by ELK Studios
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Game features
ELK Studios
March 2023
Bet Size
€0.20 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Bonus Symbol, Collapsing Reels, Collect Symbols, Expanding Reels, Free Spins, Scatter, Stacked Symbols, Switching Symbols, Wild
3D, Adventures, Animals, Beach, Gold, Jewels, Pirates and Treasures

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Innovative CollectR payline mechanism
  • Expansive grid size up to 8x8 possible
  • 6 special symbols add excitement
  • Supports iOS and Android platforms
  • RTP lower than the average at 94%
  • No Jackpot feature

Pirots Slot Review

Released in March 2023 by ELK Studios, the Pirots slot machine brings a novel twist to the world of pirate-themed gaming. Designed to captivate players with a colourful adventure on the high seas, this online slot is characterised by its cast of rogue birds who are ready to embark on a treasure hunt.

The graphics and animations are vivid and full of character as each member of the “Fearful Four” embarks on their quest against a backdrop of an idyllic island that could easily be a setting for a high-definition video slot. The attention to detail in the game’s design ensures that both the visual and user experience of players are positively engaging.

Positioning itself as a unique plot-driven casino game, Pirots anchors its narrative in the lively escapades of its pirate bird characters. The storyline centres around these vibrant avian rogues, who play central roles in the gameplay by collecting gemstones corresponding to their colours. This innovative CollectR mechanic is an integral part of the winning combinations that players will eagerly chase.

In the realm of animation and graphics, Pirots boasts high-quality, animated gameplay features that make the symbols and characters come alive. The additional animations present during special features and winning sequences add depth to the game, serving as visual cues to the player’s success.

The soundtrack of Pirots echoes the swashbuckling genre, with triumphant music and immersive sound effects that enhance the overall atmosphere. This auditory component completes the experience, making this slot a treat for both the eyes and the ears.

Similar slots in theme and content, designed for those who enjoy pirate narratives powered by vivid graphics, include “Pirate’s Charm” by Quickspin and “Captain’s Treasure” by Playtech, both capturing the essence of the buccaneering spirit.

The Pirots casino slot caters to a broad audience thanks to its HTML5 technology, enabling the game to perform smoothly on mobile devices. Whether accessed on an app or directly via a mobile browser, the slot adjusts perfectly for iOS and Android users, looking sharp on both smartphones and tablets.

Pirots appeals to a diverse player base that ranges from casual players seeking fun, theme-based action to seasoned slot enthusiasts who value innovation and quality in their gaming choices.

How to Play Pirots

The Pirots online slot abandons traditional spin-to-win mechanics in favour of a dynamic game structure, which incorporates a non-standard approach to creating paylines. Operating on a 5×5 grid that can expand to 8×8, this game breaks the mold with its CollectR mechanism where bird symbols collect gemstones and feature symbols to form wins in various directions. Players will find this twist not only fresh but also challenging as they strategize their way through the turns of the game, contributing to the overall user experience.

When engaging in Pirots free play or real money modes, the user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to navigate through the gameplay. Designed with the theme in mind, the interface contributes to the immersive experience without compromising practicality.

Controlling the game is intuitive, with the following main buttons ensuring smooth gameplay:

  • Bet Size: Typically, at the bottom of the screen for setting the stake per spin.
  • Spin: The central button that initiates the adventure with each press.
  • Auto-Rotate: For those who prefer a hands-off approach, enabling a series of uninterrupted spins.
  • Slot Information: Houses the game rules and payout information, essential for forming strategies.
  • Mute: Toggles sound effects and music for a customised auditory experience.

Bets in the Pirots game range from as little as $0.20 to as much as $100 per spin, accommodating various bankroll sizes. The max win potential, a whopping 10,000x of the stake, offers a lucrative target for players. The Pirots RTP stands below the industry average at 94%, and the medium to high variance or volatility suggests the possibility of substantial but less frequent payouts. Adding to the statistical profile, the Hit Frequency rates suggest that players can anticipate winning sequences approximately after every 3.73 manual spins.

