Fire 88

by Pragmatic Play
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Game features
Pragmatic Play
March 2018
Bet Size
€0.07 - 35
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Jackpot, Pick Bonus, Respin, Sticky Reels, Wild
3D, Asian, Dragons, Fire, Myths

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • High RTP of 96.46% enhances returns
  • Betting range up to 500 times the bet
  • Jackpot feature offers big win potential
  • Only 7 ways to win may limit options
  • Max bet capped at a moderate $35
  • Grid size is a small 3x3 format
  • The absence of a Free Spins feature

Fire 88 Slot Review

Released by Pragmatic Play, Fire 88 became available in March 2018 as an online casino game designed to blend the retro feel of classic slots with a striking Chinese theme. The slot machine stands apart with its unique 3×3 grid structure while embracing a theme inspired by cultural symbols and the element of fire, which plays a dominant role in its design.

The aesthetics are a testament to the game’s vibrant vintage theme, featuring reels adorned with traditional Chinese icons like firecrackers, coins, and gems. A standout symbol within this online slot is the 88, deeply associated with luck in Chinese culture, which headlines the slot’s pursuit for high payouts.

Fire 88’s graphical fidelity and attention to cultural authenticity set it apart in Chinese-themed slots. The use of animated flames and thematic iconography invokes an engaging atmosphere, even without complex video sequences. Its dynamic on-reel animations provide visual flair, keeping players entertained through each manual spin. Accompanying the player throughout the slot experience is an energetic soundtrack that echoes traditional Asian motifs, punctuated by the satisfying clinks of vintage slot machines. This auditory experience and the game’s visuals create a harmonious user experience that reflects the slot’s thematic elements.

Lucky New Year and Caishen’s Gold, also by Pragmatic Play, offer rich cultural themes and similar engaging gameplay for those with a penchant for Chinese-influenced slots. These games resonate with players who appreciate an oriental aesthetic reinforced through sound and iconography.

Adapted for a broad audience, this video slot is conveniently accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, including iOS and Android platforms. Aimed at classic slot lovers and Asian theme enthusiasts alike, Fire 88 is ideal for players who appreciate the nuanced blend of tradition and excitement. Its medium volatility and the game’s RTP, a key consideration for evaluating potential payouts, strike a balance that caters to conservative players and those chasing bigger wins in demo mode or for real money.

How to play Fire 88

This casino slot employs a compact 3×3 reel structure that provides 7 paylines for winning combinations, deviating slightly from the standard model to incorporate unique oriental symbols that enhance the gameplay experience. Its simplicity makes it friendly for newcomers and veteran slot players, while its bonus features inject a layer of complexity, beloved by slot enthusiasts.

The interface is crafted to reflect the thematic visuals of the game, integrating seamlessly into the slot machine’s overall design. Functionally, the controls are intuitively laid out, allowing players to easily find their way around the game rules and settings for a hassle-free gaming session.

The user interface presents essential buttons including:

  • Coin Value: Adjust the denomination for each coin.
  • Bet Size: Modify the stake per line for personalized bankroll management.
  • Spin: Initiates the game with the current bet settings.
  • Auto-Play: Engages a set number of spins without manual interaction.
  • Slot Information: Access to the game rules and payouts.
  • Mute: Option to modify or silence the game’s audio as preferred.

The flexibility in wagering is a testament to the game’s accessibility, with bet ranges between $0.07 and $35 per spin. This variance caters to multiple player budgets, enabling everyone from casual players to high rollers to find their comfort zone. The game emphasizes its max win potential of 888 times the stake, a lucrative target that aligns with its medium variance and higher-than-average RTP of 96.46%.

Game Rules

Fire 88 Symbols

The array of symbols in Fire 88 is a testament to its Chinese theme, packing the reels with recognizable and culturally significant icons, each contributing to the cumulative payout potential. Eschewing the generic in favor of thematic consistency, the slot offers an array of symbols that cater to enthusiasts of traditional Asian motifs. Their function is not merely aesthetic; these symbols are the key to unlocking winning combinations and, ultimately, achieving the max win.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line
Fire 88 88 symbol $14.28
Fire 88 ruby symbol $8.57
Fire 88 coin symbol $4.28
Fire 88 3 bars symbol $2.14
Fire 88 2 bars symbol $0.85
Fire 88 1 bar symbol $0.42

At the top of the paytable sits the 88 symbol, which is steeped in significance. It’s the highest-paying regular icon and the game’s visual centerpiece. Below it in value come the additional stylized symbols like rubies and coins, which offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they are the means to achieving the game’s maximum payouts. Even the lowest-tier symbols, represented by stylized firecracker bars, are anchored in the game’s fire and Chinese theme. The graphical fidelity ensures that each symbol enhances the player’s visual experience with every spin and autoplay session in this slot game.

The symbols’ design deviates from standard slots and leans into the vibrancy of Chinese culture, emphasizing rich colors and intricate designs—elements that resonate within the broader theme and contribute to a cohesive visual experience whether playing on the demo mode or for real money.

Special Symbols

It is the special symbols within Fire 88 that heighten the thrill of gameplay and carry significant weight in terms of payout potential:

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild Dragon is central not only to the theme but also to gameplay mechanics. Acting as a substitute for other symbols, the wild can generate substantial earnings around $35 for a combination of three. Beyond substituting, the presence of two Wild Dragons triggers the Respin feature, offering more chances for hitting those sought-after winning combinations.
  • Jackpot Symbol: Fire 88’s Jackpot symbol holds the key to the game’s defining moments. Landing three activates the Jackpot Bonus Game, an enthralling addition that could lead to winnings of up to 888 times the player’s stake. Players eagerly search for these symbols, each spin bringing the potential for triggering the coveted jackpot round.

These special symbols define pivotal gameplay moments, adding layers of excitement and depth. They break the monotony of traditional slots, giving the player strategic moments of heightened anticipation for a potentially significant payout, enhancing both the user experience and ratings for this slot machine.

Fire 88 Features

The bonus features in Fire 88 slot machine ignite the game, combining traditional slot mechanics with engaging elements that can turn a simple spin into a memorable win. These features are at the heart of the developer’s vision for an online slot that offers more than just base play: they are the pivot points where gameplay can sway into moments of high excitement and potential profitability.


Triggering the Respin feature is a key moment in Fire 88, activated whenever two Wild Dragon symbols land on the reels. As these symbols lock into place, the remaining reel spins again, offering players a gratis attempt to forge winning combinations. This not only injects an element of dynamism into the game but is also aligned with player tips to maximize win potential without tapping further into one’s bankroll. The Respin feature exemplifies Pragmatic Play’s understanding of user experience, paring back complexity to deliver direct, impactful gameplay moments.

Jackpot Bonus Game

At the apex of Fire 88’s bonus offerings is the Jackpot Bonus Game, a feature that encapsulates the essence of excitement in slot play. Entry into this round is gained when players land three Jackpot symbols in one spin, each a harbinger of the potential windfall that awaits. The follow-up is a pick-and-win game, set against a screen adorned with gold coins hiding symbols of the three jackpots: Mini, Minor, or Grand. Matching three symbols awards the corresponding jackpot, with payouts ranging from 38x to a staggering 888x the stake. It’s a straightforward yet thrilling bonus that turns every spin into a quest for the ultimate prize and is a standout feature that boosts the game’s ratings among player reviews.

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