King of BitStarz

by Onlyplay
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Game features
February 2022
Bet Size
€1 - 50
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Free Spins, Increasing Multiplier, Multiplier, Scatter, Wild
3D, Sport

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Pros and cons
  • 3 special symbols add variety
  • More than two exciting features
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Limited to just 1 payline
  • Maximum win capped at 500x bet

King of BitStarz Slot Review

Developed by Onlyplay, King of BitStarz is an engaging slot machine that entered the online casino market, presenting players with a unique boxing theme wrapped around a sleek slot experience. Discernible from its esteemed competition, this title distinguishes itself with branded elements that resonate particularly with those familiar with the BitStarz platform.

The design and atmosphere of King of BitStarz are positively themed around the stimulating world of professional boxing. Players stepping into this virtual ring will find themselves surrounded by symbols that evoke the spirit of the sport — boxing boots, sparring bags, mouth guards, and championship belts, all aligned on a solitary riveting row. The interface simulates the center stage of a boxing match, complete with thematic aesthetics that adeptly capture the high-octane feel of a prizefight.

While the plot is simple, it sets a clear stage: players are the central characters, aiming to knock out their competition by achieving winning combinations on the reels. Each spin tests their mettle, with their progress monitored through a health meter that fluctuates as the game continues.

King of BitStarz does not rely heavily on animation, maintaining a classic slot machine feel, but the game does include novel visual elements that complement the boxing theme. Whenever victories are landed, or special features are triggered, the animations punctuate these moments convincingly.

The sound design of the King of BitStarz slot machine rings true to the theme. The rhythmic thud of gloves against the punching bag, the cheering crowd, and the boxing bell ring all play into the immersive experience. Every hit and win is accentuated by sound effects, creating an auditory experience that reflects the intensity of the ring.

Comparably themed slots that might resonate with players who enjoy King of BitStarz include the likes of “MMA Legends” by Mascot Gaming and “Heavyweight Gold” from Rival Gaming. Both titles borrow elements from the combat sports arena and integrate them into the slots’ mechanics and narratives.

King of BitStarz is designed to be multi-platform, offering seamless gameplay both on iOS and Android devices, allowing enthusiasts to spar with the reels anytime and anywhere.

The slot’s target audience is notably broad – from patrons of the BitStarz casino to users with a penchant for sports-themed slots and those favoring games with lower volatility. Nevertheless, both novices to the online slot terrain and seasoned players looking for consistent action are likely to find King of BitStarz a compelling play.

How to Play King of BitStarz

King of BitStarz stands out for its game structure that strays from the traditional. It features a setup with 5 reels and a single central row, housing only 1 payline. Despite its simplicity, this non-standard structure provides an easy-to-understand gameplay experience while encapsulating the harmony and tension of a boxing match.

To secure a win in this game, players should aim to line up symbols consecutively along the single available payline. An intuitive and well-integrated user interface bolsters the game’s functionality. The design of the control panel aligns with the overall theme and vibe of the game while ensuring straightforward playability.

The controls in King of BitStarz entail:

  • Bet Size: Precisely select the size of your bet, with options ranging neatly below the reels.
  • Max Bet: Increases the bet to the maximum size in one click.
  • Spin: A prominently positioned button to set the reels in motion for each game round.
  • Auto-Rotate: Located near the main spin control, enabling a sequence of uninterrupted spins.
  • Slot Information: Access detailed information about payouts and features via a trophy symbol.
  • Mute: A convenient option to turn off the game’s sound, allowing for a quieter experience.

King of BitStarz invites bets starting from a minimum of $1.00 up to a maximum of $50.00 per spin. Such a range accommodates various player preferences, from cautious bettors who favor a conservative approach to those willing to wager more aggressively.

The slot prides itself on an RTP (Return To Player) rate of 95.79%, closely aligning with the industry average, though just shy of the benchmark of 96%. Coupled with low volatility, King of BitStarz prioritizes frequent yet smaller wins, making it an attractive option for players who prefer steadier gaming sessions over intermittent high payouts. The maximum win rate in this slot caps at a substantial 500x the initial stake.

