Gold Diggers

by BetSoft
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Game features
December 2011
Bet Size
€0.01 - 480
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Collapsing Reels, Pick Bonus
3D, Adventures, Gold, Mining

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Pros and cons
  • Wide betting range from $0.01 to $480
  • 3 unique features to diversify the gameplay
  • Multi-platform compatible for varied play
  • RTP lower than average at 91.23%
  • Max win capped at a 500x rate

Gold Diggers Slot Review

The Gold Diggers slot machine, developed by the acclaimed software provider BetSoft, entered the online gaming arena in December 2011. It invites players to delve into the world of a nostalgic gold rush, joining a jovial band of characters in their underground quest for glittering treasures. Impeccably designed, the ambiance of the casino game is set deep within the mines, where every pickaxe swing could lead to riches beyond measure.

The narrative drives forward with two quirky miner brothers and an assured female prospector whose relentless search for gold is at the heart of this user experience. The playful banter and animated escapades of the trio decorate the engaging storyline, drawing players into a humorous portrayal of the gold-digging escapades.

Character animations and additional video sequences are top-tier, an attribute BetSoft is known for, making this online slot a cut above the rest in visual delivery. The gnomish miners and their furry little helper spring to life in 3D, punctuating gameplay with lively antics.

The auditory details complement the visual feast; foot-tapping country music celebrates winning combinations and underscores the excitement of the play. These composed sounds serve to fully immerse the player in an era where the fever of the gold rush was at its peak.

Enthusiasts for similar themed content might also enjoy dipping their pans into BetSoft’s Greedy Goblins and Black Gold, both of which offer equally vibrant themes and comparable gameplay experiences.

Though originally released with Flash technology, updates, and advances mean that this slot is adaptable for modern play. Whether on a mobile app or through a browser, the Gold Diggers demo is accessible on iOS and Android devices, providing convenience for gamers on the go.

With its broad appeal, Gold Diggers Online caters to a diverse audience. The intriguing world of Gold Diggers free play entices new gamers seeking practice play, while the prospect of substantial wins in Gold Diggers real money lures the more daring players looking to boost their bankroll.

How to Play Gold Diggers

The slot’s structure is built upon a familiar foundation of 5 reels and 3 rows, but it’s the 30 paylines where the potential winning combinations abound. To secure a win in this video slot, symbols must align consecutively from the left reel across any of the active paylines.

Effortlessly integrated into the mine-themed milieu, the interface’s user experience is straightforward, merging cleanly with the game’s aesthetic. The primary control functions are clearly demarcated, contributing to the usability of the game:

  • Coin Value: Located footprinting the reel, it allows for fine-tuning the bet denomination.
  • Bet Size: An adjustable feature setting the stake per line, enhancing the ways to win.
  • Number of Lines: Number of Lines: Allows the player to set the desired number of paylines from 1 to 30 for convenient play.
  • Spin: The central mechanism that propels gameplay, crafted to appear as part of the mining cart.
  • Auto-rotate: An autoplay convenience for continuous spins, found tucked within the game menu.
  • Slot Information: A resource detailing the game rules and payouts, accessible for player reference.
  • Mute: A toggle to command the in-game audio, positioned to maintain the immersive atmosphere.

Betting becomes a strategic endeavor with the provision for adjusting wager values and paylines to align with preference and variance. The range extends from a minimal $0.01 bet to a high-stakes option of $480 per round. A max win ratio of a substantial 500x, presenting an alluring payout potential.

In comparison to its peers, the game sports an RTP rate standing at 91.23%. Though lower than average, this is offset by the slot’s medium volatility, indicating that a steady stream of balanced wins may occur more frequently than in higher variance games. This payout balance and Hit Frequency make the Gold Diggers slot machine a solid choice for sustaining the player’s bankroll.

Game Rules

Gold Diggers Symbols

The game symbols in Gold Diggers play a vital role in creating a vibrant tableau that resonates with the gold mining theme, functioning as the building blocks for forming winning combinations. Each symbol is meticulously designed with an animation that reflects the slot’s overall narrative – from shovels and picks to the hopeful prospectors themselves. The transition from classic slot symbols to these thematic figures showcases the evolution and innovation inherent in modern online casino gaming.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Bearded Miner 3.33x 10x 16.7x
Skinny Miner 2.5x 6.67x 13.3x
Blonde Miner 1.67x 5x 10x
Canisters 1x 2.67x 5x
Lamp 0.67x 2x 4.17x
Cart 0.5x 1.67x 3.33x
Pick 0.33x 1x 2.5x
Gold Nuggets 0.17x 0.67x 1.67x

The higher-paying symbols in the game rules start rewarding the player beginning from just two identical figures on a payline. This less common payout structure increases the chances of hitting those rewarding combinations. The character-based symbols, including the diligent miners and the ambitious female prospector, offer the most significant returns, following the slot’s max-win philosophy.

Special Symbols

  • Dynamite: Acts as a general substitute for most other symbols, enhancing the player’s chance at a win by creating more winning combinations. The special symbol explodes when part of a winning formula, inciting the symbols above to cascade down like an avalanche and increase the potential for further wins.
  • Gopher: The appearance of three or more scatter symbols on an active payline triggers the Gopher a Dig click-me feature, a bonus round where clicking on-screen symbols can unearth hidden treasure in the form of immediate bonus credits.
  • Gold Rush Poster: Three or more posters activate a separate bonus round, where players can virtually dig for gold by selecting rocks; each correct choice rewards bonus credits.

These special symbols and bonus features are typical of BetSoft’s approach to creating an engaging and interactive user experience, resembling mechanics observed in high-variance slots, yet within this medium-volatility game. The inclusion of these elements adds depth to the player’s session, encouraging extended play and increasing the chances of winning.

Gold Diggers Features

The bonus features in Gold Diggers are richly integrated with the game’s overarching mining motif, advancing the narrative and bolstering the slot’s entertainment factor. These additional gameplay components not only offer a reprieve from the manual spin of the reels but also present opportunities to strike it rich. The developers have expertly crafted these bonus rounds to resonate with the theme, enriching the player’s experience while mining for wins.

Dynamite Cascades

This feature triggers when a player hits a winning combination comprising three or more Dynamite symbols on an active payline. After the subsequent payout, these symbols explode, triggering a cascade whereby upper symbols descend into the gaps, potentially creating additional winning combinations. The feature mirrors an exciting aspect of real mining expeditions, adding a layer of unpredictability and increasing the game’s overall appeal.

Gopher a Dig

Upon landing three or more Gopher scatter symbols, players activate the Gopher a Dig feature, which is essentially a click-and-reveal game. This interactive element beckons players to select on-screen symbols, each concealing bonus credits. The player’s choices determine the amount of the win, making this feature a delightful interlude with the potential to bolster a player’s bankroll significantly.

Pick Bonus Feature
Gold Rush Bonus Round

With three or more Gold Rush Posters on the reels, this bonus round beckons. It transports the player deeper into the mine, where selecting the right rocks could reveal hidden riches. Each successful pick during this “click and collect” mini-game translates into bonus credits, embodying the essence of an actual gold rush experience.

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