Dead Canary

by Nolimit City
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Game features
Nolimit City
December 2022
Bet Size
€0.2 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Bet, Bonus Buy, Bonus Symbol, Collapsing Reels, Collect Symbols, Extra Wild, Free Spins, Increasing Multiplier, Multiplier, Scatter, Wild
3D, Adventures, Animals, Mining

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Up to 1,728 ways to win
  • Maximum win rate of 65,000x
  • Wide betting range from $0.20 to $100
  • Expanded grid offers up to 1728 paylines
  • 6 diverse slot features in gameplay
  • 3 varied special symbols included
  • Supports both iOS and Android platforms
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

Dead Canary Slot Review

Dead Canary is a captivating Nolimit City creation that made its debut in December 2022, emerging as a distinguished video slot in the online casino gaming corridor. Players are invited to delve into an intricate mine-themed adventure where the ambient design and atmosphere are reminiscent of the historical use of canaries in coal mining for safety. This casino slot game revolves around our dwarven protagonist’s relentless pursuit of romantic bliss and untold riches, encapsulated in the engaging plot that is characteristic of Nolimit City’s signature narrative-driven gameplay.

The quality of animations in Dead Canary enhances user experience, immersing players in a world where each spin is a footstep deeper into the troves underground. While this online slot foregoes extraneous video sequences in favor of a continuous, seamless play experience, the graphics are distinctly polished, ensuring that each manual spin is visually stimulating. A robust soundtrack completes the immersive ambiance of the Dead Canary game. The adjusted tempo from its predecessor sets the tone for an atmospheric experience that harmonizes with the anticipation of each spin. It is not just the visual fidelity but also the auditory experience that resonates with the underground adventure witnessed in every Dead Canary play session.

For those who find Dead Canary’s theme appealing and wish to explore similar slots, games like ‘Bonanza’ by Big Time Gaming or ‘Diamond Mine’ by Blueprint Gaming offer parallel themes, while contributing their unique features and gameplay mechanics.

As with many contemporary games, Dead Canary is optimized for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, across both iOS and Android platforms. As such, players can enjoy this mining escapade on the go, whether they opt for the Dead Canary demo mode for practice play or immerse themselves in the thrilling risk of real money stakes.

Targeting a demographic that appreciates a mix of strategy, high stakes, and engaging storytelling, this casino slot machine is ideal for veteran players well-versed in navigating variance and caring for their bankroll in high-volatility environments. Dead Canary slot machine caters to those who appreciate depth, both literally in its theme and figuratively in its gameplay intricacies.

How to play Dead Canary

The game mechanics of Dead Canary defy the conventional grid structure, boasting a unique layout that expands from an initial 3-3-2-2-1-1 diagonal reel configuration to an expanded grid with up to 1,728 ways to win. This non-standard arrangement may initially appear complex, but its uniqueness provides an additional layer of excitement and possibilities. Key to unlocking these winning combinations is creating matches of three to six symbols, commencing from the leftmost reel, a feature that makes understanding the game rules quite critical for success.

Dead Canary is equipped with a user-friendly interface that meticulously integrates the game’s design theme. Players will find themselves navigating through the following essential controls:

  • Coin Value: A visibly labeled section that allows for precise bet adjustments suitable for varied player budgets.
  • Bet Size: Displayed prominently for hassle-free bet customization, adding a layer of strategic decision-making for the player.
  • Spin Button: Strategically located for ease of access, the beating heart of the game that sets the reels in motion.
  • Auto-rotate Button: Available for non-UK users, situated close to the manual spin button, this automates gameplay for a specific number of spins.
  • Slot Information: A comprehensive resource accessible via the menu button, detailing paytables and intricate game rules for players to review.
  • Mute Button: An essential control for players who prefer to tailor their auditory experience while mining for riches in this online slot game.

Unique to Dead Canary are the Lightning Mode and xBet buttons, providing players with faster gameplay and heightened stakes, respectively. These options reflect the game’s capacity to cater to preferences of pacing and risk for a bespoke gaming encounter.

Bettors can traverse through the depths of these reels with stake options ranging from $0.20 to $100 per spin, ensuring compatibility with diverse betting styles. The Dead Canary free slot also features an impressive max win potential, offering up to 65,000 times the bet per spin — a trove fit for the heartiest of miners.

