by Thunderkick
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Game features
September 2016
Bet Size
€0.1 - 100
Max Win
Climbing Wild, Nudge, Respin, Stacked Symbols, Stacked Wild, Wild
3D, Classic, Retro

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Pros and cons
  • Great graphics, background music, and overall theme
  • High RTP (96.4%)
  • Minimum bet as low as $0.10
  • Fixed paylines
  • No Free Spins feature included

Spectra Slot Review

Thunderkick’s Spectra, unveiled in September 2016, captivates users with a seamless blend of minimalist design and enthralling arcade influences. The game’s immersive atmosphere draws inspiration from iconic 1980s aesthetics, akin to the digital realm of Tron, with its stark contrast of neon geometrics against the abyss of space. Though devoid of a traditional narrative or characters, the visual appeal lies in the simplicity embellished with futuristic neon hues.

The symphony of electronic sounds complements the cosmic vibe, setting a tone that resonates with the essence of retro gaming. Apt comparisons in theme and content include Thunderkick’s own Arcader and NetEnt’s acclaimed Starburst, both resonating with the luminescence of an arcade legacy. Spectra’s compatibility extends across diverse platforms, including mobile versions for both iOS and Android, catering to a wide spectrum of players who revel in the nostalgia of arcade classics and the clean, unadorned charm of modern slot play.

How to play Spectra

The game eschews complex features for a streamlined experience that appeals to traditional slot aficionados and newcomers alike, ensuring winning combinations are struck with ease. The game interface, true to its retro-futuristic theme, is uncluttered and integrates seamlessly, presenting players with intuitive controls paramount to gameplay:

  • Coin Value: adjustable indicator of bet value per spin;
  • Bet Size: selector for overall stake amount;
  • Manual Spin: initiator of single reel rotation;
  • Auto Play: enabler of continuous play without manual interaction;
  • Game Rules: compendium of payouts and play instructions;
  • Mute: toggler of game sound.
Spectra is orchestrated on a standard 5×4 reel structure, boasting 30 paylines that promise payouts from the left to the right.

Though Spectra eschews unique buttons, its core features succinctly encompass the essence of video slot functionality. Stakes can fluctuate from a modest $0.10 to a vigorous $100 per spin, accommodating a spectrum of bankrolls. This online slot not only exhibits a generous RTP of 96.4% but also bears medium variance, striking a harmonious balance that assures players of a fair prospect for payouts.

Game Rules

Spectra Symbols

Within the confines of its cosmic interface, Spectra presents a variety of symbols that echo the game’s retro-inspired theme while adhering to the trend of minimalist slot design. The spectrum of symbols spans from classic slot figureheads to geometric motifs, all gleaming with neon vibrance against the dark backdrop, underpinning the simplicity yet sophistication of current slot trends.

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Bar 100 250 1,000
Seven 70 150 700
Bell 50 100 400
Clover 50 100 300
Pentagon 30 60 220
Diamond 20 50 200
Square 20 50 180
Triangle 10 20 160
Circle 10 20 140

Apart from these primary symbols, the game enhances user experience with the wild symbol, which functions as more than a mere replacement for others. The special symbol stands out not only with its vibrant, neon W but also with the bonus features it activates, providing a twist that invigorates the gameplay.

  • Wild: This luminescent Wild symbol in Spectra, depicted by the multicolored ‘W’, is pivotal for triggering winning combinations. Furthermore, this wild can appear on any reel and is often stacked, increasing the potential for extensive payouts. Not merely a substitute, the wild also activates the Wild Respin feature, which can result in additional re-spins if new wilds appear, propelling the wilds towards the central position of the reels, thus heightening the game’s win probability.

Spectra Features

As mentioned previously, “Spectra” isn’t your typical slot game. At first glance, it might appear straightforward, but in reality, there’s a lot more complexity beneath the surface. Here’s the detail:

Wild Respin

Spectra’s standout attribute lies in its Wild Respin feature, spurred by the presence of one or more wild stacks. This action generates a free re-spin that can be prolonged with the sighting of extra wilds. Wilds not only substitute but also nudge towards the middle, promising a surge in wild coverage and thereby boosting the chance for a significant win. Not only is this bonus round a gateway to substantial wins with its potential to fill screens with wilds, but it also serves as a visually stimulating experience.

Wild Nudge

Accompanying the re-spins are the attractive Wild Nudges in Spectra. When these nudges ensue after the re-spin, they steer the wild symbols to the reel’s epicenter. It is this nudging that holds the potential to unlock the slot’s max win, as stacks keep getting nudged until they either fill the reels or no further re-spins are won. The presence of these special features, peppered throughout the game, amplifies the excitement level and can significantly impact the player’s bankroll.

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