Monster Pop

by BetSoft
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Game features
March 2020
Bet Size
€0.25 - 25
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Cluster Pays, Collapsing Reels, Expanding Reels, Free Spins, Nudge, Scatter, Wild
3D, Adventures, Fire, Magic, Monsters

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Expanded grid layout beyond the standard 5x3
  • RTP of 97.07% is above average
  • Boasts more than 2 special symbols for engaging gameplay
  • Available for playing on mobile devices
  • Maximum bet limited to $25, restricting high rollers
  • No Bonus Buy feature

Monster Pop Slot Review

Monster Pop, a vibrant and engaging slot machine, was developed by Betsoft Gaming and released in March 2020. This game stands out for its unique blend of entertainment and the potential for significant wins, making it an intriguing addition to the online slot market.

The design and atmosphere of Monster Pop are immediately captivating, featuring a colourful and lively array of monster characters. Each character boasts its own charm and personality, making the game not just a gambling experience but also a visually appealing adventure. The game plunges players into a world reminiscent of popular monster-themed animations and movies, combining a fun storyline with high-quality graphics.

Central to Monster Pop is its array of main characters – the cute, cartoon-style monsters. Each monster has its own unique appearance and role within the game, contributing to the overall playful theme. The monsters are not designed to be frightful but rather endearing, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere for players.

The animation quality in Monster Pop is commendable, with smooth transitions and vibrant effects that enhance the gaming experience. Additional animations and video sequences are triggered during gameplay, particularly in bonus rounds and when winning combinations are achieved, adding an extra layer of excitement.

In terms of sound, Monster Pop features an upbeat and catchy soundtrack that complements the game’s theme perfectly. Sound effects during spins, wins, and bonus features further immerse the player in the game, with each monster character having its unique voice that contributes to their individual personality.

For players seeking similar experiences, slots like Reactoonz from Play’n GO and Scary Friends from Rabcat are excellent choices. Reactoonz offers a similar monster-themed adventure with a grid-style play area, while Scary Friends provides a conventional slot experience packed with friendly monster characters. Both games are created by reputable developers and offer unique takes on the monster theme.

Monster Pop is multi-platform, supporting both iOS and Android devices. This ensures that players can enjoy the game on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets, without compromising on quality or performance.

The target audience for Monster Pop spans a broad range, appealing to players who enjoy visually rich and engaging slots with a light-hearted theme. Its low to medium variance also caters to both casual gamers seeking entertainment and more serious players looking for substantial wins.

How to Play Monster Pop

Monster Pop employs a non-standard game structure, starting with a 5×5 grid that expands through the gameplay, adding more excitement and ways to win. This expansion is thanks to the Monster Cloner Symbol, which can add rows, columns, or both to the grid. The conditions for winning involve forming clusters of matching symbols, a departure from traditional paylines, making the gameplay more dynamic and providing numerous winning combinations.

The user interface in Monster Pop is intuitive and well-integrated with the game’s design. It features a coherent layout that allows for easy navigation and control. Key controls in the game include:

  • Bet Size: Allows players to set their total bet per spin.
  • Spin: Initiates a single spin with the selected bet size.
  • Autoplay: Enables a sequence of automated spins.
  • Slot Information: Provides access to game rules and paytable.
  • Mute: Toggles the game’s sound on or off..

Bet sizes in Monster Pop range from a minimum of $0.25 to a maximum of $25 per spin. This range caters to a variety of bankrolls, making the game accessible to both low-stakes players and high-rollers.

The maximum win potential in Monster Pop is an impressive 1,921x the stake, and when it comes to the game’s RTP, Monster Pop offers 97.07%, well above the industry average. The game’s medium variance strikes a balance between the frequency and size of wins, catering to a wide range of player preferences.

Adding to the game’s appeal is its suitability for practice play in demo mode, allowing players to familiarise themselves with the game mechanics without risking real money. This feature, combined with its availability on mobile platforms, enhances user experience and accessibility, making Monster Pop a versatile option for slot enthusiasts.

