Koi Gate

by Habanero
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Game features
February 2017
Bet Size
€0.18 - 900
Max Win
Expanding Wild, Extra Wild, Jackpot, Multiplier, Respin, Scatter, Stacked Symbols, Wild, Win Both Ways
Animals, Asian, Dragons, Myths

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Pros and cons
  • Wide betting range from €0.18 to €900
  • Features a progressive jackpot
  • Supports both iOS and Android platforms
  • Paylines that pay both ways
  • Don't buy the bonus

Koi Gate Slot Review

Koi Gate by Habanero stands out as a captivating slot game, released by the renowned game developer Habanero. This game, which made its debut in the online casino world, immerses players in an enchanting Oriental theme, blending traditional cultural elements with modern gaming features.

The design and atmosphere of Koi Gate are deeply rooted in Asian aesthetics, offering a serene and mystical backdrop that transports players to a tranquil pond, replete with the grace and beauty of Koi fish. The game’s plot revolves around these majestic creatures, which are not only central to the theme but also play a pivotal role in the gameplay. The Koi symbolize luck and prosperity, aligning perfectly with the game’s objective of winning.

Animation in Koi Gate is a testament to Habanero’s attention to detail. The fluid movements of the fish and the gentle ripple of water create a lifelike experience. Although the game uses fairly simple 2D graphics, the animations are smooth and add depth to the gameplay, enhancing the overall visual appeal. The sound design in Koi Gate complements its visual elements flawlessly. The soothing soundtrack, with its Oriental nuances, creates a calming ambiance, while the sound effects of the reels and winning combinations add an exciting layer to the game. The absence of character voices focuses the player’s attention on the game’s serene environment.

Koi Gate’s theme and content find parallels in other slots like Koi Kingdom by BF Games and Koi Pond by Pragmatic Play, both of which also explore Asian themes and aquatic elements.

This slot is designed for multi-platform compatibility, ensuring a seamless experience on both iOS and Android devices. The target audience for Koi Gate is broad, appealing to players who enjoy culturally rich themes, serene gaming environments, and innovative slot mechanics.

How to Play Koi Gate

Koi Gate by Habanero offers a unique structure that stands out in the world of video slots. The game features a standard 5-reel, 3-row grid but distinguishes itself with 18 paylines that pay both ways. This dual-direction feature doubles the chances of winning, making it an attractive aspect for players. The game’s interface is intuitive, with a design that integrates seamlessly into the overall theme, ensuring that players can easily navigate and understand the game mechanics.

The user interface of Koi Gate is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Key control buttons include:

  • Spin Button: Centrally located, it initiates the game.
  • Bet Level Adjustment: Allows players to increase or decrease their bet level.
  • Coin Value Adjustment: ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to set the coin size.
  • Autoplay: Enables a predetermined number of automatic spins.
  • Information Button: Provides access to the paytable and game rules.

These controls are standard across many video slots, but in Koi Gate, they are designed to blend with the game’s Oriental theme, enhancing the immersive experience.

The betting range in Koi Gate is accommodating to a variety of players, with a minimum bet of £0.18 and a maximum of £900. This range, combined with the 18 paylines, offers flexibility in betting strategies. The game’s maximum win rate is tied to its progressive jackpot, which can significantly boost the player’s winnings. The return to player (RTP) ratio in Koi Gate is 96.26%, which is average for most slots. The volatility of the game is low, which increases the frequency of wins and makes it more suitable for cautious players who seek a more predictable gameplay experience.

Game Rules

Koi Gate Symbols

In Koi Gate, the symbols are a true reflection of its Oriental theme, echoing the serene and mystical atmosphere of the game. The symbols are not just visually appealing but also play a significant role in the gameplay. Habanero has innovatively blended traditional slot symbols with thematic elements, offering a fresh perspective compared to classic slots.

The most profitable symbols in Koi Gate, excluding special symbols, include:

  • Red Temple: Symbolizing tranquility, it provides multipliers of 1.00 for 3X, 5.00 for 4X, and 6.00 for 5X.
  • Water Lily: A symbol of purity, with multipliers of 0.50 for 3X, 1.50 for 4X, and 3.00 for 5X.

Other symbols in the game include the Green Bamboo, Orange Leaf, and Blue Wave, each offering lower multipliers but contributing to the overall aesthetic and thematic consistency of the slot. The traditional A, K, Q, J symbols are also present, designed in a style that complements the game’s Oriental theme. These symbols offer the smallest payouts, with the J symbol paying 0.10 for 3X, 0.25 for 4X, and 0.75 for 5X. The detailed design of each symbol, coupled with their respective multipliers, adds depth to the gameplay, making each spin a visually engaging and potentially rewarding experience.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Koi Gate play a pivotal role in enhancing the gaming experience. These symbols are not just visually distinct from regular ones but also come with unique functionalities that can significantly influence the game’s outcome. Koi Gate features a total of two special symbols, which is a standard number in comparison to other slots.

The special symbols in Koi Gate include:

  • Koi Fish (Wild): This symbol is in the form of a bright red Koi. If the Koi enters a winning combination, it expands to occupy the entire reel, becoming the dragon wild symbol. This addition not only adds visual appeal, but also increases the chances of winning. The Koi fish appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and plays an important role in the re-spins feature. The presence of this symbol in the main game mode brings an element of excitement to every spin.
  • Dragon (Wild): The Dragon, also the wild symbol, can substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. It, along with the Koi, is the highest paying symbol in the game, which significantly increases the potential winnings. The appearance of the Dragon symbol is not limited to specific reels, making it a valuable asset throughout the game.

These special symbols are integral to Koi Gate’s gameplay, offering players not just the thrill of visually stunning animations and sound effects but also the potential for increased winnings. Their presence in both the main and bonus modes of the game ensures that players are constantly engaged and entertained.

Koi Gate Features

Koi Gate by Habanero is not just a visually stunning slot game; it’s also rich in features that enhance the overall gaming experience. The slot’s features are designed to increase the potential for wins, making the game attractive to a wide range of players. Compared to other slot machines, Koi Gate offers a balanced variety of features, ensuring that the gameplay remains exciting and engaging.

Re-Spin Feature

One of the standout features in Koi Gate is the Re-Spin Feature. This bonus mode is triggered when a Koi Fish symbol lands on the reels. During the re-spin, if another Koi Fish symbol appears, it activates an additional re-spin. This can continue, offering multiple opportunities for re-spins. The graphics and sound during this feature complement the overall theme, enhancing the immersive experience. What sets this feature apart from the normal game mode is the potential for consecutive wins and increased multipliers, as all winnings during the re-spin feature are doubled.

Progressive Jackpot

Another exciting aspect of Koi Gate is the Progressive Jackpot. This feature can be triggered randomly after any spin, adding an element of surprise and potential for significant winnings. The progressive jackpot accumulates over time with contributions from players’ bets, offering the chance for a substantial payout.

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