City Pop Hawaii

by Fugaso
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Game features
August 2023
Bet Size
€0.1 - 30
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Jackpot, Respin, Stacked Symbols, Sticky Symbols, Wild
3D, Beach, Fruits, Girls, Holidays

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Presence of a jackpot
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Features the RUNNING WINST Game
  • Includes the STARRY NIGHT Feature
  • Only 5 paylines
  • Smaller 3x3 grid size
  • No mention of free spins

City Pop: Hawaii Slot Review

Dive into the vibrant world of “City Pop: Hawaii” by Fugaso, a slot game released recently that promises players a unique blend of retro vibes and modern gameplay. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Hawaii’s tropical paradise, this game is a rhythmic revelation that fuses the nostalgia of the ’80s City Pop music with the vibrancy of Hawaiian paradise. As players spin the reels, they are greeted by a mesmerizing blonde, a main character who adds charm and allure to the game. The plot revolves around the City Pop 80’s culture, taking players on a journey through a Hawaiian setting filled with beaches, coconuts, and breathtaking views.

The animation quality is top-notch, with every spin bringing the symbols to life in vivid detail. While it’s not explicitly mentioned whether the animations are 2D or 3D, additional animations and video sequences add depth and dynamism to the gameplay. Complementing the visuals is the game’s sound design. The rhythmic City Pop soundtrack sets the tone, immersing players in a musical experience that resonates with the game’s theme. Sound effects punctuate winning combinations, and while specific voices aren’t mentioned, the overall auditory experience is captivating.

For players who appreciate the theme of “City Pop: Hawaii,” other similar slots worth exploring include “Tropical Paradise” by GameTech and “Retro Beach Party” by SlotMasters. These games, like “City Pop: Hawaii,” transport players to sun-soaked destinations while offering engaging gameplay features.

One of the standout features of “City Pop: Hawaii” is its multi-platform compatibility. Whether you’re playing on a desktop or the go using iOS or Android devices, the game delivers a seamless experience, ensuring that players can groove to the rhythm and chase wins wherever they are.

“City Pop: Hawaii” by Fugaso is designed for newcomers and seasoned slot enthusiasts. Its blend of retro aesthetics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and the promise of substantial rewards make it a must-play for anyone looking to relive the charm of the ’80s while enjoying modern slot features.

How to Play City Pop: Hawaii

“City Pop: Hawaii” offers a refreshing take on slot gameplay with its 3×3 grid structure, housing 5 fixed paylines. This standard structure ensures that players, whether novices or veterans, can easily navigate the game. Winning combinations are formed from the leftmost to the rightmost reel, and only the highest win per payline is paid out. The game’s user interface is intuitively designed, seamlessly integrating with the overall theme and ensuring players have all the necessary tools.

Here’s a breakdown of the primary control buttons:

  • Spin Button: Typically represented by a circular arrow, this button sets the reels in motion.
  • Coin Value: Allows players to adjust the value of each coin they wish to wager.
  • Bet Size: Let players choose the amount they want to stake per spin.
  • Auto-Rotate (Auto Play): Enables players to set a predetermined number of spins to play automatically.
  • Slot Information: Often represented by an “i” or “?” symbol, this button provides details about the game’s paytable, symbols, and features.
  • Mute: Allows players to toggle the game’s sound on or off.

While the exact range of bets isn’t specified, players can wager anywhere from a minimum bet of $0.1 to a maximum bet of $30. This range, combined with the game’s 5 fixed paylines, offers a variety of betting options to suit different bankrolls. The game boasts a maximum win rate of x6500, ensuring that players have the potential for substantial rewards. With an RTP of 96%, “City Pop: Hawaii” stands competitively against other slots in the market. Its high volatility means that while wins might not come frequently, they can be significant when they do.

