Bomb Runner

by Habanero
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Game features
May 2022
Bet Size
€0.30 - 6000
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Extra Wild, Jackpot, Random Wild, Stacked Symbols, Sticky Wild, Wild
3D, Monsters, Robots, Science and Technology, War

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Pros and cons
  • High RTP range of 96.70%-96.80%
  • Expansive betting range up to $6,000
  • Larger 6x5 grid increases winning chances
  • Multi-platform support for varied devices
  • Lack of a Free Spins feature
  • A high minimum bet of $0.30

Bomb Runner Slot Review

Developed by Habanero, Bomb Runner is a thrilling slot introduced to the online casino world in May 2022. This slot machine transports players to an electric atmosphere with its mix of cartoon and technologically-inspired design elements.

The game’s grid is set against the backdrop of a bomb factory conveyor belt, complete with a cartoon Boom monster and a line of robot characters that bring the game to life.

Animations within the game are of high quality, with each wild bomb detonation contributing to a vibrant and exciting user experience. The sound design adds a layer of engagement, with energetic music and explosive sound effects that reflect the actions on the reels and enhance the gaming experience in both demo and real money play.

Bomb Runner can also be enjoyed in demo mode for those looking to experience the game in practice play before wagering. It’s compatible across multiple platforms and can be easily accessed on a mobile app, making it convenient for players using smartphones and tablets. The game is targeted at an audience who seeks action-packed, high-variance gameplay with the potential for significant max wins.

How to Play Bomb Runner

This dynamic video slot offers a unique 6×5 grid with 707 ways to win. The game’s structure is intuitive, allowing players to easily understand the game rules and winning combinations necessary for a payout. To start, players must set their coin value and bet size. With coin values that range from $0.01 to $20 and bet levels from 1 to 10, the game accommodates various bankroll sizes with total stakes from $0.30 to an impressive $6,000 per spin.

The game interface is straightforward, with its button layout simplifying gameplay:

  • Coin Value: Adjusts the denomination of your total bet.
  • Bet Size: Controls the amount wagered per spin.
  • Manual Spin: Initiates a single spin with the selected bet size.
  • Autoplay: Automates gameplay for a certain number of spins.
  • Max Bet: Increases the player’s bet to the maximum value.
  • Game Information: Provides detailed access to paytable and game rules.
  • Sound Control: Manages the game’s sound settings.

Bomb Runner’s volatility is high, and its RTP can vary, reaching up to 96,80%. These figures offer insight into the game’s potential payout behavior and emphasize the importance of understanding variance and RTP for a strategic gaming approach. Players can also engage the autoplay function for uninterrupted gameplay, which is especially handy when aiming for the game’s maximum win ratio.

Game Rules

Bomb Runner Symbols

Bomb Runner’s online slot weaves an exciting narrative with a variety of explosive symbols that align perfectly with its theme. The symbols, ranging from hazardous signs to several types of bombs, including grenades and rockets, offer a glimpse into the bomb-themed universe of the game. With each symbol animated for maximum impact and style, they are not only visually pleasing but also the keys to triggering winning combinations across the ways to win.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in a Line 4 in a Line 5 in a Line 6 in a Line
Rocket 0.34x 0.67x 2x 5x
Cylinder Bomb 0.17x 0.34x 1x 2.67x
Dynamite 0.17x 0.5x 1.34x
Grenade 0.1x 0.34x 1x
Hazardous Sign 0.1x 0.34x 0.67x

The base game is enhanced by these creatively designed symbols, each bringing its flair to the reels. While not listed in the table, it’s important to note the presence of the high-paying Wild Boom, creating opportunities for substantial wins.

Special Symbols

The Bomb Runner video slot elevates the gameplay through its special symbols that trigger unique game mechanics offering an explosive twist and immersion into the bomb-making theme:

  • Wild Bomb: Appears with a countdown timer, exploding after reaching zero and turning into a Wild Boom. The explosion potentially spreads to four adjacent positions.
  • Feature Wilds: Arise from the explosion of the Wild Bomb, contributing to potential winning combinations and enhancing the overall player experience with visually stunning animations.

The special symbols go beyond the traditional role, becoming a central feature that players anticipate with each spin, given their transformative effect on the gameplay. Adding to the user experience, ratings for the game often pinpoint these symbols as a highlight due to their capacity to influence the hit frequency and overall payout potential.

Bomb Runner Features

Bomb Runner’s in-game features are shaped to provide a rich, dynamic playing field, somehow compensating for the absence of traditional free spins or bonus rounds with the excitement of the timer-based Wild explosions. These features contribute substantially to the game’s high variance and align with the potential for sizable payouts, keeping the gameplay suspenseful and rewards tantalizingly within reach.

Wild Feature

This activates randomly when Wild Bombs land on the reels with a countdown timer. On reaching zero, they explode, becoming a Wild Boom which can create up to four additional Feature Wilds, significantly boosting the player’s chances of striking high-value wins.

Bonus Buy Option

Players can purchase Bomb Wilds during gameplay, adding an element of strategy as they can influence the game’s outcome at critical moments.

Buy Bombs Feature
Jackpot Race™

Habanero’s unique Jackpot system gives the player the opportunity to race for the big win. At a certain time, which is displayed in a special window of the slot, the Jackpot Race phase starts. During the 5 minutes of activity of this phase, the player has the opportunity to win a huge prize randomly during the regular spins.

Jackpot Feature Rules

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