by ELK Studios
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Game features
ELK Studios
July 2022
Bet Size
€0.20 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Cluster Pays, Collapsing Reels, Multiplier, Wild
3D, Animals, Gold, Jewels, Mayan

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Pros and cons
  • Unique cluster pays mechanics
  • Minimum bet starts at just $0.20
  • Offers an immense max win of 25,000x
  • Large 7x7 grid enhances gameplay
  • Available on both mobile and desktop
  • Lower RTP at 95%
  • No Free Spins feature included

Coba Slot Review

The innovative Coba slot machine was launched by ELK Studios in July 2022, capturing attention with its elucidation of a thriving universe reflective of the Mayan culture. The design of the Coba video slot transports players to an era of ancient wisdom where the serenity of a lush jungle meets the majesty of age-old temples. The narrative is enriched by the presence of majestic deities and their sacred roles, with the ancestral serpent Quetzalcoatl overseeing the enigmatic ruins.

Animations within the Coba online slot are at a high point, with fluid movements that resonate with the game’s theme and ornate visual appeal. There is an absence of elaborate video sequences, but the in-game animations provide enough dynamism to enhance the user experience. The auditory components complement the game’s graphics with thematic music and sound effects that deepen the slot’s immersive quality. Voices are absent, but this allows the mystique of the soundtrack to stand at the forefront.

For slot aficionados keen on exploring similar mythological realms, titles like “Aztlan’s Gold” by Habanero and “Aztec Warrior Princess” by Play’n GO offer an adventurous journey into ancient civilisations and their riches.

Catering to the modern trend, this multi-platform game offers an optimal experience across iOS and Android devices, ensuring players can delve into the legendary city on their mobiles, tablets, or any other device conveniently. Whether in demo mode for practice play or wagering real money, each player can embark on this Mayan adventure that has been designed to resonate with a diverse audience — from history and mythology enthusiasts to thrill-seekers longing for medium-volatility challenges.

How to Play Coba

Coba’s unique 7-reel structure is an adventurous deviation from the conventional setup, characterised by a hexagonal form that forgoes standard paylines to embrace the cluster pays system. This non-standard approach requires players to form clusters of adjacent symbols for winning combinations, introducing strategic elements to the gameplay. To win in the Coba slot, align five or more like symbols, unlocking the Avalanche feature as winning clusters vanish, allowing new symbols to take their place.

The user interface gracefully embraces the overarching theme, blending seamlessly into the ancient backdrop while offering intuitive navigation for an effortless user experience. Control buttons are intuitively placed, and key functions include:

  • Mute: Turn the sounds of the past on or off with a simple tap on the speaker icon strategically located on the interface.
  • Spin: Set the reels in motion using the circular arrow button, a crucial control for manual spins.
  • Auto-rotate: Find the auto-rotate button, typically depicted with a play symbol, to configure and initiate a series of automated spins.
  • Bet Size: Wage your journey through adjusting the betting size effortlessly found within the main interface.
  • Information: Access the game rules and paytable, providing deeper insights into the Coba casino slot.

The betting range in Coba is designed to accommodate various player preferences, starting from $0.20 to $100 per spin. High rollers and cautious players alike can fine-tune their bankroll strategy with this flexible range, aiming for the slot machine’s max win of a staggering 25,000x the stake. With a Coba RTP slightly below the industry standard at 95%, the game balances expectations by offering medium volatility, which maintains player interest through the prospect of substantial yet less frequent payouts.

