Evil Goblins xBomb

by Nolimit City
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Game features
Nolimit City
October 2021
Bet Size
€0.2 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Bonus Symbol, Collapsing Reels, Expanding Reels, Extra Spins, Extra Wild, Free Spins, Increasing Multiplier, Multiplier, Random Wild, Scatter, Stacked Symbols, Switching Symbols, Wild
3D, Adventures, Gold, Mining, Monsters

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Pros and cons
  • RTP above the neutral range at 96.14%
  • Exceptional 117,649 ways to win
  • Betting range from $0.20 to $100
  • Massive maximum win rate of 31,969x
  • Nine distinct slot features for variety
  • High Volatility

Evil Goblins xBomb Slot Review

Evil Goblins xBomb, created by Nolimit City, is a visually striking online slot that sets players amidst a horror-themed environment filled with explosive goblin antics. This casino game, launched into the vast online casino sphere, brings an immersive atmosphere characterized by a gloomy gold mine setting lit only by occasional torches and the gleam of gold coins. 

Its main characters are not for the faint-hearted, they depict a band of malevolent goblins—each one contributing to the game rules and player experience. The Goblin King, the most notable of this rogue gallery, commands his minions to trigger chaos and potentially rewarding features throughout the slot machine. It’s not just the array of goblins that are intricately animated; additional animated sequences ensure the gameplay remains lively and engaging.

In terms of sound design, this video slot features a soundtrack that complements the malevolent underground setting, ensuring players are fully absorbed into the game’s thematic concept. The influence of the soundtrack is further amplified by well-timed sound effects that accompany the action on the reels, immersing players in a thrilling gaming experience.

The slot has been compared to other fantasy slots such as Esqueleto Explosivo by Thunderkick, which shares a similarly quirky dark fantasy theme, and Relax Gaming’s Troll’s Gold, which also revolves around mythical beings guarding treasures. Both slots are notable for their exceptional animations and immersive soundscapes, appealing to fans of the fantasy genre.

The Evil Goblins xBomb slot is accessible on various devices due to its multi-platform compatibility, enabling players to enjoy the game on mobile, be it via app or directly in-browser on their smartphone or tablet, in addition to playing on a desktop for a larger view of the animated goblins and their antics.

This Nolimit City creation targets those who relish a high variance slot machine experience, complete with unpredictable gameplay and the potential for a significant max win.

How to play Evil Goblins xBomb

Evil Goblins xBomb boasts a non-standard game structure that initially presents 6 reels and 3 rows with 729 ways to win. This unique setup can evolve into a staggering 117,649 ways to win, courtesy of the exclusive xBomb feature, complicating the gameplay while also offering advantages in the form of expanded winning combinations.

The user interface is simple yet effective, with a game design well integrated into the dark and mischievous theme. The manual spin and coin value buttons are in easy reach for quick adjustments, blending seamlessly into the overall design of the game. Here’s a list of critical control buttons, designed for easy gameplay management:

  • Bet Size: This button changes the bet amount per spin, crucial for dynamic wagering.
  • Spin: Commences the game with the currently set bet, key for manual gameplay.
  • Auto-rotate: This functionality allows setting a certain number of automatic spins, enabling uninterrupted play.
  • Slot Information: Offers access to detailed game rules and payouts, an essential for informed playing.
  • Mute: A simple control that can silence the audio for a quieter gameplay experience.

The auto-play function provides players with a hands-free gaming session, enabling them to set up a predetermined number of spins to be played out automatically – a convenient feature for those who prefer to observe the action without manual intervention. It’s important to mention that this autoplay won’t be available in some regions, like the UK, starting from November 2021.

With an RTP rated at an advantageous 96.14%, this slot machine breaks away from the pack, outperforming many other slots when it comes to potential player returns. Its hit frequency of 40.47% suggests a win on average every 2.5 spins, which combined with the game’s extreme volatility, indicates that while payouts can be less frequent, they have the potential to be significant when they do arrive.

This slot welcomes wagers beginning from $0.20, appealing to those who prefer practice play, up to a robust upper limit of $100 per spin, attracting those who play for real money. The game’s capacious bet range ensures it is suitable for varied player types and betting styles. The max win, impressive yet elusive, clocks in at a powerful 31,969x the stake placed, providing a tantalizing target for players.

