by BetSoft
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Game features
September 2013
Bet Size
€0.01 - 330
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Free Spins, Pick Bonus, Scatter, Sticky Wild, Wild, Wild Reels
3D, Adventures, Aliens, Future, Monsters, Space

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Pros and cons
  • Offers three diverse slot features
  • Includes three innovative special symbols
  • Lower RTP at 92.26%
  • Only 30 ways to win

Arrival Slot Review

Released in September 2013, the Arrival slot machine is a creation of BetSoft, a company renowned for its engaging and innovative 3D slots. This online slot impresses with high-quality graphics depicting a deep space adventure filled with galactic travellers, alien creatures, and futuristic technology.

The design and atmosphere of the game are set against the backdrop of the cosmos, enhancing the sense of embarking on an epic outer space journey. The detailed, thematic visuals, including planets and asteroid fields, are complemented by an immersive animated control panel that resembles a spaceship’s command centre. This enhances the slot’s overall sci-fi ambience and makes the Arrival play experience unique.

The plot centres around brave space marines embarking on a mission against a sinister extra-terrestrial force. The chase unfolds as the main characters—a boy and a girl, both space marines—attempt to thwart the evil alien brain’s plans. Their long-standing battle is crucial to the game narrative and contributes heavily to the user experience that keeps players engaged.

BetSoft’s animation quality is on full display with smooth, dynamic visuals. Additional animations bring life to the game characters, such as the impatient alien at the controls who reacts to the player’s actions, adding an extra dimension of interactivity and entertainment.

For ambience, the game employs a space-themed score evocative of classic sci-fi productions, which immerses players in the gameplay alongside the atmospheric sounds and alien sound effects. The music may remind players of iconic space exploration movies and series. However, those looking for silent play can use the game’s manual spin option and mute the soundtrack.

For those seeking other space-themed gaming experiences, similar slots include ‘Starburst’ by NetEnt and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ by Microgaming, offering their unique take on the genre.

Thankfully, the Arrival casino game is optimised for multi-platform use, being accessible on mobile, app, and tablet devices using either iOS or Android systems. This ensures players enjoy the cosmic adventure on their smartphones regardless of location.

How to play Arrival

Arrival employs a standard game structure common in video slots with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 paylines. Winning conditions are straightforward in Arrival, with winning combinations forming from left to right on active paylines provided a minimum of three matching symbols align.

The user interface integrates seamlessly with the overall design, using controls that appear as part of the spaceship, enhancing the thematic consistency. Its functionality and understandability are important user experience factors, which are positively reflected in numerous player reviews and ratings.

The control buttons are expertly designed to integrate into the game’s space theme:

  • Choose Coin: This button adjusts the coin value for each bet.
  • Bet Per Line: Located near the Choose Coin button, this allows adjustment of wager amounts per line.
  • Select Lines: This button activates the number of paylines.
  • Spin: Central to the gameplay experience, this button initiates a single spin.
  • Max Bet Spin: Immediately to the right of the Spin button, players can instantly bet the maximum allowed by the game.

Players can place bets from $0.02 to $330 per line for the betting range, using up to 5 coins per line. The maximum bet per spin is $75. With Arrival’s competitive RTP of 92.26% and medium variance, the game promises a mix of frequent but smaller wins – a crucial aspect to consider for managing your bankroll.

Game Rules

Arrival Symbols

In Arrival slot’s intergalactic quest, symbols are the core elements that drive the storyline and the potential payouts available to players in this galactic adventure. The game features a variety of icons that align with its space and aliens theme, from intrepid space marines to extraterrestrial beings and planets, all carrying different values.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Space Marine (young boy) €10 €40 €200
Pink Alien €15 €75 €150
White Space Object €10 €40 €100
Flying Saucer €5 €25 €74
Planet €25 €50 €125
Sign €20 €40 €100
Android €15 €30 €75
Target €10 €20 €50

Special Symbols

Special symbols are fundamental to heightening players’ prospects of success in Arrival. These icons are key in unlocking bonus rounds and boosting payout opportunities.

  • Alien Symbol: Acts as a scatter symbol, which, upon appearing three or more times on the reels, engages the expanding wild feature to improve winning potential. This symbol sprouts on reels 1, 3, and 5, potentially turning them wild and sticky for the following spins.
  • Laser Gun Symbol: When present threefold anywhere on the reels, another scatter in the game activates the UFO Click Me feature. This feature metamorphoses the Laser Gun symbols into clickable icons that reward players with instant credits until the ‘Collect’ symbol is uncovered.
  • Girl Symbol: This bonus icon, pivotal to the thematic experience, triggers an interactive rescue mission when multiplied on the reels. In this highly animated bonus round, the player aids the protagonist in a daring infiltration on the alien ship, leading to instant rewards and potentially substantial wins.

Arrival Features

The comprehensive suite of bonus features in the Arrival slot machine enhances the gaming experience, aligning perfectly with the slot’s space exploration theme. These interactive elements offer additional ways to win and bring the cosmic adventure to life, adding layers of excitement and engagement to the experience. These features’ potential profitability and thematic consistency make for a unique and appealing element within the slot’s function.

UFO Click Me

Activating the UFO Click Me feature requires landing three or more Laser Gun symbols. This bonus mode turns the symbols into clickable icons, challenging players to uncover instant credits hidden beneath them. The feature continues until the ‘Collect’ symbol appears, rounding out the interactive experience with the potential for immediate payouts. This Click Me feature is a testament to the game’s commitment to innovative gameplay, evidenced by the player reviews praising this interactive element.

UFO Click Me
Free Spins With The Expanding Wild

The alien symbols’ arrival on the reels signifies the imminent threat of extraterrestrial invasion and heralds the start of the Free Spins round. This Arrival bonus round introduces the expanding wild feature, turning one of the reels completely wild for several upcoming spins.

Save the Girl Bonus Round

In what can be considered the climax of the Arrival online casino game, the Save the Girl Bonus Round puts players in the thick of the action. Triggering this round involves securing three or more girl symbols on the reels. Players then join the chief space marine on a dangerous rescue mission within the alien mothership, with the narrative’s dramatic tension mirrored by the potential for sizeable monetary rewards. This immersive bonus game is a clear highlight, offering a departure from standard reel spins to deliver a unique story-driven adventure.

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