Fish Eye

by Pragmatic Play
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Game features
Pragmatic Play
January 2023
Bet Size
€0.10 - 250
Max Win
Bonus Bet, Bonus Buy, Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Extra Spins, Free Spins, Scatter, Stacked Symbols, Symbol Removal
3D, Ancient Egypt, Fishing, Underwater World

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Maximum bet up to $250 for high rollers
  • Broad betting range from $0.10 to $250
  • 3 special symbols adding variety
  • Only 10 ways to win may limit payouts
  • Cannot select the number of paylines

Fish Eye Slot Review

Fish Eye slot machine from Pragmatic Play stands out in the online casino landscape for its inventive use of two themes — the delicate life beneath the waves and the grandeur of ancient Egyptian civilization. Released by Pragmatic Play, this engaging title immerses players in an underwater escapade wrapped in a slot machine that embraces both nautical and historical elements with open arms.

One might find the graphics unusual when venturing into the Fish Eye demo or real money gameplay. It’s not every day you see Egyptian relics and aquatic wildlife sharing the same space, after all. Yet, this uncanny combination, set against the backdrop of the Red Sea’s mysterious depths, provides an air of intrigue and discovery. Such a mix could be polarizing, with some players drawn to the quirkiness, while others might crave a more unified theme in their gaming sessions.

The game depicts an alternate ancient Egypt, submerged and silent, where players are joined by the likes of the Pharaoh and Cleopatra, though here, they wear the garb of fish rather than royalty. These distinctive characters add to the slot’s visual appeal and are instrumental in triggering Fish Eye’s bonus rounds.

Animations in Fish Eye are executed with a light touch, ensuring the marine environment feels alive without overwhelming the senses. The winning combinations illuminate the depths with a soft glow, subtly reinforcing the theme’s dual nature. Auditory elements are equally thought-out, with the Fish Eye slot machine mixing sounds from both inspirations. From the trickle of water to the slight twang of ancient strings, the audio landscape keeps in step with the visuals, making for an immersive user experience that’s thematically consistent and varied.

Fans of Egyptian slots looking for a similar vibe with a twist can seek titles such as “Eye of Atum” from Play’n GO or “Eye of Dead” by Blueprint Gaming. Each respects the time-honored tradition of Egyptian-themed slots while introducing their unique take on the genre.

In terms of accessibility, the game is fully optimized to transition seamlessly between desktop and handheld devices, offering a user experience that does not discriminate between a smartphone, tablet, or the larger screens of PCs. Pragmatic Play has embarked on this multi-platform journey with the latest HTML5 development, ensuring smooth play on an app or browser. Targeting the cross-section of players who appreciate high-variance games and those with a penchant for thematic novelty, Fish Eye free play and real money variants invite players to dive deep and explore an exceptional blend of familiarity and innovation.

How to play Fish Eye

Fish Eye’s gameplay structure is anything but convoluted, boasting a familiar 5×3 grid across which 10 fixed paylines are cast. This traditional set-up favors novice and veteran players alike, providing a solid foundation for those new to video slots while not complicating the user experience for seasoned fans. A win in Fish Eye materializes when symbols align from the leftmost reel, following the conventions of many standard slots that champion clear-cut game rules and easy-to-understand win conditions.

The interface of this online slot is elegantly integrated into the game’s design, bearing hallmarks of Pragmatic Play’s commitment to functional and aesthetic harmony. Designed with clarity in mind, the controls are intuitive, allowing players to navigate the mysterious oceanic Egyptian world with confidence and comfort.

Control buttons in Fish Eye are crafted for convenience:

  • Plus/Minus Buttons: Placed unobtrusively on the interface, these allow for precise adjustment of the bet size.
  • Spin Button: This mainstay button sports an eye-catching appeal and is responsible for triggering manual spins, putting the fate of the reels in the player’s hands.
  • Autoplay Button (where available): Sets a predetermined number of automatic spins into motion, enabling uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Information Button: Grants access to the paytable and detailed game rules, arming players with knowledge about the slot’s inner workings.

In Fish Eye, the stakes range from a modest $0.10 to a hefty $250 per spin. Offering such a broad betting spectrum ensures that the game can comfortably accommodate the bankroll considerations of diverse player types. Not to be overlooked, the Ante Bet option inflates the stake by 50%, thereby enhancing the chances of triggering the desirable scatter symbols for $0.15 to $375 a spin.

The max win potential stands impressively at 10,000 times the wager, a tempting prospect for anyone braving these submerged ancient world slots. With the Fish Eye RTP leaning slightly above industry average at 96.07%, it promises a comparably favorable return on the stakes. Combining this with its high variance, Fish Eye becomes an enticing arena for those chasing substantial payouts, although they should brace for potentially infrequent but more impactful rewards.