Game Rules

Evil Goblins xBomb Symbols

In Evil Goblins xBomb, symbols are in perfect harmony with goblin-infused theme of the slot, and each is crafted with innovation in line with the latest trends in online slots. The symbolism drives home the game’s narrative, where regular playing card values are juxtaposed against higher value nefarious goblins, each with their unique personalities and roles in triggering slot features.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line 6 in Line
10 0.1x 0.15x 0.2x 0.4x
J 0.15x 0.2x 0.25x 0.5x
Q 0.15x 0.25x 0.35x 0.7x
K 0.2x 0.3x 0.4x 0.8x
A 0.2x 0.3x 0.45x 0.9x
Goblin 1 0.25x 0.35x 0.5x 1x
Goblin 2 0.25x 0.35x 0.55x 1.1x
Goblin 3 0.3x 0.4x 0.6x 1.2x
Goblin 4 0.3x 0.45x 0.8x 1.5x
Goblin King 0.35x 0.7x 1.25x 3x

Each non-special symbol fits neatly into the cohesive palette used throughout the online slot, maintaining the game’s thematic integrity. It is important to note that these symbols are merely the base game icons, excluding the special characters that play a pivotal role in the fortunes of players by unlocking bonus rounds and special mechanics.

Special Symbols

Special symbols within Evil Goblins xBomb are not only key fixtures in the game for their unique roles, but they also serve as triggers for the casino game’s bonus features. A collection of wilds, the pivotal xBomb symbol, and scatter symbols add a depth to the gameplay that sets this video slot apart in the online casino landscape.

  • Dead Wild 1, Dead Wild 2, Dead Wild 3: These symbols initially obstruct winning combinations but upon landing three anywhere on reels 2 through 6, they activate the Resurrection Wilds Feature. This transformation results in potential multipliers up to 55x, which significantly impact the payout and the game’s overall dynamics.
  • xBomb: Distinguished by its explosive tendencies, the xBomb symbol is a game-changer known for increasing the win multiplier and for its capacity to add rows to the reel structure, significantly boosting the ways to win. This symbol’s appearance is one of the slot’s highlights, as it explodes adjacent symbols (excluding other special symbols), subsequently triggering cascades and potential winning combinations even in the absence of an initial win.
  • Scatter: The pathway to the slot’s free demo and real money play bonuses, the scatter symbol is instrumental in unlocking the various free spin features that this game boasts. Meeting the scatter threshold transports players to a sub-game, providing additional opportunities to win big and adding layers of excitement to the user experience.

The function and potential impact of these special symbols are integral to understanding the depth of Evil Goblins xBomb’s gameplay and warrants attention for players eager to maximize their winning strategy. 

Evil Goblins xBomb Features

In Evil Goblins xBomb, players are met with a healthy offering of bonus features that far surpass the regular expectations. The variety and number of features available in this video slot lend themselves to a dynamic and potentially lucrative gaming experience.

Cascades Feature

An exciting aspect within the game, winning symbols explode and make way for new symbols to potentially form additional winning combinations. This feature can lead to a string of payouts, heightening the excitement with every cascade.

Resurrection Wilds Feature

Landing 3 Dead Wild symbols anywhere on reels 2 through 6 triggers the transformation to Resurrection Wilds. The multiplier value associated with the number of Resurrection Wilds can significantly enhance a player’s bankroll:

  •   3 Resurrection Wilds: 11x multiplier
  •   4 Resurrection Wilds: 33x multiplier
  •   5 Resurrection Wilds: 55x multiplier
Resurrection Wilds Feature
Goblin Sacrifice Feature

This base game feature becomes active when a matching goblin symbol lands below its corresponding character, sitting atop its reel. This results in the goblin tossing a grenade to turn into a wild, creating more opportunities for winning combinations and continuously refreshing the gameplay.

Evil 4 Feature

Activating when all four goblins match, this feature induces a multiplier that starts at 4x. It not only counts the matching goblin symbol as four symbols but also escalates the number of ways to win, which can potentially reach the maximum of 117,649.

Evil 4 Feature
xBomb Feature

The xBomb symbol pulls double duty by removing adjacent symbols, barring scatters, Dead Wilds, and Resurrection Wilds, and also by incrementing the win multiplier by one. Aesthetically, this symbol is pivotal to the game’s theme, and functionally, it is central to unlocking the expanded reels, which can escalate the win potential by increasing the number of ways to win.

Fresh Meat Spins Feature

This feature triggers with 3 to 4 scatters and guarantees Dead Wilds on each free spin. The potential for triggering other features like Goblin Sacrifice and xBomb heightens the thrill of this round.

Goblins Feast Spins Feature

Players enter this feature by either upgrading from Fresh Meat Spins or through feature buys. Starting with four spins, players have the opportunity to reset the count to four a maximum of four times. Sticky skeletons also come into play here.

Explosive Goblins Meat Spins Feature

Similar to the Goblins Meat Spins, this variation ensures the presence of an xBomb on every free spin, magnifying the excitement and the potential for a bountiful payout.

Nolimit Bonus Feature

Players looking to shortcut to the action can purchase a variety of free spins features through the Nolimit Bonus Feature. This pay-to-play mechanic isn’t available in all jurisdictions, but where it is, it adds another layer of immediacy and anticipation.

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