Viking Age

by BetSoft
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Game features
July 2013
Bet Size
€0.01 - 22.5
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Extra Reel, Extra Spins, Free Spins, Multiplier, Pick Bonus, Scatter
3D, Adventures, Vikings, War, Winter

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Features a broad betting range
  • More than 2 slot features available
  • Contains 3 special symbols for excitement
  • Minimum bet starts low at $0.01
  • Lower RTP of 94.2%
  • Only 30 paylines available

Viking Age Slot Review

BetSoft, an acclaimed software provider in the world of iGaming, unveiled the Viking Age slot machine in July 2013. This online slot machine hauls players into an action-packed adventure where the Viking Age comes alive through excellent design and an atmospheric setting. With the game’s shores painted in hues of ancient Nordic life and naval exploration, one can almost feel the brisk ocean breeze teasing the senses.

Engaging players in a narrative-rich experience, Viking Age introduces dominant characters intrinsic to Viking folklore. The spotlight shines on Amma, the fiery Viking maiden, whose presence beside the reels adds dynamic interaction throughout gameplay. Alongside this Viking explorer, one finds a stout Viking hero, an elder chieftain, and myriad symbols, including sturdy longships, traditional flags, detailed rune stones, and adorned warrior helmets, all epitomising the Viking quest.

The game’s animation quality is nothing short of what a developer like BetSoft expects. Each winning combination sparks lively animations and deepens the connection to the Viking era. As for the auditory experience, the melodic tunes bolstered by oceanic and combative sound effects provide depth, catapulting the user experience into the realm of epic Norse voyages.

If you resonate with titles wrapped in history and heroic exploits, similar video slots worth your time include Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go Berzerk and NetEnt’s Hall of Gods. Like Viking Age, both games delve deep into Norse mythology, offering a captivating storyline and robust gameplay.

Viking Age transcends traditional desktop play and ventures into mobile gaming, optimised for iOS and Android platforms, thus broadening its appeal.

How to play Viking Age

With a straightforward 5×3 reel structure, Viking Age provides players a standard setup supercharged with 30 fixed paylines. This leads to a trove of winning combinations, making every spin exciting. The user interface adopts an uncluttered Viking design aesthetic, allowing players to immerse themselves fully without hassle.

In the heart of the game’s control panel are essential buttons to navigate the adventure:

  • Spin Button: Emblazoned with thematic artwork, this key control initiates the journey across the reels.
  • Auto-Play Button: Provides warriors the convenience of engaging in continuous battles without manual intervention.
  • Coin Value Selector: Enables the adjustment of coin denominations for each fateful spin.
  • Bet Size Adjuster: Offers the flexibility to modify the overall bet, ensuring control over one’s bankroll.
  • Information Button: Acts as a manual, revealing vital game rules and symbol details.
  • Mute Button: Allows voyagers the choice to sail in silence or to the sound of the sweeping epic soundtrack.

The Viking Age casino game adjusts to accommodate various betting strategies, with coin values spanning from $0.01 to $0.75 and up to five coins per line. The bet ranges from a minimal $0.01 to a max win opportunity of $22.5 per spin. Boasting a 94.2% RTP, this game lies on the precipice of medium variance, foreshadowing the potential for substantial but average frequent bounty compared to other online slots.

Game Rules

Viking Age Symbols

In Viking Age, the game symbols are meticulously constructed to parallel the slot’s overarching narrative, with each icon meticulously reflecting various elements of the Viking way of life. From the animated characters who commemorate each victory to the authentic artefacts of the era, the symbols serve as a reminder of the adventurous theme and play an integral role in the search for winning combinations. Innovations in this video slot echo current trends, showcasing creativity and advancement while honouring the tradition of classic slot play.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Viking Hero 3x 6x 12x
Elder Chieftain 2x 5x 10x
Sturdy Longship 1.6x 4x 8x
Viking Axe 1x 3x 6x
Viking Jewelry 0.8x 2x 5x
Rune Stone 0.4x 1.2x 3x
Viking Shield 0.2x 0.8x 2x

Special Symbols

In the Viking Age online slot, special symbols work as powerful amulets that can alter the course of play. They distinguish themselves from regular symbols, not only by their unique design but also by their capacity to trigger enticing bonus rounds and free spins. The presence of these symbols can significantly enhance the winning potential, carving a pathway through the game that leads to bonus treasure troves.

  • Arm Wrestling Symbol: Invokes an interactive bonus game, where one must choose a side in a muscular test of might and guess the outcomes to strengthen their Viking’s chances.
  • Amma: Conjure up multiplier free spins when gathering three or more of these symbols, setting the stage for multiplied wins and the possibility for an increased number of free swirls in demo mode.
  • Viking Helmet: A trio or more triggers a “click me” feature, with Amma leading players to hidden rewards behind runestone doors.

Viking Age Features

The bonus features in Viking Age are particularly significant—they serve as entertaining intermissions from the game’s regular spins and as genuine opportunities to increase the player’s earnings. These additional modes of play are thoughtfully conceptualised to reflect the developer’s Viking theme, creating a more captivating gaming experience. From free spins benefited by multipliers to thematic mini-games that require player interaction, Viking Age utilises features synonymous with the latest industry trends, ensuring that the game appeals to various user experiences and preferences.

Free Spins

The multiplier free spins feature is among the highlights of the Viking Age slot, activated when a player aligns three or more Amma symbols. Although the specific number of spins awarded depends on the exact count of Amma symbols landed, the potential of this bonus is bolstered by multipliers that can increase winnings by up to 5 times on certain paylines. This adds an exciting twist to the free spins round and increases its appeal as a lucrative opportunity within the game.

"Click Me" Bonus Game

Upon three or more Viking Helmet symbols appear, the “click me” bonus is triggered, transporting the player to an interactive experience led by Amma. Players will choose a rune door to uncover hidden treasures, which could be anything from extra free spins in the Viking Age demo play, immediate cash rewards, or entry into an additional bonus feature. This level of interaction provides an engaging layer and an element of unpredictability that parallels the varied outcomes of true Viking expeditions.

Arm Wrestling Bonus

The arm wrestling icon brings a unique mini-game to the spotlight. When it emerges three times or more across the reels, players are called upon to pick their champion in a traditional test of strength and then predict the results of a coin toss. Each correct guess infuses the chosen Viking with increased strength, enhancing the player’s potential rewards. Integrating an aspect of skill and player choice reinforces the thematic integrity while offering a tangible way to affect the payout.

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