Game Rules

City Pop Hawaii Symbols

The symbols in “City Pop: Hawaii” are a delightful blend of tropical elements and retro vibes, echoing the game’s title and theme. They are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they resonate with the game’s theme and provide a visual treat for players. The animations accompanying these symbols add a layer of dynamism, making each spin a vibrant spectacle.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the most profitable symbols:

  • Pineapples: Though the exact multipliers aren’t specified, a fresh-looking pineapple’s likely to offer substantial rewards for players.
  • Dragonfruit: A vibrant depiction of the exotic fruit, promising potential lucrative payouts.
  • Grapes: Represented as a bunch of juicy grapes, this symbol is bound to be a favorite among players seeking significant wins.

In addition, the game features other symbols that perfectly encapsulate the tropical and retro essence of “City Pop: Hawaii.” These include Bananas, Strawberries, Coconuts, Pearls, and Hibiscus Flowers. While not detailed in terms of multipliers, each of these symbols adds depth to the game and offers players opportunities for wins.

Special symbols

Special symbols in slot games often hold the key to unlocking significant rewards and unique features. In “City Pop: Hawaii,” these symbols are no exception. They play a pivotal role in enhancing the gameplay, offering players chances for bigger wins and access to the game’s standout features.

  • The Game Logo acts as the Wild Symbol. It’s not just a mere placeholder; this symbol can substitute for other symbols, amplifying the potential for winning combinations. When part of a winning combo, its vibrant animation adds excitement to the gameplay. The Wild symbol’s presence is felt predominantly in the main game mode, ensuring players have ample opportunities to benefit from its features.
  • The Bonus Star is another special symbol that players should keep an eye out for. This symbol can trigger the unique RUNNING WINS™ Game, adding a layer of thrill to the gameplay. Its distinct animation and sound effects make its appearance on the reels a moment of anticipation. The Bonus Star symbol is exclusive to reels 1 or 3 and pays only during the RUNNING WINS™ Game.
  • Lastly, the Super Bonus Star is a symbol that holds the potential to significantly boost players’ winnings. Exclusive to the RUNNING WINS™ Game, this symbol appears on reel 2 and remains there, collecting the values of all visible Bonus Star symbols.

City Pop: Hawaii Features

Slot machines are often defined by unique features, and “City Pop: Hawaii” is no exception. The game’s features enhance the gameplay and provide players with opportunities for substantial rewards. Combined with the game’s vibrant theme, these features make every spin a thrilling adventure.


One of the standout features of “City Pop: Hawaii” is the RUNNING WINST Game. This feature is triggered by three Bonus Symbols, instantly transporting players into a heightened gameplay mode. The graphics likely intensify, with the reels adorned with vibrant animations and a soundtrack that emphasizes the significance of this bonus mode. The game starts with three re-spins; only the Bonus Star and Super Bonus Star symbols can appear.

When a new symbol lands, the number of re-spins resets to three, ensuring the excitement continues. The game persists until all re-spins are exhausted, with values indicating potential win amounts displayed on the symbols. This feature differs from the main game mode primarily due to the exclusive appearance of specific symbols and the re-spin mechanism. The potential for retriggering this mode exists, ensuring players have multiple opportunities for rewards.


Another intriguing feature is the STARRY NIGHT Feature. This feature can be activated randomly when a Bonus Star or Super Bonus Star symbol graces the reels during the main game. The sudden influx of these symbols ensures that players are always on the edge of their seats, anticipating the potential for significant rewards. The unique animations and sound effects accompanying this feature emphasize its surprise element, adding depth to the gameplay.


Lastly, the RUNNING WINST JACKPOTS feature is a testament to the game’s potential for substantial rewards. This feature can be triggered randomly during the RUNNING WINST Game, offering players a chance at one of the four jackpots. These jackpots come in varying tiers, namely GRAND, MAJOR, MINOR, and MINI, each offering a different multiplier. The Grand Jackpot, for instance, offers a whopping 1,000x multiplier, ensuring that lucky players have a shot at life-changing rewards.


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