Game Rules

Fish Eye Symbols

Navigating the azure waters of Fish Eye, players will discover a tapestry of symbols illustrative of the game’s inventive duality. The game’s symbols serve as crucial elements that complement the visual theme and form the basis for winning combinations. In this respect, the slot demonstrates innovation by blending Egyptian iconography with an underwater setting, thereby carving out its niche in the current gaming scene.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
10 0.2x 1x 5x
Jack 0.2x 1x 5x
Queen 0.2x 1x 5x
King 0.2x 2.5x 10x
Ace 0.2x 2.5x 10x
Eye of Horus 2x 10x 50x
Cheetah 2x 10x 50x
Bird 3x 15x 100x
Scarab Beetle 0.5x 5x 20x

At the heart of Fish Eye’s symbol assortment are playing card icons, running from 10 to Ace, delivering a familiar feel that seasoned players will instantly recognize. These lower-value symbols are adorned with vibrant, marine-inspired flourishes that align with the slot’s overall aesthetic.

Ascending the payout hierarchy are the thematic higher-value symbols: the Eye of Horus, cheetah, bird, and the venerable scarab beetle, which operates as the game’s prime standard bearer. Each of these is meticulously designed to reflect the slot’s Egyptian aquatic fusion, offering greater rewards and animating the narrative with each appearance they make on the paylines.

Special Symbols

Fish Eye’s special symbols are instrumental in escalating the game’s capacity for excitement and win potential. Unlike the regular icons, these symbols are gateways to the slot’s bonus rounds and stand out due to their distinctive roles and the significant impact they can have on a player’s fortunes.

  • Scatter Symbol: The Eye of Horus Scatter is a pivotal symbol within Fish Eye, playing a key role in ushering players into the depths of the Free Spins bonus round. Not only does it embellish the reels with its mystique but landing it in triplicate or more is synonymous with unlocking a realm of possibility within the game.
  • Fish Money Symbol: Like a treasure chest hidden within the coral, the Fish Money symbol encapsulates a diverse range of values that can augment a player’s bankroll. Depending on how many land across the reels, these symbols can award varying payout amounts, directly impacting the Hit Frequency and the game’s variability.
  • Collector Symbol: Assume the role of an underwater archaeologist when the Collector symbol, depicted by a Pharaoh effigy, emerges during free spins. This symbol ambitiously gathers all extant Fish Money symbols, thereby driving up the overall payout and offering additional opportunities for play extensions through extra spins.

Remover Symbol: The queen of the Nile makes her appearance in Fish Eye as the Remover symbol. Cleopatra’s task is comprehensive—she sweeps away the least valuable Money symbols, making room for greater winning potential, and intersperses the gameplay with additional free spins to bolster one’s chances.

Fish Eye Features

The bonus features in Fish Eye are akin to unearthing hidden treasures beneath the sea, enhancing the gameplay’s profitability and overall enjoyment. These features are thoughtfully interwoven with the slot machine’s Egyptian aquatic motif, showcasing developer Pragmatic Play’s commitment to creating unique and engaging experiences aligned with the latest industry trends. Players venturing into demo mode or wagering real money can look forward to a bounty of bonus offerings, each with the potential to yield bountiful rewards.

Free Spins

The Free Spins feature is a cornerstone of the action in Fish Eye, offering players the chance to extend their underwater adventures without additional wagers. The triggering conditions are clear-cut: an appearance of three or more Eye of Horus Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will reward players with a generous allocation of free spins. Depending on the number of Scatters, players can receive varying amounts of spins, escalating their chances of a lucrative dive:

  • 3 Scatters net you 10 Free Spins;
  • 4 Scatters provide 15 Free Spins;
  • 5 Scatters unlock a maximum of 20 Free Spins.

Two new special symbols emerge during this coveted bonus round: the Collector and the Remover. The Collector symbol, adorned with the likeness of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, tallies all the seen Fish Money values, enhancing your prize and granting extra spins as you accumulate more of these symbols. As for the Cleopatra-emblazoned Remover symbol, it discards the lowest-valued Fish Money symbols, thus paving the way for higher-value icons and additional free spins.

Players outside certain jurisdictions can skip the wait and dive straight into the Free Spins feature through a buy-in option at 100x the current bet, guaranteeing immediate entry to this lucrative round.

Fish Money

Players fishing for payouts will find the Fish Money feature a prime opportunity. The frequency of landing blue Fish symbols, each tagged with a random cash amount, can determine the bounty hauled in. These symbols can appear across all reels, and corralling four or more fish in a single cast can reap prizes ranging from a modest 1x to a staggering 2,000x bet multiplier. The values vary based on the number of Fish Money symbols caught:

  • Land 4 Fish for a 1x bet multiplier;
  • Catch 5 Fish for a 2x bet multiplier;
  • Hook 6 Fish for a 5x bet multiplier;
  • Reel in 7 Fish for a 10x bet multiplier;
  • Net 8 Fish for a 20x bet multiplier;
  • Snag 9 Fish for a 30x bet multiplier, and so on up to;
  • An impressive haul of 15 Fish for a 2,000x bet multiplier.

It’s a feature that adds a dynamic twist to every spin, giving players a direct line to potential jackpot-sized wins within this ancient underwater world.

Fish Money
Ante Bet Feature

The Ante Bet feature is a tempting proposition for strategic players seeking to maximize their chances. By increasing the stake by 15x per line, this feature enhances the probability of encountering Scatters on the reels, boosting the potential to activate the Fish Eye Free Spins feature more frequently. This strategic choice increases the game’s variance but can significantly enhance the excitement and anticipation during each spin.

Ante Bet Feature

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