Fenix Play

by Wazdan
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Game features
September 2014
Bet Size
€0.20 - 10000
Max Win
Gamble, Stacked Symbols
Classic, Fire, Fruits

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • RTP slightly above average at 96.44%
  • Easy game rules
  • Multi-platform support on mobile
  • Limited paylines with only 5 available options
  • Grid size smaller than standard at 3x3

Fenix Play Slot Review

Fenix Play, a release by Wazdan, entered the online casino realm in September 2014, offering a fruit-inspired classic slot machine experience with an enticing mythological twist. The game’s design centers around the vibrant theme of Phoenix rebirth, merging flaming visuals with the charm of time-honored fruit machines. The game’s background is a canvas painted with fiery shades of orange and red, accented by the elegantly simple yet impressive Phoenix perched commandingly at the game’s summit.

Fenix Play’s graphics eschew contemporary flashiness for a more pared-down aesthetic that’s evocative yet uncomplicated. Its simplicity does not extend to a loss of grandeur; instead, the game maintains a visual consistency that supports its ease of play. No plot or animations are at the forefront here — the focus remains firmly on the fruit symbols that illuminate the reels with every spin.

The auditory atmosphere is dominated by classic slot sound effects that reinforce the vintage casino aesthetic, free of distracting musical compositions or voiceovers. If nostalgia is the experience you seek, the sound design achieves this objective with aplomb.

For those drawn to the fusion of fruit slot action and mythological elements, titles like “Flaming Hot” by EGT and “Super Hot” by Wazdan offer similarly themed gameplay.

Fenix Play’s allure as a classic slot demo extends beyond the desktop, with mobile compatibility that includes smooth functionality on both iOS and Android platforms.

The target demographic for the game is broad, capturing the attention of both seasoned slot aficionados and newcomers. Its accessibility and the efficacy of its design make it a compelling choice for anyone interested in engaging in practice play sessions or aiming for that rewarding max win.

How to Play Fenix Play

The structure of Fenix Play maintains the straightforward, unembellished feel of a classic video slot, with its standard 3×3 reel configuration and 5 fixed paylines mapping out the road to winning combinations. This uncomplicated arrangement not only caters to the expectations of classic slot enthusiasts but also invites new players to get comfortable with slot mechanics quickly.

The objective stands clear: align 3 matching icons across the paylines and celebrate a win. The game’s symbols range from a variety of fruits like lemons and plums to high-value emblems such as bells and sevens. The game rules are integrated into an easily navigable user interface, which melds functional clarity with thematic design seamlessly.

Key control buttons feature prominently in the game, including:

  • Bet Size: toggles the total bet amount.
  • Manual Spin: initiates a single game round with the current bet.
  • Autoplay: sets a predetermined number of automated spins.
  • Fast Play: is responsible for switching the speed modes of the spins.
  • Slot Information: provides insights into payouts and game features.
  • Mute: silences the game for a sound-free user experience.

Betting options cater to every bankroll, starting with a minimum bet of $0.20 and escalating up to a maximum bet of $10,000. The game’s max win per line culminates at 75x the wager. With an RTP of 96.44%, Fenix Play positions itself favorably among online slots in terms of payout potential. Medium variance ensures a balanced experience, where hit frequency and payout size are proportionate and accessible to different playing styles.

Game Rules

Fenix Play Symbols

The assortment of game symbols in Fenix Play echoes the slot’s traditional theme, with each symbol integral to forming those prized winning combinations. These familiar icons hark back to the origins of slot gaming but are given a fiery makeover to match the Phoenix-esque atmosphere. Though not groundbreaking in terms of innovation, the symbols offer a faithful homage to vintage slot machines, providing simplicity for both seasoned slot players and those new to the reels in demo mode or real money play.

The iconography is designed to resonate with the game’s fruit machine heritage, with vibrant, minimalistic designs that become animated with winning payline matches. From colorful fruits to classic lucky sevens and stars, the symbols adhere to the core principles of traditional slot machine design, inviting players to indulge in a session of nostalgic spinning.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line
Cherries 5x
Lemons 5x
Oranges 10x
Plums 10x
Bells 20x
Grapes 30x
Watermelons 50x
Sevens 50x
Stars 75x

Given the game’s classic nature, additional icons typically found in modern slots, such as Wilds and Scatters, are absent, reinforcing Fenix Play’s commitment to pure, unadulterated gameplay. The spotlight shines exclusively on the symbols detailed above, uncomplicated by the nuances of games with broader symbol variety.

Special Symbols

Special symbols ordinarily act as powerful components in the world of online slots, often leading to bonus rounds and providing players with more ways to win. However, Fenix Play stands out by steering clear of these modern elements. With no Wilds, Scatters, or Bonus symbols to alter the course of the game, the gameplay focuses solely on the base game’s reels and the straightforward aim of lining up matching symbols. This design choice creates an outlier in the video slot panorama, especially for players seeking a traditional, seamless slot experience without the usual frills of contemporary gaming.

In keeping with the classical slots philosophy, Fenix Play does not utilize these typically ubiquitous symbols, meaning a continuous, uninterrupted gaming session for those preferring a time-honored approach. While many current slots boast a rich diversity of special features, Fenix Play’s simplicity is its distinction, offering an undiluted, vintage slot machine encounter.

Fenix Play Features

In Fenix Play, where the traditional slot gaming experience is prioritized, bonus features are notably minimalistic, emphasizing direct play style over complex gameplay. Unlike many slots that feature an array of bonus rounds, Fenix Play hones in on the elemental joy of spinning reels without the interruption of elaborate bonus rounds. This streamlined experience is reflective of the game’s retro design ethos, aligning with Wazdan’s intention to craft a nostalgic journey reminiscent of early fruit slot machines.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature offers an additional thrill beyond the base gameplay. Upon securing a win, the player can opt to gamble their earnings; a correct guess of the card’s color—red or black — leads to doubled winnings. This high-stakes mini-game can be played up to seven times in succession or aborted at any point to collect the winnings. The risk is high, though, as an incorrect guess will void the pass win and conclude the mini-game, signaling a return to the base game.

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