Jungle Gold

by Onlyplay
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Game features
May 2020
Bet Size
€1 - 50
Max Win
Extra Reel, Free Spins, Scatter, Wild
3D, Adventures, Animals, Gold, Jewels, Jungle, Wildlife

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Pros and cons
  • Unique 7-reel grid structure
  • High maximum bet $50
  • Mobile and desktop compatible
  • Only 1 way to win
  • Maximum win capped at 2,061x

Jungle Gold Slot Review

The Jungle Gold slot machine, developed by OnlyPlay, takes players into a thrilling treasure hunt through a virtual rainforest. Perfectly combining the essence of adventure with winning combinations, this game subsumes players into a meticulously crafted environment where sunlight filters through the canopy of the forest.

This slot is characterised by detailed graphics that border the carved stone reels, making every Jungle Gold play an immersive experience. Players will find themselves surrounded by a lush green world dotted with vibrant flora and occasional vibrant animations that enliven the reels – particularly when the free spins bonus round is activated.

The main characters are an integral part of this Jungle Gold online offering, including a toucan with brightly coloured plumage, a cheerful frog, and an inquisitive monkey. These characters are not simply for show, as they occupy high-paying positions within the paytable. The slot’s special symbols include the Wild, depicted by an evasive black panther, and the Scatter, symbolised by a pair of crossed cutlasses ready to unlock the secrets of the jungle.

Animations in the Jungle Gold casino game strike a perfect balance, engaging enough to captivate yet subtle enough not to overwhelm. They comprise part of the user experience, which, alongside the game rules, creates a harmonious symphony with nature itself.

The sound design completes this sensorial package – mere sound effects would not do justice to the rich tapestry of sounds within the jungle. Instead, the soundtrack of Jungle Gold echoes the title’s theme, featuring both dynamic tunes and the serene sounds of nature.

Jungle Gold finds its kindred spirits in games like Gonzo’s Quest and Jungle Jim El Dorado, both of which craft similar rainforest adventures with their own unique spins.

For players seeking out this lush theme on a mobile platform, Jungle Gold does not disappoint – the game functions flawlessly across smartphones and tablets, providing a seamless transition from desktop to mobile gaming.

Targeted towards players who enjoy high-volatility slots and are drawn to captivating themes and graphics, the Jungle Gold slot machine is set to deliver a high-octane gaming experience. Player reviews have noted its appeal among both newcomers and seasoned slot enthusiasts, pointing to its vibrant graphics, a compelling theme, and the potential for big payouts.

How to Play Jungle Gold

The structure of the Jungle Gold casino slot is anything but standard. At its core are 5 reels in the base game, but it shines with two additional reels that become accessible in the free spins feature, creating surprising winning combinations. This singular payline slot diverges from the norm; wins are triggered by matching symbols starting from any reel, providing a dynamic twist to the traditional slot format.

The intuitive user interface is set against the backdrop of the jungle environment, ensuring straightforward navigation as players delve into the game’s nuances. From the main menu, players are guided through the ins and outs of the game rules with accessibility in mind. The integration of the design with user interface functionality is a testament to the game’s focus on a coherent user experience.

A breakdown of the key controls in Jungle Gold:

  • Bet Adjustment Buttons: These flank the betting window and control the stake amount, enabling simple modifications.
  • Max Bet Button: For players aiming for the Jungle Gold max win, this option instantly sets the highest possible wager.
  • Spin Button: The heart of the game, this button unleashes the reels into action.
  • Autoplay Button: For those preferring to sit back, this feature initiates a sequence of spins at the selected bet level.
  • Menu Button: Access to paytable, settings, and comprehensive game information.
  • Sound Settings: An easy toggle for the game’s audio features to customise the player experience even further.

For those new to the Jungle Gold online slot, or any online slot for that matter, the demo mode provides an opportunity for practice play without risk. It simulates the real-money game, offering a chance to familiarise oneself with the mechanics and format.

The betting range with Jungle Gold free play mirrors that of real money play, spanning from a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $50 per spin. This wide range facilitates various bankroll strategies and risk preferences. The RTP of Jungle Gold is calibrated at 95.60%, hovering just below what many players consider the industry standard. Yet, its medium variance promises balanced potential payouts that can excite any slot enthusiast.

Game Rules

Jungle Gold Symbols

As players dive into Jungle Gold free play, they’ll find that the slot’s symbols are an integral part of the jungle-adventure theme. These symbols range from vibrant representatives of the jungle’s fauna to various coloured gems that contribute to the game’s visual appeal. Beyond aesthetics, these symbols serve as the key to unlocking payouts and driving the narrative of the game forward. Their meticulous design and animation showcase OnlyPlay’s pioneering approach to integrating theme-consistent symbols that elevate the gaming experience beyond that of classic slots.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line 6 in Line 7 in Line
Toucan 4x 25x 50x 200x 1000x
Monkey 4x 20x 40x 150x 750x
Frog 4x 15x 30x 100x 500x
Green Gem 2x 10x 20x 50x 200x
Yellow Gem 2x 10x 20x 50x 200x
Blue Gem 2x 5x 10x 30x 100x
Purple Gem 2x 5x 10x 30x 100x

Special Symbols

In Jungle Gold, the special symbols carry the torch in this jungle-themed adventure, vastly increasing players’ chances to strike it rich. These symbols are carefully designed to stand out and signify moments of heightened excitement as they carry the potential to trigger the slot’s bonus rounds and additional features.

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild, epitomised by the majestic black panther, is a crucial symbol within Jungle Gold. This symbol has the power to substitute for any other paying icon, excluding the Scatter, to form or elongate winning combinations. The versatility of the Wild is on full display when it lands between different sets of matching symbols, effectively counting towards multiple payouts and significantly enhancing the potential for a max win in the Jungle Gold slot machine.
  • Scatter Symbol: Marked by the crossed cutlasses, the Scatter holds the key to unlocking Jungle Gold free spins, independent of paylines. Scatter symbols are sought after as they do not confer direct payouts but rather the exciting possibility of triggering free games where the chances of winning are amplified. The Scatter adds a layer of depth to each spin, increasing the overall payout potential and contributing to the Jungle Gold online slot’s high volatility profile.

Jungle Gold Features

The distinctive features of Jungle Gold unleash its full potential, setting it apart from other slot games. These bonus features not only add complexity to the gameplay mechanics but also transform the visuals, immersing the player in an authentic jungle adventure experience.

Free Spins Feature

The primary attraction of the Jungle Gold slot lies in its Free Spins bonus mode. Upon landing 3 or more Scatter symbols simultaneously on the reels, players are instantly granted 10 Free Spins, accompanied by the activation of 2 extra reels. During this mode, players have the opportunity to land a winning combination of 7 identical symbols, substantially enhancing the likelihood of securing the highest payouts.

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