Faerie Spells

by BetSoft
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Game features
January 2019
Bet Size
€0.10 - 80
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Collapsing Reels, Collect Symbols, Expanding Reels, Free Spins, Gamble, Jackpot, Scatter, Stacked Symbols, Stacked Wild, Wild
3D, Girls, Jewels, Magic, Myths, Plants and Flowers

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Up to 1,024 ways to win and enhance gameplay
  • Expanded grid size in free spins mode
  • Multiple features for dynamic play
  • 3 special symbols add game variety
  • Four progressive jackpots available
  • Max win rate is 1,225x the bet

Faerie Spells Slot Review

BetSoft, a renowned gaming provider celebrated for its graphically rich and thematic offerings, unveiled the Faerie Spells slot machine in January 2019. This video slot transports players to an intoxicating realm teeming with fairies and mystical spells, crafting a background for a casino game that marries fairytale charm with the thrill of modern slots.

The game’s design and atmosphere are steeped in fantasy, boasting premium-grade graphics and meticulous detail that invite players into the woodland realm’s magic. The lush scenery, twinkling sprites, and mystical forest creatures set the stage for a fantastical escapade. Enveloping players in this otherworldly domain are thoughtfully designed symbols and a captivating soundtrack that perfectly complements the game’s theme.

At the heart of the Faerie Spells online slot plot is the Faerie Queen, a formidable character whose appearance on the reels can significantly alter gameplay by unlocking various features and accumulating wins. Accompanying characters such as whimsical fairies and sprites further enrich the game’s magical narrative.

Animations in the slot are of top-tier quality, enhancing the gameplay without the need for extra video sequences. Instead, the focus remains steadfast on the engaging spinning reels and in-game features. Sound effects bolster the slot’s magical ambience, with understated music and effects rounding out a well-composed aural experience.

For players drawn to the magical and enchanted forest themes, other slots such as Pixies of the Forest by IGT or BetSoft’s holiday-themed A Christmas Carol slot offer similar thematic experiences with their unique twists.

Faerie Spells is optimised for multi-platform play, delivering an equally immersive experience on iOS and Android devices, ensuring that players using a smartphone or tablet can enjoy seamless play across all mobile and desktop interfaces.

How to play Faerie Spells

The Faerie Spells game breaks from conventional slot structures, alternating between a 5×3 grid during the base game and a 5×4 grid during free spins mode. In its initial state, the game offers 10 fixed paylines for players to land winning combinations, transitioning to a generous 1,024 ways to win during free spins. For a winning combo, players must line up matching symbols starting from the leftmost reel.

The user interface is a model of integration, with functions clearly identified and blending well with the game’s enchanted design. The control buttons for the slot are as follows:

  • Coin Value: Adjust the value of your wager;
  • Bet Size: Select the total bet amount for each spin;
  • Spin: Activate the reels for manual spin;
  • Autoplay: Automate the spinning of reels for a chosen number of times;
  • Game Rules: Access information on pay structures, rules, and payouts;
  • Mute: Toggle the sound on or off.

The Faerie Spells slot machine includes an option to purchase free spins, departing from the typical slot feature set.

Wagers can range from $0.10 to $80.00, accommodating conservative bankrolls and high rollers. The slot’s max win can award players up to 1,225x their stake, making it a tempting prospect for those aiming for sizeable payouts. Regarding RTP, the game offers a competitive 96.03%, aligning it with industry averages for maximum return-to-player. Its volatility sits at a medium level, presenting a balanced range of winning potential suitable for varying player experiences.

