Beetle Jewels

by iSoftBet
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Game features
March 2017
Bet Size
€0.10 - 10
Max Win
Expanding Symbol, Free Spins, Retrigger, Scatter, Wild
3D, Jewels, Jungle, Magic

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Decent max win of 5000x
  • Free Spins feature increases winning chances
  • Supports gameplay on multiple platforms
  • Low minimum bet of $0.1
  • RTP is slightly below average at 95.5%
  • Only 10 paylines limit ways to win

Beetle Jewels Slot Review

In March 2017, the online casino world was enchanted by the release of the Beetle Jewels slot machine from developer iSoftBet. Set against a captivating backdrop that perfectly captures the bewitching ambience of the game, players are transported to a realm where gleaming beetles and precious gems come to life within a mystical forest. As night descends, the soothing serenade of the wilderness blends with the mesmerising glow of fireflies, creating a serene atmosphere for this inviting online slot.

Unlike traditional slots with a linear narrative, Beetle Jewel’s play revolves around an array of ornately designed insect icons. The plot subtly unfolds through the visual charm and fantasy-inspired demeanour of these characters, enhancing the game’s allure. The winged beetles, adorned with sparkling gemstones, bear no responsibilities besides granting riches in this forest fairy tale.

While devoid of intricate animations or cinematic sequences, the slot impresses with its polished effects, which animate each winning combination and elevate the gaming experience. The symbols resonate with a gentle luminance, contributing to the slot’s magical veneer.

The auditory elements of Beetle Jewels further enrich the player experience. As part of the game’s tapestry, the carefully crafted soundtrack, complete with instrumentals and nature’s cadence, heightens the allure, ensuring that bettors remain engaged. It’s not just a slot game but an aural journey through an enchanted night.

Those seeking slots with similar themes might revel in the playful stop Beetle Mania or the charming simplicity of Beetle Frenzy, both of which explore the enchanting insect world in delightful detail.

The video slot doesn’t confine its enjoyment to desktops alone; it embraces multi-platform accessibility, inviting players to indulge in the Beetle Jewels demo or dive into real money play on a smartphone or tablet via a mobile app. The seamless transition across devices, whether iOS or Android, attests to the game’s versatility and commitment to user experience

Beetle Jewels casino game is tailored to captivate enthusiasts of fantasy slots and natural wonders, promising a surreal adventure adorned with exquisite visuals and the prospect of discovering hidden treasures under the moon’s radiant watch.

How to Play Beetle Jewels

Beetle Jewels unfold on a conventional 5×3 reel set, with 10 paylines providing the pathways to wins. This online slot turns every manual spin into a pursuit of sequences of identical symbols from left to right, save for the scatter that defies directionality with its rewarding payouts.

Intuitive gameplay is matched by an equally accessible user interface, blending seamlessly with the slot’s visual theme. Every function supports ease of use, with a dashboard that’s both understandable and artistically cohesive, enhancing the overall gaming experience without overwhelming bettors with unnecessary complexity.

  • Mute: Often symbolised by a speaker icon, situated for convenient access to turn off or on the sound effects and musical themes to suit personal preferences.
  • Spin: The central button on the control panel triggers the beginning of the play, ushering in movement on the reels with each press.
  • Auto-rotate: Indicated by arrows chasing each other in a circle, this key feature lays out a series of automatic spins for uninterrupted engagement.
  • Coin Value: Players can adjust this according to their bankroll, setting the stakes for each line with precision.
  • Bet Size: Here, one fine-tunes the total wager per round, accommodating every player’s strategy and comfort.
  • Slot Information: Tapped through an ‘i’ icon, revealing the depth of Beetle Jewels’ game rules and payout tables.

The betting scale ranges from a lean $0.01 per line, culminating in a $0.10 minimum bet per spin. Scaling up, gamers can set their sights higher with up to $1 per line, leading to a $10 maximum stake each round.

