Frog Space Program

by GameBeat
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Game features
September 2023
Bet Size
€0.10 - 50
Max Win
Increasing Multiplier, Multiplier, Respin, Shifting Wilds, Stacked Symbols, Wild
Adventures, Aliens, Animals, Science and Technology, Space

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Pros and cons
  • Betting range of 500x caters to various budgets
  • Supports iOS and Android for gaming on the go
  • Only 8 ways to win reduce complexities
  • Lacks a Free Spins feature to boost wins

Frog Space Program Slot Review

Frog Space Program, a game by the skilful developers at Gamebeat, invites players on a galactic journey following its launch in September 2023. This online slot dazzles with its creative design and immersive environment that brings the vastness of space to your screen. Players can immerse themselves in an extra-terrestrial adventure with the slot’s main character – a playful frog astronaut – right from the onset. For a truly out-of-this-world experience, the Frog Space Program demo is available, allowing aspiring spacefarers to test the game’s frontiers without staking real money.

Animations within this online slot are of high quality, and additional animated sequences add a depth of field to the overall user experience. The aesthetic blends a nostalgic sense of 80’s arcade games with modern details, enhancing the gameplay beyond the simple rotation of reels. To heighten the adventure, the soundscape is complete with thematic music and sound effects that echo through the cosmos, fulfilling the auditory aspect of this celestial escapade.

Comparable experiences in theme and content can be found in NetEnt’s Starburst, a luminous voyage similar in volatility and payout opportunities. Play’n GO’s Reactoonz is another recommendation that harmonises alien creatures with synergistic play.

For mobile users, Frog Space Program translates well onto a smartphone or tablet interface, keeping the quality of play consistent across various devices, be it iOS or Android platforms.

How to Play Frog Space Program

Frog Space Program is designed with a traditional 3×3 reel layout, featuring 8 designated paylines for winning combinations. With a nod to classic slot form yet offering distinctly game-specific features, this online slot is accessible for seasoned players and those new to the world of casinos. The game boasts an engaging space theme, where players can vie for high stakes in pursuing cosmic treasures.

The user interface of Frog Space Program is finely integrated, flaunting buttons and controls that are discernible and symbiotically tied into the game’s overarching theme. The main controls of the game are as follows:

  • Coin Value: This button enables players to adjust their stake per line, influencing their bankroll management.
  • Bet Size: Setting the player’s wager amount by choosing from within a given range.
  • Spin: This manual spin button propels the reels into motion.
  • Auto-Rotate: This functionality allows players to set up autoplay with a predetermined number of spins.
  • Slot Information: Accessing the game rules, payout structures, and bonus information is as simple as a click here.
  • Mute: To tailor the user experience further, this button can silence the game sounds.

The bet range for Frog Space Program is thoughtfully set to accommodate diverse betting strategies, with options from $0.1 to $50 per spin. With high volatility and an RTP of 96.33%, which competes well in the video slot realm, the Frog Space Program offers a max win of up to 5,000х of the original stake, making it an attractive proposition for players aiming for large payouts. Furthermore, the demo mode is perfect for those who prefer to practice play before diving into the excitement of wagering real money.

Game Rules

Frog Space Program Symbols

In the universe of Frog Space Program, symbols orbit the reels with the potential to form winning combinations that lead to astronomical wins. The regular icons in this casino slot are a homage to classic space motifs drawn with a playful, entertaining, and rewarding aesthetic. Each symbol has been carefully designed to accentuate the space theme while offering players innovative animations that leap forward from traditional slots.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line
Yellow Star 10x
Red Planet 5x
Pink Crystals 2x
Blue UFO 1x
Green Test Tubes 0.6x
Purple Pew-Pew Gun 0.4x
Orange Moon 0.2x

Special Symbols

Harnessing the power of special symbols can lead players to otherworldly victories in Frog Space Program. These symbols are meticulously designed to stand out on the reels, each with distinct functionalities that amplify the excitement and enhance the opportunity for winning spins. Amidst the constellation of special symbols, Frog Space Program differentiates itself with an animated wild that is both a delight to watch and a profitable ally.

  • Jumping Wild: As a pivotal component of the bonus rounds, the Jumping Wild—illustrated as the brave frog astronaut—boosts winning sequences by replacing other game symbols. Beyond its substitutive function, this symbol triggers the Wild Jump feature, bouncing to other reel positions in pursuit of new winning combinations. The multiplier potential linked to this special symbol varies during play, appealing to players strategising to maximise their bankroll.

Frog Space Program Features

The bonus features in Frog Space Program are galaxies apart from the ordinary, created to propel entertainment value and winning potential. These additional gameplay elements entwine seamlessly with the space odyssey theme, highlighting Gamebeat’s commitment to producing slots that tell a story while granting opportunities for impressive wins. Given the current trends in the industry, the bonus aspects of Frog Space Program slot machine resonate with a market that craves slots that not only spin but engage and surprise.

Wild Jump

The Wild Jump Feature is a leap towards big wins in Frog Space Program, activated when the Jumping Wild symbol partakes in a payout. Upon doing so, this adventurous frog propels upward on its stellar expedition, triggering a respin of the remaining symbols and targeting new landing coordinates. This feature is a visual delight and a strategic element that significantly boosts the game’s Hit Frequency, making each spin a momentous event filled with potential.

Multiplier Strip

The stars align to reward players with the Multiplier Strip Feature, an exciting add-on when the Jumping Wild is involved in a win. Visible above the reels, this strip illuminates multipliers, escalating the excitement and the possible payout. With no upper limit, the multipliers within this feature can infinitely increase, leading to the max win achievable in the Frog Space Program game. Such unlimited potential is rare, providing an electric current of possibility with each respin. If a spin results in no new wins involving the Jumping Wild, the multipliers reset, adding a layer of tactical thinking that seasoned players will appreciate.

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