3 Charms Crush

by iSoftBet
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Game features
August 2018
Bet Size
€0.05 - 5
Max Win
Jackpot, Multiplier
3D, Adventures, Farm

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Pros and cons
  • A high RTP of 97.23% enhances payouts
  • Affordable minimum bet at $0.05
  • Super Win feature increases winning potential
  • Supports both iOS and Android platforms
  • Only 5 paylines limit winning combos
  • Max bet capped at a modest $5
  • Lacks the excitement of Free Spins

3 Charms Crush Slot Review

The 3 Charms Crush slot machine, a creation of iSoftBet from August 2018, is a whimsical journey into a cartoonish land brimming with cuteness. The design exudes a warm, cheerful vibe, inviting players to immerse themselves in the pleasant ambience that the slot creates. At the core of this vibrant game are three key characters: cuddly pink, green, and orange charm symbols that reel players into a charming story of fun and winnings.

Quality animations underscore the carefree spirit of this slot, ensuring that player reviews often praise its bright and engaging visuals. Furthermore, melodious background tunes and delightful sound effects augment the overall user experience, providing an auditory complement to the visuals.

Suppose the joyful atmosphere of 3 Charms Crush has captured your interest. In that case, you might also delight in similar titles like “Irish Charms” by Spinomenal for its lucky leprechaun theme or “Charms of the Sea” by Playtech for an enchanting underwater adventure.

Optimised for multi-platform enjoyment, whether you prefer practice play on your smartphone or spinning reels on a tablet, 3 Charms Crush is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring players can easily switch between desktop and mobile experiences.

This slot’s target audience is vast, encompassing everyone from beginners looking to dip their toes into the casino game waters with 3 Charms Crush demo spins to seasoned enthusiasts seeking a calming reprieve from low-variance games.

How to Play 3 Charms Crush

The game structure of the 3 Charms Crush online slot stands out for its clarity and straightforwardness. A 5×5 grid with five horizontal lines awaits without the typical complexities found in more intricate slots. This standard format has the unique feature of being exceptionally accessible, which could be an advantage for those new to casino gaming.

The user interface of the casino slot is user-friendly, offering a seamless blend of form and function that perfectly complements the game’s whimsical theme. Here’s a guide to the control buttons players need to familiarise themselves with for an optimum gaming experience:

  • Coin Value: This button allows adjustment of bet levels per line for intentional bankroll management.
  • Bet Size: A clear display to set the stake for each manual spin, situated prominently on the interface.
  • Spin: The central button, used to commence the game and eagerly anticipate winning combinations.
  • Auto-Rotate: Accessible option for those who prefer autoplay, enabling a predetermined series of spins.
  • Slot Information: This comprehensive guide contains all necessary game rules and payouts at a glance.
  • Mute: Located conveniently for quick access, this control toggles the delightful audio on or off.

The betting range is tailored to accommodate varying preferences, from a conservative $0.05 to a more ambitious $5 per spin. For players seeking the thrill of a significant max win, this slot offers a potential payout of up to 150 times the stake. With an exceptionally high RTP indexed at 97.23%, 3 Charms Crush towers above many competing casino slots in terms of return to the player. The game’s low variance complements its friendly design; players can expect frequent but smaller wins, offering a balanced blend of risk and reward.

Game Rules

3 Charms Crush Symbols

Within the charming confines of 3 Charms Crush, game symbols serve as the heart of this delightful video slot, echoing its playful and inviting theme with every spin. This online slot diverges from the standard by hosting an uncomplicated cast of symbols — three enchanting creatures that introduce a layer of charm and simplicity to the gameplay. Such an innovative approach shows a departure from the classic slot machine, offering an easy-to-grasp experience, particularly fitting for those venturing into the world of casino slots for the first time or for a bit of casual fun.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Green Charm x0.2 x0.6 x2
Orange Charm x0.4 x1 x3
Pink Charm x1 x2 x5

These symbols, free from the complications of additional non-special symbols, enhance the user experience with their vivid animations and the possibilities of scoring winning combinations. This innovative simplicity means that players can enjoy the 3 Charms Crush free slot without overwhelming game rules and elaborate symbol legends, maintaining a focus on pure, unadulterated fun.

Special Symbols

In the realm of the 3 Charms Crush online casino game, the typical special symbols like Wilds or Scatters take a backseat to allow the visually appealing and straightforward base symbols to shine. This design choice underscores the game’s commitment to a user-friendly interface that emphasises engaging gameplay without the need for complex bonus features. Each of the slot’s adorable characters brings its own sprinkle of magic to the game, encouraging players to spin for those harmonious combinations that might lead to a cheerful payout, mirroring the desired simplicity reflected in player ratings.

This game distinguishes itself by not including traditional special symbols. Instead, it cultivates a unique gaming environment where base symbols are the heart of the action, enriching the journey with potential multipliers and winning opportunities.

3 Charms Crush Features

The 3 Charms Crush video slot distinguishes itself in the bonus features department with its simplistic yet satisfying approach. Unlike slots teeming with complex bonus rounds and myriad ways to win, this game eschews traditional free spins and ornate bonus rounds in favour of straightforward multiplier mechanics. Embedded within the fabric of the base gameplay, these multiplier features align harmoniously with the game’s theme, proving that simplicity can indeed be engaging and profitable. Such a minimalist approach allows players to focus on the joy of the chase, with the game’s low volatility contributing to frequent, albeit smaller, wins.

Multipliers Feature

The primary bonus feature in 3 Charms Crush stems from the multipliers triggered on each of the five paylines. Here, the multiplier increases progressively with each successive row:

  • Payline 1: A winning combination on this row doesn’t include a multiplier.
  • Payline 2: A 2x multiplier enhances any win on this row.
  • Payline 3: Triumph on this row means your winnings are increased by a 3x multiplier.
  • Payline 4: Success here results in a win multiplied by 4x.
  • Payline 5: A win on this final row awards a generous 5x multiplier to your prize.
Super Win Feature

There is an exceptional case that appeals to the aspirations for a big payout — the Super Win, commonly known as Jackpot. When a player lands five pink charms on the fifth line, a spectacular 20x multiplier is activated, embodying the slot’s max win possibility. This bonus feature harmonises with the game’s emphasis on simplicity, offering an accessible route to significant rewards without the need for intricate bonus rounds or the unpredictability of high-variance gameplay.

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