by Habanero
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Game features
July 2019
Bet Size
€0.28 - 1400
Max Win
Collect Symbols, Expanding Wild, Extra Spins, Free Spins, Jackpot, Multiplier, Scatter, Wild
3D, Asian, Myths, Plants and Flowers

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Exceptionally high RTP of 98.04%
  • Colossal betting range up to $1,400
  • Jackpot Race adds thrill
  • Free Spins Feature is available
  • Expanding Wild Feature
  • Limited 28 paylines available
  • High Volatility

Nuwa Slot Review

The enchanting Nuwa slot machine, crafted by the esteemed game developer Habanero in July 2019, invites players to experience the allure of Chinese mythology through its immersive gameplay. The atmosphere of this online slot conjures a sense of ancient mysticism, with a striking design that features natural elements of waterfalls and exotic rainforests, transporting players to an otherworldly realm where the oriental goddess Nuwa reigns supreme.

Players will find themselves captivated by the plot where Nuwa, the main character, exudes divinity as the goddess reputed for her creative prowess. Her role within the game underscores her mythological significance while providing a source of fortune and goodwill to those who embark on this gaming journey. The animation quality, absent of additional video sequences, is impressive, and the symbols are replete with a life-like aesthetic that enhances the overall user experience within the mystical setting.

Delicate and mellifluous Oriental music lingers in the backdrop, complemented by realistic sound effects that emulate a tranquil and majestic environment. The expertly curated audio components of this game complete the immersive experience, making each spin a step further into Nuwa’s enchanted domain.

For aficionados of mythology-themed slots or those seeking a similar ambience, titles such as Caishen’s Arrival from Betsoft and Golden Goddess by IGT are worthy considerations. These slots also encapsulate mythological essence, courtesy of their developers, and employ high RTPs and enchanting features that parallel the experience offered in the Nuwa casino game.

The Nuwa demo, available for practice play, showcases the slot’s adaptability, rendering it playable across mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. This versatility marks it as an ideal choice for players who prefer gaming on a smartphone or tablet, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience ranging from slot enthusiasts to newcomers intrigued by folklore-driven adventure.

How to Play Nuwa

The structure of Nuwa’s slot machine features the traditional arrangement of 5 reels and 3 rows, while the 28 fixed paylines denote a departure from the standard offerings found in other video slots. This deviation amplifies the scope for winning combinations, adding intricacy and depth to the player’s strategy. Nuwa’s gameplay brims with chances for the sought-after max win, providing players with a clear set of game rules and conditions for a rewarding venture.

The user interface manifests a seamless marriage between functionality and aesthetics, creatively integrating the control panel into the tableau of Nuwa’s realm. The interface is intuitive, ensuring that both novices in demo mode and veterans aiming for real money can navigate the game with ease.

Key control buttons in Nuwa are laid out as follows:

  • Coin Value: This button allows players to toggle the denomination of their betting currency;
  • Bet Size: Here, players can increase or decrease the total stake wagered per spin;
  • Spin: The central button that activates a single, manual spin of the reels;
  • Auto-Play: For those preferring continuous play, this function automates a pre-determined number of spins;
  • Slot Information: A repository of payouts, symbol values, and game rules;
  • Mute: A discreet control to deactivate or activate the game’s ambient and effect sounds.

While the game does not list exclusive buttons, its range of wagers varies from the minimum of $0.28 per spin up to a robust $1,400, accommodating diverse bankroll sizes and betting strategies. The capacious betting range makes Nuwa both approachable and attractive to a spectrum of players.

Nuwa boasts an extraordinary max win potential, tantalizing players with its high return to player (RTP) rate of 98.04%—a standout figure in the world of online slots that eclipses many counterparts. Further engaging players is its high volatility, or variance, indicating a propensity for fluctuating bankrolls but also the thrill of potentially large payouts.

Game Rules

Nuwa Symbols

The Nuwa slot machine artfully employs a constellation of symbols that mirror its magical Oriental theme, using vivid hues and meticulous animations to depict orbs and blossoms. These symbols reflect innovation, illustrating progression from more classic slots, and provide players with a visually enriching experience that aligns with the game’s mythical backdrop.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Purple Blossom 0.71x 12.50x 35.71x
Pink Lotus 0.36x 6.07x 26.79x
Bamboo Reeds 0.36x 3.57x 17.86x
Orange Flower 0.36x 1.43x 14.29x
Blue Orb 0.18x 1.07x 10.71x
Orange Orb 0.18x 0.71x 7.14x
Green Orb 0.18x 0.36x 5.36x
Purple Orb 0.11x 0.18x 2.68x

The game does not cover additional non-special symbols apart from those listed, which are integral to the enchanting gameplay of the Nuwa online slot.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Nuwa are pivotal in unlocking the slot’s full potential and diversifying the player’s experience.

  • Wild Symbol Nuwa – The Wild is depicted as the serene celestial goddess, appearing only on reels 1 and 3 during normal play. When a winning combination is achieved, Nuwa expands, filling the reel with her divine grace, leading to more ways to win and potentially larger payouts, enhancing the spin with greater visual and monetary reward. 
  • Scatter Symbol Snake – The Snake Scatter holds the power to activate bonus rounds with just 3 appearances anywhere on the reels. Apart from triggering bonus rounds, the Snake Scatter also carries its own monetary value, contributing to the overall payout and uplifting the user experience with the thrill of added free play opportunities.

Nuwa, with its carefully crafted special symbols, offers an intriguing convolution of features that enrich the classic slot formula, promising an immersive gameplay experience complete with the potential for exceptional rewards. The presence of these special symbols not only augments the aesthetic appeal but also significantly raises the game’s Hit Frequency, drawing players into an alluring dance between chance and fate.

Nuwa Features

The Nuwa online slot abounds with exciting bonus features, which elevate the gaming experience to enchanting new heights. These features are abundantly varied and contribute to the richness of the game, offering players myriad paths to potential victory. With innovative inclusions like free spins and multipliers, Nuwa ensures a diversified and electrifying session with every spin.

Free Games

Triggered by landing 3 or more Snake Scatter symbols, this feature gives players access to 8 free spins, enhancing their gameplay without additional wagers. During these free spins, Nuwa appears as a Wild on reels 1 and 3, adding to the excitement with the possibility of expanding across the reels for grander winning combinations.

Bonus Feature

This mode is activated upon collecting a full set of colored orbs during the Free Games. Players are rewarded with an additional 5 spins, along with any remaining from the Free Games feature. In this round, the goddess Nuwa graces the scene twice per spin, and all winnings are blessed with a 2x multiplier, providing an entrancing opportunity to double the fortunes garnered from the reels of this video slot.

Expanding Wild

In the realm of online slots, Habanero’s Nuwa stands out with its unique “Expanding Wild” feature, transforming gameplay into an exhilarating adventure. This special symbol, when landed, expands to cover an entire reel, significantly boosting winning chances.

Expanding Wild
Jackpot Race

The Jackpot Race is an innovative progessive feature that stands out in Nuwa play. It commences with the Accumulation Phase, where a fraction of every bet contributes to the jackpot’s progressive pool. Coupled with an exhilarating Race Phase countdown, the players’ anticipation reaches fever pitch, knowing the triggered jackpot will be split among the top three bettors closest to the jackpot trigger.

Jackpot Race

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