Game Rules

Monster Pop Symbols

A cast of delightful monster characters populates the vibrant world of Monster Pop, each bringing its own splash of colour and personality to the reels. The game deviates from traditional slots by utilising a cluster pays mechanic, which aligns with its animated theme, reflecting the playful chaos of its monster inhabitants. In this enchanting title, the symbols are more than just static icons; they are lively characters that engage players in a vivid, animated adventure. This innovation is a nod to the evolution of slot games, where symbols become an integral part of storytelling, enhancing the player’s engagement through immersive visuals and interactive gameplay.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol Cluster of 4 Cluster of 5 Cluster of 6 Cluster of 61-80 Cluster of 81-100 Cluster of 101-1000
Colourful Monster 1.6x 2.4x 3.6x 200x 280x 400x
Red Angry Monster $1.2x 1.8x 2.4x 140x 200x 280x
Blue Monster 0.8x 1.2x 1.6x 120x 160x 240x
Purple Monster 0.64x 0.96x 1.28x 96x 144x 192x
Yellow Monster 0.48x 0.72x 0.96x 64x 96x 128x
Blue Star One-Eyed 0.48x 0.72x 0.96x 64x 96x 128x
Orange One-Eyed 0.32x 0.48x 0.64x 32x 42x 64x
Green Three-Eyed 0.32x 0.48x 0.64x 32x 42x 64x

Such a paying system encourages the formation of large, rewarding combinations and injects an extra layer of excitement into every spin.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Monster Pop play pivotal roles in elevating the gaming experience, introducing dynamic elements that can significantly boost winning potential. Unlike regular symbols, these special icons are key to unlocking the game’s vast array of bonus features and free spins, making them central to the strategy of achieving high rewards. The total number of special symbols in Monster Pop contributes to its engaging gameplay, ensuring players remain captivated by the prospect of triggering exciting game mechanics.

  • Oracle Eye Wild: Represents the wild symbol in Monster Pop, substituting for all symbols except the Monster Cloner and the Flaming Sphere. Its primary function is to complete or enhance winning clusters, increasing the chance for higher payouts.
  • Monster Cloner: This unique symbol expands the game grid by cloning an adjacent row, column, or both and introduces additional Wilds into play. It is instrumental in extending the playing field, thereby amplifying the possibilities for winning combinations.
  • Flaming Sphere Scatter: Landing three or more of these symbols triggers the free spins feature, granting players a base of 7 free spins with the potential for more, depending on the number of Flaming Spheres that appear during this mode. This symbol is pivotal in unlocking extended play without additional bets, enhancing the game’s overall value.

Monster Pop Features

Monster Pop’s bonus features stand as a testament to Betsoft Gaming’s commitment to creating engaging and potentially lucrative gameplay experiences. The developers have ingeniously intertwined these features with the game’s monster theme, ensuring that each bonus round and special feature aligns perfectly with the overall narrative. This approach not only heightens the entertainment value but also offers players the chance to boost their winnings through varied and interactive gameplay elements significantly. The introduction of unique bonus features reflects current trends in the slot gaming industry, where developers strive to offer more than just spinning reels. These dynamic additions add layers of strategy and excitement, catering to a wide range of player preferences and making each gaming session unpredictable and thrilling.

Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins feature in Monster Pop is activated when players land three or more Flaming Sphere symbols anywhere on the reels. The initial reward is a set of 7 free spins, but this can increase if additional Flaming Spheres appear during the bonus round, offering an extra free spin for each symbol. This feature enhances the gameplay by providing players with opportunities to achieve wins without depleting their bankrolls, making it a highly anticipated aspect of the game.

Monster Cloner Feature

A pivotal element of Monster Pop’s gameplay, the Monster Cloner feature expands the playing grid by cloning an adjacent row, column, or both – each appearance of the Monster Cloner symbol brings this exciting transformation. Additionally, it introduces Oracle Eye Wilds into the mix, thereby increasing the potential for forming winning clusters. This feature not only augments the visual excitement with its animation but also substantially enhances the winning possibilities, aligning with the game’s theme of unpredictable growth and expansion.

Monster Fury Feature

Triggered randomly during non-winning spins, the Monster Fury feature can substantially turn the tide in favour of the player. This unique feature sees the monsters unleash their fury by either creating Cloner Bombs that spread Monster Cloners across the reels or by shuffling themselves to form new winning clusters. It’s an unexpected twist that can instantly transform a lacklustre spin into a highly rewarding one, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the game’s characters and keeping the gameplay intensely engaging.

Cascading Reels

Adding to Monster Pop’s array of special features are the Cascading Reels, activated following a winning cluster. Winning symbols pop and vanish, making space for new symbols to drop down from above, potentially creating additional winning combinations from a single spin. This feature continues until no more winning clusters can be formed, offering a chain reaction of wins that can significantly increase the player’s payout from just one spin.

Collapsing Reels

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