Era of Jinlong

by Mancala Gaming
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Game features
Mancala Gaming
January 2024
Bet Size
€0.50 - 45
Max Win
Multiplier, Stacked Symbols
Asian, Dragons, Gold, Myths

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Pros and cons
  • Features Multi-platform compatibility
  • Simple rules for an easy start to the game
  • Lower RTP at 95%
  • Limited to only 5 paylines
  • Absence of special symbols
  • Narrow betting range from $0.50 to $45

Era of Jinlong Slot Review

Developed by Mancala Gaming, Era of Jinlong was released in January 2024, presenting a vibrant addition to their extensive range of slot games. This slot stands as a testament to Mancala Gaming’s commitment to merging ancient mythology with cutting-edge slot technology. The design and atmosphere of the game transport players directly to Dragon Paradise, a mystical oriental realm adorned with prosperity and golden opportunities, further accentuated by the game’s serene visuals and rich, vivid colors. Adorning the 3×3 grid of the game are symbols such as the mythical golden dragon, Chinese coins, and a playful green monkey, amongst others, set against a backdrop of picturesque Asian landscapes illuminated by the soft glow of Chinese lanterns.

The main character here is the majestic Golden Dragon, symbolizing prosperity and good luck. The other symbols, including Chinese coins, a mysterious envelope, and a lively green monkey, play supportive yet significant roles in enriching the game’s narrative and enhancing the overall user experience. Regarding animation and additional video sequences, the game beautifully integrates subtle animations that enhance the aesthetic appeal without overwhelming players, maintaining a perfect balance between simplicity and visual engagement.

The sound design complements the visual elements, with an immersive soundtrack that encapsulates the mystical theme of Dragon Paradise. The soothing melodies accompanied by traditional Chinese music instruments, alongside well-crafted sound effects for spins and wins, contribute to an engaging and atmospheric gaming experience.

For players drawn to the allure of Asian-themed slots, similar games worth exploring include 88 Fortunes by SG Gaming and Dragon Shrine by Quickspin, both of which share thematic elements and immersive gameplay mechanics.

This game has been developed using HTML5 and JS technologies, ensuring it’s playable across multiple platforms, including both iOS and Android devices. This level of mobile compatibility allows players to enjoy the game seamlessly on various devices without compromising on quality or performance.

The primary target audience for Era of Jinlong includes fans of Asian-themed slots, mythology enthusiasts, and players seeking a blend of traditional aesthetics with modern slot mechanics.

How to Play Era of Jinlong

The era of Jinlong features a classic 3×3 reel structure, with 5 fixed paylines, ensuring straightforward gameplay that is easy to comprehend yet engaging. Winning combinations are recognized from left to right across the paylines. The non-standard element here is the fullscreen multiplier trigger, which adds an innovative layer of excitement by multiplying winnings when the entire grid is filled with the same symbol.

The user interface is designed for ease of use, integrating seamlessly with the game’s overall design. Essential functions and controls are thoughtfully placed for intuitive access, providing a hassle-free gaming experience. The main buttons found in most video slots, critical for gameplay, include:

  • Bet Size Adjustment: Allows players to increase or decrease their wager.
  • Spin: Initiates a single game round.
  • Auto-Spin: Enables a preset number of automatic spins.
  • Slot Information: Access detailed game rules and paytable.
  • Mute: Controls the game’s sound.

The minimum bet starts at $0.50, and the maximum reaches up to $45, catering to a wide range of betting preferences. With a maximum win potential of 525x, the game stands out as an enticing option for players aiming for significant gains. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is set at 95%, with the game’s low volatility offering a balanced experience between regular payouts and the chance for more substantial rewards. This balance allows the game to cater to various player preferences, offering a harmonious blend of risk and reward.

Game Rules

Era of Jinlong Symbols

In the Era of Jinlong, the game symbols play a crucial role in immersing players within the mystical Dragon Paradise, echoing the slot’s theme through detailed designs and vibrant animations that bring the mythical narrative to life. From the majestic Golden Dragon to traditional Chinese coins, each symbol has been meticulously crafted to complement the game’s aesthetic and enhance the overall gaming experience. The variety and thematic alignment of these symbols represent a modern twist on classic slot design, showcasing innovation in how they interact with the game’s features, such as the fullscreen multiplier.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line
Golden Dragon 15x
Mysterious Envelope 10x
Firecrackers 8x
Playful Green Monkey 5x
Gold Coins 3x
Silver Coins 2x
Bronze Coins 1x
Mixed Coins 6x

The inclusion of symbols like the mysterious envelope and the playful green monkey, alongside the traditional Chinese coins, not only adds to the enchanting atmosphere but also introduces a layer of depth to the gameplay with their unique payout values.

Special Symbols

The slot lacks the usual for the player special symbols such as Wild, Scatter, and Mystery, but their absence does not make the game less excitement and exciting. The decision not to add such symbols was taken to simplify the game rules and avoid oversaturation of various bonus symbols, as the main feature of Era of Jinlong is to pay out the basic Stacked symbols with multipliers, for which special symbols are not necessary.

Era of Jinlong Features

The bonus features in Era of Jinlong stand as pivotal elements that significantly enhance the gameplay experience, aligning seamlessly with the game’s thematic essence. These features not only cater to a wide range of player preferences but also showcase the developer’s creativity in integrating narrative-driven elements into the slot’s mechanics. The unique fullscreen multiplier feature, in particular, highlights how traditional gameplay can be innovatively adapted to offer more engaging and potentially profitable gaming sessions.

Fullscreen Multiplier Feature

This standout feature activates when the entire grid is filled with the same symbol, triggering a multiplier that enhances the payout for that spin. It embodies the game’s innovative spirit by adding an unexpected layer of excitement and reward potential to every round, appealing to players looking for dynamic gameplay experiences.

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