by Foxium
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Game features
August 2017
Bet Size
€0.25 - 62.50
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Bonus Wheel, Free Spins, Locked Reels, Pick Bonus, Scatter, Sticky Wild, Wild
3D, Farm, Fruits, Girls, Zombie

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Pros and cons
  • RTP above 96.96%
  • Large number of features
  • Multi-platform support
  • Unique features
  • Low max win

FruitZ Slot Review

Immerse yourself in the quirky world of “FruitZ,” a slot game developed by the innovative Foxium, released in the bustling month of June 2017. This game is not your ordinary fruit-themed slot; it’s a delightful twist on the genre with a zombified fruit uprising. The design and atmosphere blend the rural and the bizarre, with a farm setting serving as the battleground against the fruit-zombie apocalypse. The main characters, various anthropomorphic fruits, each play a role in this juicy saga, with the apple leading the resistance.

The animations in FruitZ are a feast for the eyes, with vibrant colors and smooth transitions that bring the undead fruits to life. Additional animations and video sequences enhance the gameplay, making each spin a visual treat. The sound design complements the visuals perfectly, with a whimsical and suspenseful soundtrack punctuated by the occasional groan of the fruit zombies and the satisfying sound of winning combinations.

For those who enjoy the fusion of the pastoral with the paranormal, “Fruit Warp” by Thunderkick and “Zombie Rush” by Leander Games offer similar themes that blend the every day with the extraordinary. FruitZ is accessible across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, ensuring fun travels with you.

The target audience for FruitZ is broad, appealing to both traditional slot enthusiasts and those seeking a game with a narrative and characters that are out of the ordinary. It’s a game that promises a spin, a story, and a chance to squash some fruit zombies along the way.

How to Play FruitZ

Navigating the gameplay of “FruitZ” is akin to stepping into a world where the charm of classic slots meets the innovation of modern gaming. The game’s structure is built on a standard 5×3 grid, featuring 25 fixed paylines that offer a familiar layout with Foxium’s creative design twist. Winning in FruitZ requires matching symbols from left to right, with various zombified fruits as the primary icons to align.

The user interface is a seamless blend of functionality and thematic design, intuitive enough for beginners yet engaging for seasoned players. The control buttons are cleverly integrated into the game’s farmyard setting, with each button designed to match the game’s overall aesthetic. The main buttons include:

  • Coin Value – Adjusts the size of the bet per line.
  • Bet Size – Alters the overall stake, allowing a range of bets to suit different budgets.
  • Spin – A prominently placed button, usually in the center, to set the reels in motion.
  • Auto-Play – Enables a predetermined number of spins without interruption.
  • Slot Information – Provides access to paytables and game rules.
  • Mute – Toggles the sound on or off for players who prefer a quieter experience.

The bet range in FruitZ caters to a wide audience, with minimum bets starting at €0.25 and capping at €62.50, accommodating both casual players and high rollers. The maximum win rate is a tantalizing 500x the stake, while the RTP oscillates between 92.98% and 96.96%, a range that suggests variability and caters to different playing styles. The volatility of FruitZ is described as low to medium, indicating a gameplay experience that balances frequent smaller wins with the occasional larger payout, making it an appealing choice for a diverse array of slot enthusiasts.

Game Rules

FruitZ Symbols

The symbols of “FruitZ” are a delightful array of zombified garden delights, each with a character and animation that echo the game’s unique theme. The innovation here is palpable, as the game leaps the classic slots by infusing its symbols with a narrative depth and a 3D design that’s as refreshing as it is entertaining.

Among the most profitable symbols, excluding the special ones, we find:

  • Zombie Tomato: The ripest of the bunch, this undead nightshade offers multipliers that can amplify your bet by up to 5x for a five-of-a-kind match.
  • Possessed Lemon: Squeezing out wins, this citrus ghoul provides a zesty multiplier, rewarding players up to 2.5x their stake for the maximum combination.
  • Infected Watermelon: This once-refreshing fruit now serves chilling rewards, with a potential 1.25x multiplier for a full line.

The rest of the symbol cadre includes a variety of similarly themed fruits, each with their multiplier effect. From the eerie apple to the spooky strawberry, the symbols maintain the game’s consistency in appearance and potential payouts.

Special symbols

Special symbols in “FruitZ” serve as the game’s power-ups, offering players unique advantages and enhancements to the gameplay. These symbols are fewer in number compared to regular icons, but they pack a significant punch in terms of their impact on the game.

The special symbols include:

  • Wild Symbol (Zombie Tomato with Wild Sign): This symbol is a game-changer, substituting for other symbols to form winning combinations. It’s animated with a lively bounce and a cheeky snarl, and it appears across all reels, enhancing the base game and bonus modes alike.
  • Treasure Chest Symbol: A symbol of bounty, it offers more than immediate rewards. It’s intricately designed to fit the game’s theme, opening to reveal cards that can increase the RTP and offer multipliers. Its presence is felt in the main game, adding a layer of strategy to each spin.

FruitZ Features

The features of “FruitZ” are where the game truly shines, offering a variety of engaging and interactive elements that enhance the player experience. The slot machine’s features are not just about the potential for wins; they’re about the journey there, providing a gameplay experience that’s rich in variety and excitement.

Each bonus mode in “FruitZ” is a game within the game, offering players a chance to step into the shoes of a fruit-zombie hunter:

Shoot the Crates

Triggered by landing the appropriate symbols, this mode has players shooting at crates to reveal prizes. The graphics take on a more intense, game-like quality, and the sound of gunfire adds to the excitement. It starkly contrasts the base game, offering additional multipliers and the chance to extend the bonus round with more shots.

Shoot the Crates
Shoot the Jam Jars

Similar to the crate mode, this feature ups the ante with the sound of shattering glass accompanying each shot. The potential for rewards is amplified, and the chance to restart the round adds to the thrill.

Shoot the Jam Jars
Free Spins with Sticky Wilds

Here, the game transitions into a free spins mode where selected symbols become sticky wilds, increasing the potential for big wins. The graphics and sound maintain the high standard set by the base game, with the added excitement of the wilds locking into place.

Free Spins with Sticky Wilds
Free Spins with Locked Reels

This mode offers a different spin on the free spins feature, with entire reels becoming wild and locking. The visual effect is striking, and the sound of locking reels is satisfying, marking a significant departure from the standard spins and heightening the potential for maximum wins.

Free Spins with Locked Reels

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