility and flexible bet range, the 12 Zodiacs game caters to a diverse audience, ensuring its place as a favored choice among slot enthusiasts.

Free Games Feature

Among the most anticipated events while playing 12 Zodiacs for free or real money is the activation of Free Games. Triggered when three or more Scatter symbols align on the reels, the player is awarded six free games.

This feature deepens the gaming experience, as during these rounds, only the zodiac animal symbols grace the reels. If these symbols form winning combinations, they convert into Scatter symbols, adding to the payout. The 12 Zodiacs free spins round, while not re-triggerable, remains a highlight for its transition into a more lucrative gameplay phase.

Progressive Jackpot

A special mention within the 12 Zodiacs slot review is necessary for the Progressive Jackpot. A tantalizing possibility in every spin, this jackpot can randomly activate following any game, providing a chance for a windfall that could be life-changing.

Progressive Jackpot Rules

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