A Night in Paris

by BetSoft
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Game features
June 2013
Bet Size
€0.01 - 150
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Free Spins, Jackpot, Pick Bonus, Scatter
3D, Adventures, Cops and Robbers, Love and Romance

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • High RTP of 96.92% ensures better payouts
  • Betting range spans from $0.01 to $150
  • Rich variety with 4 different slot features
  • Players can adjust up to 30 active paylines
  • Compatible across iOS and Android platforms
  • Limited with only 30 ways to win
  • No Bonus Buy feature

A Night in Paris Slot Review

BetSoft’s A Night in Paris slot machine captures the essence of the enchanting French capital upon its release in June 2013. Through this captivating online slot, players are thrust into an animated heist saga that unfolds against the alluring cityscape teeming with Parisian flair. In this tale, the cunning crook Jacques attempts a daring art robbery, only to be pursued by a stout-hearted security guard and his keen-sensed bulldog companion.

The plot’s engaging narrative is brought to life through exceptional animation quality and supplemental video clips, creating an enthralling user experience that rivals the ambience of an interactive movie. Notably, the proprietary animations amplify the slot machine’s comedic and lighthearted tone, depicting a cat-and-mouse caper that would intrigue any casino game connoisseur.

With a soundscape that encapsulates the vibrant streets of Paris, the slot mixes classical French tunes and fitting sound effects, further immersing players in the casino game’s plot. Authentic character voices provide a personal touch to the action, enhancing the slot’s charm.

If one’s curiosity leans towards other slots with heist or city nightlife themes, titles such as After Night Falls by BetSoft and Cops n’ Bandits by Playtech offer parallel vibes with their own distinctive spins on the genre. These games similarly feature compelling storylines and a city-based backdrop, which might resonate with fans of A Night in Paris demo play.

Playable across a multitude of devices, A Night in Paris is optimised for both iOS and Android platforms, catering to an audience that enjoys narrative-driven gameplay, mobile casino experiences, and a touch of Parisian humour.

How to Play A Night in Paris

A Night in Paris boasts a conventional setup of 5 reels and 3 rows, set within a Parisian backdrop, enhanced by 30 adjustable paylines that dictate the ways to win. To secure payouts, players must align winning combinations of symbols starting from the left reel towards the right, flexibly betting on any number of paylines up to the full thirty.

The overall design of the user interface is thoughtfully integrated with the theme, presenting betting options on park benches and foliage, which complements the game rules’ setting. The control panel, although whimsically blended into the scenery, is intuitive.

  • Coin Value: Nestled within the lush greenery, this button allows for adjusting the stake per line beginning at just $0.01.
  • Bet Per Line: Camouflaged as a park bench feature, this control modifies the number of coins wagered per line.
  • Spin: Standing prominently to the side, it triggers a manual spin with the selected bet.
  • Autoplay: Offers a hands-free gaming experience by initiating a set number of automatic rotations.
  • Select Lines: Another playful addition to the interface, this feature lets players choose the number of active lines to bet on.
  • View Pays: An informative guide accessible above the reels, this provides insight into paytables and bonus round details.

The slot adjusts to varying player bankrolls, with a versatile bet range starting as low as $0.01 and spanning up to $150.00, accommodating both conservative and ambitious betting strategies. The game offers an RTP that’s comfortably above average at 96.92% and medium variance, so the gameplay suggests a balance designed to fit a broad spectrum of preferences.

Game Rules

A Night in Paris Symbols

Within the A Night in Paris online slot, the variety and design of the symbols reflect the slot’s captivating story, elevating the conventional spinning reels into a narrative-rich adventure. The assortment of icons showcases Parisian life and the larceny theme, featuring everything from star-crossed lovers to iconic landmarks and gastronomic delights. The incorporation of these elements through innovative and lively animations endows the slot with a sense of progression from classic slots, literally setting the scene for an unforgettable virtual getaway to the City of Lights.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Croissant 0.4x 1x 2x
Statue 0.6x 1.6x 3x
Eiffel Tower 0.8x 2x 4x
Amphora 1x 2.4x 5x
Pair of pigeons 1.2x 3x 6x
Young French couple 1.6x 4x 8x
Bulldog 2x 5x 10x
Thief 3.2x 6x 12x
Security guard 4x 10x 20x

It’s important to note that these symbols are different from the special symbols, which include the Scatter and the Bonus symbols. These regular icons contribute to creating winning combinations within the base game, while the special symbols unlock additional game features.

Special Symbols

A Night in Paris slot machine is enriched with special symbols, each carrying significant weight in shaping the potential for lucrative gameplay. Unlike regular symbols, these icons act as major contributors to activating the casino slot’s bonus features, serving as the gatekeepers to free spins, bonus rounds, and instant rewards.

  • Police Badge: As the Scatter symbol, it not only unlocks free spins but also augments the slot’s narrative as the chase between the thief and the guard unfolds. Landing three or more Scatters triggers the free spins feature, a pivotal element in enhancing both entertainment and winning potential.
  • Painting: This Bonus symbol is the key to unlocking the slot’s thematic bonus game known as the Caught In The Museum feature, where players are actively involved in the narrative through interactive engagement.

In A Night in Paris casino game, the incorporation of these special symbols not only adds layers of excitement and opportunities for enhanced payouts but also serves to reinforce the game’s storyline, offering an experiential depth rarely seen in more traditional slots.

A Night in Paris Features

The A Night in Paris casino game is not just about spinning reels and watching for the standard winning combinations; it’s a thrilling adventure embellished with bonus features integral to the narrative. These opportunities to win weave an integral thread through the tapestry of the gameplay, aligning perfectly with the thematic representation of a Parisian escapade. The bonus rounds resonate with the atmosphere of the game, providing a pathway to the max win while delivering a cinematic gaming experience akin to partaking in a heist movie.

Chase Free Spins

The slot’s demo mode may allow players to become familiar with the conditions necessary for activating its highly sought-after free spins feature:

  • Landing 3 Police Badge symbols anywhere on the reels prompts the Chase Free Spins round, giving a minimum of 5 complimentary spins.
  • Additional Scatters beyond the three triggers yield more free spins, incrementing the chance of a significant payout without affecting the player’s bankroll.
Caught In The Museum Bonus Round

The A Night in Paris slot’s interactive bonus round is triggered under the following conditions:

  • A sequence of 3 or more Painting symbols scattered across the reels opens up the Caught In The Museum bonus round.

On entering this immersive mini-game, the player is prompted to select from a variety of art pieces, each revealing its own prize. This selection process is not only thrilling but also symbolises the stakes of the actual storyline: the successful prevention of the museum heist.

Instant Bonus Rewards

An immediate bonus payout awaits those who manage to align the symbolic characters of the slot’s narrative strategically:

  • Combinations of Thief, Police Badge, and Security Guard, or vice versa, across paylines 1, 2, or 3 results in instant gratifying bonus payouts.

For players inclined towards the pursuit of A Night in Paris’ real money thrill, the inclusion of a jackpot can be game-changing:

  • A combination of 5 Security Guard symbols on designated paylines 1, 2, or 3 while placing a maximum bet is the golden ticket to the progressive jackpot.
Jackpot Symbols Win Spin

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