Game Rules

King of BitStarz Symbols

While navigating through the King of BitStarz slot machine, players will encounter an array of symbols that faithfully echo the title’s boxing theme while breathing life into the virtual slot experience. The variety of symbols, from boxing equipment to playing card icons, bring a rich diversity to the reels, aligning with the game’s theme and contributing to its engaging narrative. The symbols add depth to the gameplay, offering a twist on tradition while carrying forward the legacy of classic slot symbols.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Boxing Boots 2x 10x 20x
Sparring Bag 2x 8x 15x
Armband 2x 5x 10x
Ace 1x 4x 8x
King 1x 4x 8x
Queen 1x 3x 5x
Jack 1x 3x 5x

The core symbols of King of BitStarz, aside from the special icons, are a blend of thematic and classic slot elements. Symbolizing the higher end of the pay table are items such as boxing shoes and sparring equipment, while the lower end sees the familiar high-card values from the deck of playing cards — Ace through Jack. Their presence solidifies the connection to traditional slots while providing a familiar interface to seasoned players.

The non-special symbols do not activate any additional features within the game but do contribute to the formation of winning combinations, thereby influencing the game’s overall payout potential.

Special Symbols

The King of BitStarz slot machine elevates its gameplay with the inclusion of special symbols, each carrying specific functions that significantly enrich the player’s experience. These symbols stand apart from the regular ones on the paytable, contributing substantively to the game’s entertainment value and potential winnings. They not only create more dynamic spins but also unlock special game features such as free spins and bonus games, enhancing the slot’s appeal.

  • Wild Symbol: The BitStarz championship belt acts as the wild, which can substitute for any other symbols except for the scatter and bonus symbols, potentially completing winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol: Represented by boxing gloves, the scatter triggers free spin rounds when three land simultaneously. These symbols can alter the momentum of the game, providing additional opportunities for players to earn wins without having to place additional bets.
  • Bonus Symbol: Donning the headgear symbol leads players into the unique bonus game, where a mini-game inside the boxing ring unfolds, offering rewards via special areas filled with multipliers and potential exits.

Each special symbol’s presence on the reels is pivotal, presenting opportunities for escalated payouts and infused excitement with every spin. Serving as the cornerstone for the most engaging aspects of the game, special symbols are critical for players aiming to maximize their gaming outcomes.

King of BitStarz Features

Within King of BitStarz, players discover a series of bonus features that enrich the slot’s gameplay and augment its potential profitability. Such bonus modes represent the creative vision of the developers, adding depth and excitement to the spinning reels while aligning thematically with the boxing concept of the game. From free spins that mimic the fast-paced flurry of punches to the strategic play of a bonus game, these features cater to a spectrum of player preferences, reinforcing the game’s allure and distinctive character.

In the modern slot gaming industry, offering assorted bonus features has become a hallmark of an engaging slot experience. King of BitStarz incorporates current trends with its unique interpretation, rendering each playthrough as potentially lucrative as it is thrilling.

Free Spins

The Free Spins mode in King of BitStarz is activated when players land three scatter symbols — depicted as boxing gloves — on the reels. This triggers a bonus of five free spins, granting the player a chance to rack up winnings without deducting from their balance. During these free spins, the excitement builds, and the potential for significant rewards increases, all the while maintaining the immersive boxing experience.

Bonus Game

King of BitStarz also features a bonus game that packs an extra punch in terms of entertainment and winning opportunities. Upon landing three headgear bonus symbols, players are ushered into an elevated boxing ring experience. The game expands to reveal 25 special areas within the ring, each packed with goodies like standard multipliers, which can range from 1x to 10x, and large bonus multipliers that soar even higher. Players should, however, stay wary of the ‘exit’ signs, which signal the end of this intense yet rewarding bonus bout.

Speed Up Bonus

For impatient players, the slot features a buy-in bonus mode worth 36.3x the selected bet. When purchased, the player is instantly transported to the bonus game, where he has a high chance of a big win.

Bonus Buy Feature

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