The max win, a gleaming 5000x line bet, is matched with a Beetle Jewels RTP is slightly lower than normal at 95.5%. Seasoned players will perceive the high variance of the game as a call to adventure, balancing their bankroll against the thrills and potential windfalls on offer.

Game Rules

Beetle Jewels Symbols

In Beetle Jewels, the slot symbols assume the central stage in creating an engaging gameplay environment while framing the potential for rewards. The symbols resonate with the game’s title and overarching theme, with each one incorporating either an insect or jewelled element that is animated with rich colours and comes alive on the reels. The fusion of these symbols reflects an evolution from classic slots, introducing a modern twist with their radiant animations. Ensuring they match the video slot’s otherworldly concept, their vibrant graphics create an innovative and visually striking user experience.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 2 in Line 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Red Beetle x1 x10 x100 x500
Green Beetle x0.5 x4 x40 x200
Yellow Beetle x0.5 x3 x10 x75
Blue Beetle x0.5 x3 x10 x75
A x0.5 x4 x15
K x0.5 x4 x15
Q x0.5 x2.5 x10
J x0.5 x2.5 x10
10 x0.5 x2.5 x10

The game rules indicate that the card symbols, ranging from 10 to Ace, denote the lower tier of payouts in Beetle Jewels, while the bejewelled beetles offer more significant wins. With their innate glow, these symbols provide not only visual appeal but also the keys to unlocking the slot machine’s treasures. Their lure is integral to the game’s unique appeal—players spin the reels in anticipation of striking those winning combinations that mirror the luminescence these symbols exude.

Special Symbols

In Beetle Jewels, special symbols serve as pivotal pieces in the player’s pursuit of riches, distinguishing themselves from standard icons by unlocking additional game features. These symbols have the power to alter the course of the game by enhancing winning potentials and triggering unique bonus rounds, serving as cornerstones in the player’s strategy.

  • Scatter Wild: The purple beetle adorned with a blue jewel stands out as the game’s symbol of fortune. More than its beauty, it boasts dual functionality as both the Scatter and Wild symbol within Beetle Jewels online slot. As a wild, this symbol is competent to substitute for any other symbol, paving the way for more frequent winning combinations. When acting as a Scatter, it becomes a harbinger of free spins, initiating the slot’s coveted bonus round when a player lands three or more on the reels. This transformative creature goes further, promising substantial payouts and acting as the key to the max win opportunity within the game, delivering up to 200 times the bet for a combination of five.

The singularity of the Scatter Wild symbol in Beetle Jewels not only simplifies the gameplay by merging two typically separate functions but also reinforces the slot game’s magical atmosphere. Here, one regal insect symbol embodies the potential for numerous avenues of wins, becoming the centrepiece around which the fortunes of the game revolve.

Beetle Jewels Features

In the realm of Beetle Jewels slot play, the bonus features are designed to enhance the thrill of gameplay and intertwine with the slot’s mystical theme, heightening the sense of wonder and possibility. Such bonus modes are a reflection of innovation within the casino industry, and while Beetle Jewels maintains a conventional approach, it does so with a flourish that aligns with the game’s enchanting narrative.

Free Spins

The primary bonus feature of Beetle Jewels is encapsulated within the Free Spins mode, anchored by the Scatter Wild symbol, which is pivotal in both the base game and the activation of this bonus. Free Spins conditions in Beetle Jewels online are straightforward, adding simplicity to the rich tapestry of the game.

3+ Scatter Wilds trigger 10 Free Spins, which can be reactivated during the bonus round for extended play and increased chances at a big win.

During the Free Spins mode, a randomly selected symbol will morph into an expanding symbol. This special element heightens the potential for larger payouts as it sprawls out to cover more positions on the reels. Such mechanics underline the game’s mystical quality; much like the magical creatures that roam the enchanted forest of Beetle Jewels, these expanding symbols hold the potential to transform a standard spin into a bounty of riches.

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