The Rift

by Thunderkick
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Game features
May 2016
Bet Size
€0.10 - 100
Max Win
Collect Symbols, Extra Spins, Free Spins, Random Wild, Scatter, Sticky Wild, Wild
3D, Magic, Myths

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Wide betting range from $0.10 to $100
  • Accessible on both iOS and Android
  • Limited ways to win with only 17 paylines

The Rift Slot Review

Thunderkick has crafted The Rift slot machine, a May 2016 release, which arrests players with its enigmatic and mystical atmosphere. The hauntingly beautiful backdrop of a small town serves as the stage for this game, transporting players to an eerie realm where a supernatural rift has unleashed inconceivable artifacts. The slot’s design is minimalistic, with floating symbols that go beyond the boundaries of traditional reels, adding to the game’s unique appeal.

The narrative revolves around the sudden appearance of a chasm that oozes dark magic and strange phenomena. Imagine walking through a quiet village, only to stumble upon a satanic pentagram etched onto a church wall, unleashing otherworldly chaos. This setup paves the way for an array of symbols synonymous with the arcane, including mystical coins, potion vials, and octopus pendants, all spiraling in the vortex of The Rift. Animation is subtly woven throughout the motion of these items, enhancing gameplay without overwhelming it.

Ears are met with soundscapes that amplify the mysterious allure, complete with sound effects that punctuate the thrilling spins. No distinctive character voices are present, but the music forms a narrative voice of its own.

For those entranced by the supernatural theme, other slots like Betsoft’s Under the Bed and Yggdrasil’s Wicked Circus may be similarly enthralling.

Optimized for the modern player, The Rift demo offers a seamless experience across mobile devices, with support for both iOS and Android platforms. Its target audience includes thrill-seekers and fans of the occult who yearn for a slot experience that is both eerie and otherworldly.

How to Play The Rift

The Rift video slot breaks from conventional patterns with a 5×3 structure graced with 17 fixed paylines, inviting players to explore a non-standard and mysterious gameplay experience. If winning is your aim, lining up three or more identical symbols from the leftmost reel is the key, to utilizing the full breadth of the paylines at your disposal.

The slot integrates its controls within the mystical theme, offering a playing interface that is straightforward and intuitive.

The main buttons enhance the user experience by easing navigation; notable are the Coin Value button to set your stakes, the autoplay feature for uninterrupted spins, the Manual Spin button, and the volume icon to toggle sound effects. There’s also a crucial element that brings up game rules and paytable information, particularly beneficial for practice play or for those delving into The Rift online for the first time.

Stakes cater to a wide variety of bankrolls, with bets adjustable from $0.10 to $100, ensuring accessibility for both cautious players and high rollers looking to hit the max win. With a commendable RTP of 96.3% and low variance, The Rift casino game aims to maintain a fair balance between hit frequency and payout potential.

Game Rules

The Rift Symbols

Captivating with every spin, The Rift’s game symbols are integral to its arcane theme, illustrating a natural progression both creatively and technologically from traditional slot machines. The innovation here lies in the ethereal design and relevance of each artifact that orbits this clandestine dimension.

Treasured relics appear on the reels, promising various payouts, including:

  • Bronze Coin: Mystical runes carved on an ancient surface, yielding 0.3x for 3, 1x for 4, and 3x for 5.
  • Copper Coin: Inscribed with cryptic symbols, offering payouts of 0.4x for 3, 1.2x for 4, and 4x for 5.
  • Silver Coin: Depicting a legendary being, awarding 0.5x for 3, 1.5x for 4, and 5x for 5.
  • Gold Coin: An ornate relic that provides wins of 0.6x for 3, 2x for 4, and 6x for 5.
  • Vial of Potion: A mystical concoction, delivering 1x for 3, 3x for 4, and 10x for 5.
  • Octopus Pendant: Resplendent with occult energy, with rewards of 1.2x for 3, 3.5x for 4, and 12x for 5.
  • Stopwatch: A relic marked with esoteric wisdom, paying 1.7x for 3, 6x for 4, and 17x for 5.
  • Burning Book: Emblazoned with forbidden knowledge, bestowing 3x for 3, 9x for 4, and the highest payout of 30x for 5.

Special Symbols

Enhancing the gameplay of The Rift casino game are the important special symbols—the wild and the Rift scatter. These symbols distinguish themselves from regular icons by their power to activate bonus features and facilitate larger winnings.

  • Wild Symbol: Emerging as a star with ‘wild’ written across, this special icon can replace other symbols to complete winning combinations. Its true power reveals itself during bonus features, where it turns sticky, remaining in place on the reels until it contributes to a win, maximizing a player’s potential for hitting lucrative payouts.
  • Rift Scatter Symbol: The gateway to the game’s bonus rounds, illustrated as the game’s logo. Landing two of these scatters triggers a Rift Spin, adding up to three more wilds to the reels. If three or more scatter symbols appear, they unlock the main bonus feature of The Rift free spins, setting the stage for potentially game-changing wins.

These special symbols not only act as visual and thematic pillars of The Rift slot machine but also significantly alter the mechanics of play, creating moments of heightened anticipation and excitement.

The Rift Features

The Rift’s allure is bolstered by its bonus features, which offer diverse winning opportunities that can be as unexpected as uncovering secrets from another realm. The slot stands out amongst others for its creatively linked bonus rounds, which harness the eerie theme to enhance user experience.

Bonus Game

The Rift free spins bonus is triggered by landing three or more Rift scatter symbols, rewarding players with a varying number of free spins — starting at 10 and climbing to as many as 20 for five scatters. These extra spins aren’t just about extending playtime; they also augment the prospect of winning, with the enigmatic sealing wheel being filled piece by piece with every additional scatter symbol.

Each third scatter turned active affords players 2 more free spins and affixes additional sticky wilds to the reels for the remainder of the bonus round. The free spins feature is designed to incrementally magnify the player’s chance at the slot’s max win, offering an intriguing blend of suspense and reward.

Rift Spin

On the simpler side of The Rift’s bonus offerings, the Rift Spin is activated with two scatter symbols. Non-winning wilds on the reels are turned sticky and up to three extra wilds are bestowed, potentially revolutionizing the game state with a bounty of winning configurations. This feature can repeatedly catalyze substantial payouts, serving as a tantalizing prelude to the more complex free spins bonus.

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