Game Rules

Coba Symbols

The Coba slot’s imagery derives its inspiration from the rich tapestry of Mayan culture, infusing the game symbols with colour and legend. These symbols serve as the foundation for the game’s action, triggering winning combinations and contributing to the game’s overall feel. They demonstrate a departure from slot tradition, adorning the cluster pays mechanic with a modern approach that is both refreshing and befitting the theme’s historical essence.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol Rabbit Token Monkey Token Bear Token Green Gem Blue Gem Red Gem Golden Monster
5 in Cluster x0.1 x0.1 x0.15 x1 x1.5 x2 x3
6 in Cluster x0.2 x0.2 x0.2 x1.3 x2 x2.5 x4
7 in Cluster x0.3 x0.3 x0.4 x1.8 x2.5 x3 x5
8 in Cluster x0.4 x0.4 x0.6 x2.3 x3 x3.5 x10
9 in Cluster x0.5 x0.6 x0.8 x2.8 x3.5 x4 x15
10 in Cluster x0.8 x0.8 x1 x3.5 x4 x5 x15
11 in Cluster x1 x1 x1.2 x4 x5 x6 x10
12 in Cluster x1.3 x1.25 x1.4 x4.5 x10 x10 x15
13 in Cluster x1.8 x1.5 x1.6 x15 x15 x14 x25
14 in Cluster x2.3 x1.75 x2.5 x25 x20 x15 x50
15+ in Cluster x4 x5 x10 x50 x100 x150 x500

Coba’s symbols transcend aesthetics by playing an interactive role and offering diverse ways to win across the ornately designed reels. With a symphony of colours and distinctive shapes, they add to the graphics to render an immersive adventure, showcasing the creativity invested in the slot’s depiction.

Special Symbols

The special symbols within the Coba slot machine are crafted to enrich the gameplay significantly. Their functions extend beyond the regular capabilities of typical symbols, as they have the power to trigger bonus rounds and influence the overall dynamics of the game, often increasing the chances of achieving max payouts.

  • Wild Symbol: This pivotal symbol acts as a stand-in for other paying symbols to form successful clusters, weaving a tapestry of potential wins within the game. It sometimes carries multipliers, raising the stakes and the excitement of each spin.

The Coba slot’s strategy lends itself to engaging player reviews, illuminating the slot’s features and their contributions to the overall user experience and potential for rewards.

Coba Features

Coba unleashes a plethora of bonus features at the heart of its gameplay that doesn’t just cement its thematic authenticity but also promises a compelling gaming experience filled with ample winning opportunities. The slot’s bonus rounds are ingeniously aligned with the Mayan theme, delivering a tapestry of in-game actions and profitability. In a trending industry where bonus features define the gaming landscape, the Coba casino game stands out with its inventive approach, adding a unique flair to the typical slot offering.

Avalanche Feature

Foremost among Coba’s features is the Avalanche mechanic, where clusters of winning symbols are removed to make way for an influx of new symbols that could lead to additional winning combinations. This responsive feature reflects both the volatility of the slot and its capacity for surprising turns, maximising the player’s engagement with each successive win.

Collapsing Reels
Snake Progress Meter

The Snake Progress Meter in Coba epitomises the seamless blend of thematic elements and interactive features. Each win on the reels contributes to the meter, and reaching specific thresholds activates varying levels of gameplay enhancements. With each progression, new serpent symbols — central to the slot narrative — are unleashed:

  • Level 1: A trio of snakes is released, creating instant Ways to Win.
  • Level 2: Again, 3 snakes slip into play, expanding the game’s reach.
  • Level 3: Yet another set of 3 snakes enters the grid, sustaining the tension.
  • Level 4: A climactic release of 6 snakes, which augments the potential for max win scenarios significantly.

These serpentine clusters offer more than visual splendour as they slide across the reel, creating winning combinations with every movement. Whether opting for the Coba free play or wagering with real money, these features amplify the entertainment factor and the potential for lucrative outcomes.

X-iter Feature (Bonus Buy)

The Coba slot machine includes the much-discussed X-iter feature, which serves as a gateway for players to access different game modes at a cost, although availability may vary based on location. With the X-iter, players can choose their adventure from a diverse set, each promising a shortcut to Coba’s immersive bonus features:

  • Boosted Chance: Amplifies the frequency of level 1 activation.
  • Flower Power: Guarantees Orchid symbols’ appearance for promising payout opportunities.
  • All Ouroboros: Enables dual Blood Orchid activation, significantly upping the chances of winning.
  • Bali Boost: Commences the game at an advanced level, laying the groundwork for immediate action.
  • Coba: Launches players directly into the intense level 4, replete with a sextet of snakes ready to enhance the win potential.
Bonus Buy Feature

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