Lightning Gorilla

by Lightning Box
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Game features
Lightning Box
March 2022
Bet Size
€0.40 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Colossal Symbols, Jackpot, Respin, Scatter, Stacked Wild, Wild
Animals, Jungle, Wildlife

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Four diverse slot features
  • Contains four static jackpots
  • Multi-platform support
  • $0.40 minimum bet size
  • Max win capped at 2,500x

Lightning Gorilla Slot Review

Developed by Lightning Box Games, Lightning Gorilla was released in March 2022. This online slot plunges players into the heart of a lush jungle teeming with wildlife. As players engage with the Lightning Gorilla slot machine, the vibrant graphics and atmospheric sound effects create a gameplay experience that’s as thrilling as a real money jungle adventure.

Animal icons such as the proud Lightning Gorilla, sleek jaguars, and lazy sloths play prominent roles in the game’s plot, bringing players closer to nature with every spin. Additional animations breathe life into these main characters, making them more than static symbols on the reels.

The audio enriches the user experience further. The chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, and the distant roars of animals are expertly blended with a soundtrack that evokes the jungle’s mysteries. For those who enjoy the sounds of the wild, the Lightning Gorilla game does an excellent job of replicating the jungle ambience. Lightning Gorilla offers a demo mode, which allows players to try the game for practice play before they wager real money. This is ideal for those who prefer to familiarize themselves with the slot’s mechanics and assess their winning combinations without immediate financial commitment.

For slots with a similar jungle theme, NetEnt’s Gorilla Kingdom and Silverback Gold are two excellent choices that offer a comparable gaming environment and user experience. They are perfect for players who can’t get enough of the wildlife and adventure-themed video slot games.

Lightning Gorilla’s multi-platform compatibility ensures that whether you’re on a mobile app, smartphone, or tablet, you can enjoy seamless gameplay across both iOS and Android devices. The game appeals broadly to those seeking high volatility play, with an eye for beautifully crafted slots, or to players who want to engage with nature-themed content.

How to Play Lightning Gorilla

Lightning Gorilla’s gameplay structure consists of a standard 5×3 grid, yet it’s packed with an uncommon 40 active paylines, which offers ample opportunities to strike winning combinations across the reels. This high number of paylines shows variance in action, potentially leading to big wins, and demonstrates the game’s commitment to providing a dynamic gaming experience.

Success follows traditional game rules: winning outcomes occur when identical symbols line up from left to right, beginning on the first reel. The design of the game interface merges seamlessly with the jungle theme, ensuring that players’ experiences are integrated without compromising on functionality.

The control panel includes key buttons such as:

  • Coin Value: Sets the stake level per line, affecting the size of potential payouts.
  • Bet Size: Adjusts the total amount staked on each manual spin.
  • Spin: Initiates a single turn of the reels and could lead to hitting winning combinations.
  • Auto-Rotate: Enables a succession of uninterrupted spins, leaving players free to enjoy the visuals and sounds.
  • Slot Information: Provides access to detailed paytables and game rules.
  • Mute: Toggles the sound effects and immersive jungle music on or off for a customized player experience.

With betting options that range from $0.40 to $100, the Lightning Gorilla online slot caters to various bankrolls, from casual to serious. The max win potential is a captivating 2,500x the bet, coupled with a competitive RTP of 96.18%. The game’s high volatility indicates that wins could be significant when they occur, which enhances the excitement for players looking for a high-stakes jungle journey.

Game Rules

Lightning Gorilla Symbols

In slots, game symbols are central to the action and key to unlocking winning combinations. In the Lightning Gorilla slot, these symbols reflect the video slot’s jungle theme and include high-value animal symbols and stylized card symbols resonating with the game’s wilderness narrative. The visually engaging animations are integral to the gaming experience, activating when symbols form part of a winning combination.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Gorilla $0.40 $1.50 $3.00
Sloth $0.30 $1.40 $2.50
Jaguar $0.20 $1.20 $2.00
Toucan $0.10 $1.00 $1.30
Frog $0.10 $1.00 $1.30
A $0.05 $0.15 $0.40
K $0.05 $0.15 $0.40
Q $0.05 $0.10 $0.20
J $0.05 $0.10 $0.20

Each symbol in the Lightning Gorilla online slot exudes a vibrancy that contributes to the immersive ambience of the slot. The higher-value symbols, represented by the jungle’s wildlife, become animated when they form part of payout combinations, providing a visual feast that complements the sound effects and excitement of the gameplay.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Lightning Gorilla are pivotal elements that distinguish them from regular symbols due to their ability to unlock bonus rounds and drive the potential for significant wins.

  • Wild Symbol: Featured as a stunning visual of the jungle, the Wild Symbol may replace all other paying symbols to help form winning combinations and improve the chances of a payout. This symbol also offers its own value for winning combinations that contain multiple wilds, making it a desirable icon to encounter on the reels.
  • Scatter Symbol: This electric symbol is represented by a blue lightning bolt carrying a particular cash value. It is critical for initiating the Lightning Respins feature, injecting a thrilling zing into one’s gameplay. Scatter symbols must land on highlighted ‘active’ reels during the feature to contribute to potential wins.

Lightning Gorilla Features

Bonus features are the highlights of Lightning Gorilla, with each one intricately designed to enhance gameplay and provide chances for substantial rewards. These features take players on an exhilarating journey filled with motions, sounds, and visuals that complement the slot’s overall theme.

Lightning Respins

The Lightning Respins feature is a heart-pumping highlight in this jungle-themed adventure. Activated by accumulating six or more Scatter Symbols, this unique feature catapults players into an electrifying gaming experience. With an initial allocation of three respins, players aim to land more Scatter Symbols on ‘active’ reels. These reels are randomly highlighted with electric energy, signifying where Scatters need to appear to be collected. As players gather more Scatters, they reset the count of respins, significantly increasing their chances of augmenting their payout pool.

Colossal Symbols emerge during Lightning Respins in 2×2 or 3×3 patterns, offering an additional boost toward raking in wins. These symbols break apart into multiple smaller Scatter or Jackpot Symbols, each carrying their cash value—further spicing up the respin rounds.

Lightning Jackpots

The casino game also offers a thrilling chance to win one of four static jackpots. The Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots provide an array of winning potentials:

  • Grand Jackpot: Ignites a sensational 1250x payout of the player’s stake.
  • Major Jackpot: Delivers a substantial reward of 125x the stake.
  • Minor Jackpot: Yields a satisfying 25x the bet.
  • Mini Jackpot: Comes through with a smaller yet enticing 2.5x reward.

Players can witness the excitement of potentially bagging multiple jackpots in a single bonus round during Lightning Respins, enhancing the allure of the Lightning Gorilla slot machine’s bonus features. With every spin, there’s a chance to strike an electrifying payout that echoes the roars and thrills of the untamed jungle.

Lightning Jackpots

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