Super Hot

by Wazdan
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Game features
August 2014
Bet Size
€0.20 - 10000
Max Win
Gamble, Multiplier, Stacked Symbols
Classic, Fire, Fruits

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Above average RTP of 96.16%
  • Robust maximum bet up to $10,000
  • Supports play on both iOS and Android
  • Only 5 ways to win
  • Max win is limited to 340x

Super Hot Slot Review

Wazdan’s Super Hot slot machine is a classic-themed game released in August 2014, designed to bring the old-world charm of fruit machines to the online casino scene. The aesthetic of this slot is a clever mix between the traditional and the eerie, where players find themselves amidst a backdrop of vivacious flames and gothic icons, creating a distinct atmosphere while spinning the reels.

Symbols, central to the functionality of this casino game, stick to time-honored classics such as fruits and lucky sevens. These characters circumvent the need for a complex narrative, as they are recognized universally by enthusiasts familiar with the lineage of slot machines. Despite the game’s simplistic approach to animation, the fiery background adds a subtle dynamism to the user experience, enhancing the visual appeal without overwhelming players with extraneous graphical flairs.

Sound effects in Super Hot provide an auditory nod to the legacy of traditional slot machines, with electronic tones complementing the game’s vintage personality.

Players seeking a nostalgic gaming experience may also enjoy other Wazdan titles like “Welcome to Hell 81”. Additionally, “Fruit Mania” and “Fruit Shop” by NetEnt are examples of other slots that celebrate the classic fruit machine theme, providing a similar gamut of sensations.

With the integration of HTML5 technology, the Super Hot online slot ensures compatibility across multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, allowing both iOS and Android users to enjoy their share of fiery wins in both Super Hot demo and real money modes.

The target audience for Super Hot is evidently those who lean towards the minimalistic charm of classic slots, offering uncomplicated play that emulates the feeling of standing in front of a physical slot machine.

How to Play Super Hot

Super Hot casts aside the complexities of modern slots, offering players a straightforward 3×3 reel structure with 5 fixed paylines. This deviation from the standard multi-reel video slot games indicates a throwback to a more simplistic form of gameplay, catering to aficionados of the classic slot experience.

To strike winning combinations, players must line up matching symbols along the active lines, initiating from the first reel on the left. The user interface of the Super Hot casino game mirrors the game’s spirit; it is uncomplicated, merging flawlessly with the overall design ethos.

Among the main control buttons are:

  • Bet Size: illustrated panel for adjusting the total wager per spin.
  • Spin Button: centrally placed button for manual spin initiation.
  • Auto-rotate: delivers a programmed sequence of spins for undisturbed play.
  • Slot Information: gateway to the game rules and paytable.
  • Mute: button for audio control, to either enliven or silence the game.

The betting range in Super Hot is accommodating, offering options from $0.2 to $10,000 per spin. This allows players to manage their bankroll effectively, from cautious bettors to high rollers. The max win per line is a sizzling 340x, giving players a taste of the heat to be expected from this slot machine. With an RTP of 96.16% and a medium level of variance, Super Hot stands comparable to many popular slots, providing a balanced chance for payouts.

Game Rules

Super Hot Symbols

The symphony of symbols in Super Hot is a renaissance of traditional slot iconography, presenting an array of iconic images designed to resonate with the hearts of slot purists. As the spinning begins, players are greeted with a smorgasbord of symbols, from the frisky cherries to the passionate sevens, all of which are fundamental to crafting winning combinations and invoking the spirit of vintage slot play. The symbols’ animations, while uncomplicated, flawlessly align with the slot machine’s uncomplicated theme, drawing players into a gameplay experience replete with nostalgia.

Amidst the plethora of slot symbols, certain icons stand out for their higher value and their homage to the bygone era of casino slots. Within the game’s framework, these symbols have the potential to turn a mundane spin into a lucrative triumph.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line
Seven 150x
Star 40x
Bar 12x
Club 8x
Spade 8x
Diamond 8x
Heart 8x
Cherries 1x

For those familiar with fruit machines, the lower-end card suits symbols such as clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds provide a consistent means of payout, reinforcing the authentic slot experience. Yet it is the stellar super hot seven symbol that serves as the prime target for players looking to hit the max win in this online slot.

Special Symbols

Special symbols within the Super Hot slot echo the pith of its classic theme, serving as distinguished fixtures in a game already brimming with vintage charm. Stakeholders in the game’s operations, these symbols bear the mantle of higher worth and the capacity to steer gameplay toward more exciting probabilities. Relative to slots bursting with complex features, this game retains a more simplistic array imbued with the essence of traditional slot play.

  • Card Suits: Engage a 2x multiplier when identical suits monopolize the reel spots, amplifying the standard winnings for a gratifying boost to the player’s bankroll.

Super Hot Features

In Super Hot, the options for bonus features are tailored to the game’s straightforward and retro style, emphasizing usability and direct excitement. Unlike modern video slots peppered with a host of intricate bonus rounds and elaborate mini-games, this game keeps it simple. There are no convoluted bonus modes to learn, making the slot an ideal choice for those seeking a pure, undistracted slot-playing experience. Manoeuvred by tradition, the video slot’s bonus features succinctly complement its classic theme.

Gamble Feature

A shining instance of classical gambling entertainment, the slot’s Gamble Feature exemplifies the game’s minimalistic approach to bonus opportunities. Upon securing a winning payout, players can opt to gamble these funds in a card prediction game. The simple premise – guess the correct color of the playing card to either double the payout or lose the initial win – adds a thrilling dimension that balances risk against potential reward.

Multipliers Feature

Multipliers constitute a pivotal bonus element within the casino slot, offering players the exciting opportunity to increase their bankroll. Though sparse, the presence of a 2x multiplier that activates when a full grid of matching card suits appears injects an extra layer of exhilaration into the gameplay. While not overflowing with bonus modes, the slot’s inclusion of the multiplier system demonstrates a seamless integration of additional winning potential without overwhelming the core slot experience.

Multipliers Feature Big Win

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