Game Rules

Faerie Spells Symbols

In the enchanting world of the “Faerie Spells” slot, symbols are woven deeply into the game’s thematic fabric, enhancing the players’ mystical experience. These icons range from mystical faerie characters to natural elements like flowers and trees, beautifully animated to reflect the slot’s enchanting forest setting. This evolution from classical slot symbols to story-driven visual elements mirrors current online slot design trends, focusing on immersive storytelling through symbol choice and animation.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Purple Faerie 0.50x 2.5x 10x
Blue Woodland Sprite 0.50x 2.5x 10x
Fairy’s Wand 0.50x 2.5x 10x
Willow Tree 1x 3x 12x
Twisted Tree 1x 4x 15x
Woodland Creatures 1x 5x 25x
Crown 2x 10x 50x
Dragonfly 2x 15x 75x
Rose Staff 5x 20x 100x

Special Symbols

In “Faerie Spells,” special symbols are the magical conduits through which the game’s most exciting moments come to life. These symbols are distinct from regular ones, allowing players to trigger bonus rounds, land free spins, and significantly increase their earnings. This slot machine features a reasonable selection of special symbols, each incorporating a touch of enchantment to enhance the user experience.

  • Magic Toadstool Scatter: A symbol that offers instant cash prizes when activated alongside the Faerie Queen, enriching the player’s bankroll with spot rewards.
  • Faerie Queen: The key to unlocking the Magic Toadstool’s bounties, this majestic symbol also initiates the slot’s demo mode where players can practice play without using real money.
  • Tree Mask Wild: A symbol that offers the highest payout for standard winning combinations, substituting other symbols to help players shore up their winnings.

Faerie Spells Features

The bonus features of Faerie Spells are a testament to BetSoft’s commitment to creating engaging gameplay that transcends beyond mere spin-to-win mechanics. These features are interwoven with the game’s fairytale narrative, offering unique and appealing aspects aligned with its magical theme. Moreover, they provide diverse and potentially profitable bonus modes to cater to different player preferences.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus round is a primary feature in Faerie Spells, with the magical Faerie Queen symbol being the catalyst. As the spark that ignites the feature, the Faerie Queen grants players access to the enchanted free play according to the number of symbols they land:

  • 3 Faerie Queen Symbols: 10 Free Spins;
  • 4 Faerie Queen Symbols: 15 Free Spins;
  • 5 Faerie Queen Symbols: 25 Free Spins.

When the Free Spins mode is active, the game switches things up by adding an extra row to the reels, transforming the grid from a conventional 5×3 to a more elaborate 5×4 layout with a staggering 1,024 ways to win, thus tipping the odds in the player’s favour for the duration of the bonus round. A new set of symbols, including various coins and jewels, appears during this mode, along with a scatter diamond that awards payouts and then vanishes, triggering a cascade of new symbols and paving the way for additional winning combinations.

Magic Toadstool Cash Prizes

The Magic Toadstool feature in Faerie Spells adds a sprinkle of fortune to the gameplay, with each toadstool symbol embodying a cash prize. Once the majestic Faerie Queen appears, these values are revealed and awarded, adding a touch of excitement to every spin where potential riches hide under the guise of simple forest mushrooms.

Magic Toadstool Cash Prizes
Double Up Faerie Magic

The Double Up feature is a classic gamble mechanism within the Faerie Spells game, where players can choose to stake either their full win or 50% of it, betting on the flip of a coin. This element offers a chance to amplify a win with some extra luck or alternatively presents the risk of losing the wagered winnings, leading to a high-stakes scenario after each winning spin.

Double Up Faerie Magic Game
Progressive Jackpots

Nothing embodies the spirit of Faerie Spells quite like the prospect of hitting one of the four progressive jackpots. As players journey through the enchanted free spins forest, they collect special potion bottle symbols in hopes of filling up one of four jackpot meters, each tied to a specific bounty:

  • Plenty: 7 Symbols;
  • Luxury: 7 Symbols;
  • Wealth: 8 Symbols;
  • Riches: 9 Symbols.

Filling a meter triggers the corresponding jackpot, which can transform a regular session of “Faerie Spells” play into a truly remarkable event, much like uncovering a trove of hidden treasure deep within the magical woodland.

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