The Return to Player (RTP) rate stands at 96.02%, comparable to the online slot average, yet players are cautioned to remain vigilant for the versions with lower RTPs. The tip here is to confirm the exact RTP value before spinning the reels, as this could impact the slot’s payout behavior. The unpredictability of this game is denoted by its ‘extreme’ volatility classification, coming with a Hit Frequency of 26.2%, indicating that winning sequences can be expected approximately every 3.8 spins.

Game Rules

Dead Canary Symbols

The symbols that adorn the reels of the Dead Canary slot fluently communicate the game’s mining motif, presenting a mixture of low-value and high-value icons, each resonating with the underground quest theme. As modern video slots go, the innovation in Dead Canary comes not just from its engaging storyline but also from its blending of traditional and thematic symbol designs to create an immersive experience.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
10 0.1 0.2 0.3
J 0.1 0.3 0.5
Q 0.1 0.4 0.6
K 0.2 0.5 0.8
A 0.2 0.6 0.9
Fresh Meat 0.3 0.7 1.0
Backstabber 0.3 0.8 1.1
The Fixer 0.4 0.9 1.2
Shivy Impala 0.5 1.0 1.4
Shankman 0.6 1.2 2.5

The lower-valued symbols are creatively designed, mounted on wooden slats as a nod to the slot’s rugged mining theme, while the higher-order symbols such as the grappling hook, hip flask, compass, rat, and dwarf lend an air of uniqueness to the game’s visual landscape. Particularly, the Dwarf symbol stands out as the game’s most valuable icon, portraying the protagonist of this underground saga.

Special Symbols

The special symbols in Dead Canary serve as crucial cogs that activate the game’s most thrilling aspects and are responsible for exhilarating moments that escalate the player’s chance for significant rewards.

  • xBomb Wild: This explosive symbol mimics others on the reels, except for scatters, creating opportunities for winning combinations. When triggered, it explodes in a cross pattern to open up the game’s barriers and increase the win multiplier, amplifying the potential for a higher payout.
  • Silver Cage Canary Scatter: Integral to Dead Canary’s free-play mechanics, the Silver Cage Scatter activates bonus rounds by collecting prizes in its vicinity, accentuating the rewards collected during these special spins.
  • Gold Cage Canary Scatter: Much like its silver counterpart, the Gold Cage Scatter is key to unearthing rewards, differing by collecting prizes across entire rows, enhancing its capacity to amass winnings during the game’s free spin rounds.

These special symbols are not mere placeholders; each carries the potential to transform a spin into a game-changing moment, marked by audio and visual cues that heighten the anticipation for players.

Dead Canary Features

Dead Canary’s repertoire of bonus features offers a bounty of engagement and diverse opportunities to mine for game winnings. A rich array of unique mechanics and bonus modes is designed to appeal to players seeking intricate gameplay experiences.


Triggered after each win or by the Wild Mining feature, the Collapse mechanic increases the number of ways to win by opening up blocked rows, ensuring no winning spin goes unnoticed.

Wild Mining

When similar symbols land diagonally without forming a win, the Wild Mining feature comes into effect, creating xBomb Wilds that boost the multiplier, making the ensuing collapses more powerful.

Wild Mining Feature
xBomb Wild Multiplier

The detonation of xBomb Wilds, essential for racking up multipliers, clears the way for potential wins and cascades, signifying its crucial role as a game-changer.

xBomb Wild
Canary Free Spins

A remarkable shift occurs when three Silver or Gold Cage Canary scatters unlock this mode, transporting players to a bonus grid where locked vaults await. Here, collected enhancers like coins, multipliers, and unique symbols such as poo and upgrades come into play, amplifying the free spins’ value. Scatters with three lives collect prizes and are resurrected upon ‘death’ to continue the winning quest. The Dwarf and Rat enhancers, especially, imbue scatters with persistent collecting or paying abilities, significantly impacting free spin outcomes.

Canary Free Spins

At the cost of an additional 40% of their bet, players can activate the xBet feature to ensure a scatter and an unlocked barrier on each spin, potentially paving the path to greater wins.

xBet Activated
Nolimit Bonus (non-UK)

The Nolimit Bonus allows players the luxury of buying into the Canary Free Spins, offering a direct line to the game’s most thrilling rounds, with adjusted RTP rates for an incentivized entry into this dramatic topsy-turvy underground world.

NoLimit Bonus

Play Dead Canary for real money

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