Game Rules

Pirots Symbols

Each symbol on the Pirots slot is intricately designed to mirror the game’s pirate theme, enhancing the player’s immersion in this vibrant world. High-quality animations accompany the symbols, which range from colourful gems to charismatic bird pirates. The animations and thematic symbols help to establish Pirots as not just an online casino game but a visual adventure, striking a chord with modern player preferences and the evolution from more classical slot presentations.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Blue Gem 0.05x 1x 3x
Green Gem 0.05x 1.5x 5x
Purple Gem 0.1x 2x 7.5x
Red Gem 0.25x 5x 15x

In the Pirots slot machine, the gems possess varying degrees of value, with the red gem topping the list as the most precious. Their worth isn’t static either — symbol upgrades are attainable through gameplay, which can elevate these gems to yield more significant payouts. These upgrades are a part of the game’s symbol collection mechanic and demonstrate ELK Studios’ commitment to integrating bonus rounds seamlessly into the slot experience.

Apart from the main gemstone symbols, the slot features additional non-special icons that contribute to its payout structure. These symbols further diversify the ways to win and provide an array of combinations for players to aim for, assuring that the winning potential extends beyond the special events and features inherent to the title.

Special Symbols

Pirots’ special symbols serve as key facilitators for the slot’s various bonus features, offering a bridge between the standard gameplay and the additional bonus rounds that distinguish this slot from others in its genre. Each special symbol is not only a thematic nod to the pirate narrative but also a catalyst for enhancing winning potential and unlocking in-game bonuses.

  • Wild Symbol: A pivotal part of the Pirots’ gameplay, substituting for any gemstone at its current level to create or enhance winning combinations.
  • Coin Symbol: When collected by a bird, will award a direct prize, with values ranging impressive from 5x to 10,000x the player’s bet, adding exciting payout prospects.
  • Upgrade Symbol: Improves the value and win level of gemstones up to five times, which is particularly advantageous during demo mode or practice play sessions, and comes in a standard form as well as a multi-coloured version for a broader impact.
  • Transform Symbol: Capable of changing surrounding gems to match the collecting bird’s colour or into a random number of feature symbols, opening up new ways to win.
  • Bomb Symbol: Exclusively designed to clear away nearby symbols (apart from feature symbols) upon activation, this icon also expands the grid and can lead to a new set of symbols falling into place.
  • Anchor Bonus Symbol: A collection of these triggers the Free Drops feature, providing free rounds that extend the gameplay and maximise the player’s chance of hitting the max win.

The function of the special symbols in Pirots is intrinsic to the enjoyment and success of the game, proving it to be more than just a visual delight but also a mechanically sophisticated video slot.

Pirots Features

The bonus features in the Pirots game are designed to significantly amp up the excitement of the gameplay. These features align perfectly with the theme of the slot, enhancing the overall narrative while also providing unique ways for players to increase their bankroll. Tailored to appeal to a range of player preferences, these bonuses keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, demonstrating ELK Studios’ innovative approach to slot mechanics.

Symbol Collection Feature

The Symbol Collection feature stands out in the Pirots online slot as a key element that enriches the base game, encouraging players to accumulate symbols to unlock various in-game bonuses. This collection mechanic is crucial for triggering additional features and symbol upgrades, which, in turn, may lead to larger payouts, increasing the game’s overall payout potential. This feature not only adds to the entertainment value but also provides tactical depth to the slot, rewarding strategic gameplay.

Free Drops Feature

In Pirots, the Free Drops feature is akin to traditional free spins found in other slots but with a unique twist. Triggered when players collect three Anchor Bonus symbols, this bonus round extends the possibilities of the base game by carrying over any expanded grid size or enhanced symbol values. Players can thus enjoy the continuity of their progress, retaining any heightened winning prospects. Additionally, the potential for retriggering these drops adds an element of anticipation as players hope for an extended bonus experience and increased chances of a sizable win.

X-iter Feature

For those seeking direct access to Pirots’ bonus rounds, the X-iter feature offers a shortcut, albeit at a cost. This buy-in function allows players to choose from five different game scenarios, enhancing the user experience and thrill. The options range from greater chances of triggering the Free Drops feature to gaining immediate entry with an expanded grid, each varying in cost. While this feature may not be available for all players, such as those in the UK, it represents a forward-thinking approach from ELK Studios, catering to the diverse preferences of online slot enthusiasts.

Bonus Buy Feature

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