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English, Russian, Vietnamese, Greek, Indonesian, Spanish, Italiano, Chinese, Korean +10 more
Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Australian Dollar, Azerbaijani Manat, Argentine Peso +40 more
BitKong LLC
Affiliate program
Pros and cons
  • Lucrative loyalty program
  • Deposits by cryptocurrencies are accepted
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments
  • Availability of a chat forum for players to interact
  • Casino available in many countries
  • Mobile app only for Android
  • Only a single game available
  • No 24/7 customer support or live chat

BitKong Casino Review

BitKong Casino was established in 2015 and has two sister sites, namely Lucky Dice and Simple Dice. The BitKong Casino is one of the oldest and most top-rated casinos of its type, owing to it being exclusively crypto-based.

The sign-up process is a breeze at BitKong, and you can get gaming in no time with no hassle. With the anonymity and security of using bitcoins, BitKong is a casino that offers it all coupled with instant transactions.

If you are looking for poker, sports betting, or other typical casino games, you must look elsewhere since BitKong is featuring only a single and a unique game. BitKong offers bountiful rewards and promotions that are too good to miss. So, you are in for a treat as to try your luck at this virtual casino.

The BitKong Casino, despite being built a few years ago, features a very attractive and modern interface. With a 3D animated gorilla and his girls, this casino has a very welcoming and entertaining outlook. Every page of this site offers interesting graphics that attract players. So, it has an overall enticing effect on people, ensuring a highly entertaining gaming experience.

Bitkong Casino Bonuses

What’s a casino without bonuses? Boring. And BitKong is far from boring. It is addictive and fun! So naturally, you can find multiple bonuses and rewards at this casino. In the Bonuses tab, you will find multiple lucrative offers like the massive jackpot.

If you regularly play at BitKong, you can become eligible for the cashback bonus. Depending on the level you are on, you can earn back a percentage of the bet you placed. From 0.05% and a great 0.3% cashback on Adventurer(lowest) and Hero level(highest), respectively.

A very innovative way of exciting the players and keeping entertainment to the maximum is by giving surprise gifts such as the Magic Chest. Depending on the points you have, you can be rewarded with three types of chests, each carrying a different number of credits.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black

Moreover, an excellent loyalty program is also in place to boost player retention. There are mainly 6 levels, namely:

  • Adventurer
  • Champion
  • Hero
  • Master
  • Legend
  • King

All these levels are subdivided into ranks. As the players bet and win, they rise through the ranks and earn more and more bonuses at every level up. The more experience points you earn, the more bonus you will receive.


BitKong is big on competitions. On the site, you will find tournaments that are held on a daily, weekly as well as monthly basis. So, there is always a challenge and prize waiting to be won.

The prize depends on the pool accumulated. And a leaderboard displayed on the site determines the winners. The top 3 winners receive a share in the descending order, the 1st winner receiving the highest. All others on the leaderboard receive an equal share of the pool.

Bitkong Casino Games

BitKong Casino is a rather unique one. This whole site and platform majorly feature only a single game. Instead of releasing many mediocre games, this casino stuck with a single amazing game. The BitKong game is popularly played around the world. And since it is played using cryptocurrency, it is continually attracting fans owing to the rise in cryptocurrency use.

The BitKong game is a very simple yet entertaining game. It is known to be addictive. This game resembles the old-school Minesweeper game with the mines and bombs replaced by fruits and poop. This level-based game is very engaging as the player can earn bits at every level and can choose to end the game and withdraw money. But, if the player chooses to play on and then finds poop in the way, he will lose any or all winnings accumulated. So, quit while you’re ahead is a phrase you must remember while trying BitKong. You can also adjust the level of complexity based on how challenging you want the game to be.

Luckily, BitKong offers three modes of play. One is the real-money mode, where you must register an account to make bets. The amount of bet can be adjusted according to player preference. Next is the Faucet mode, where a player can earn bits without having to invest a single penny or Bitcoin. Lastly, you can always try the game for free, even without registering an account.

The BitKong game is accessible on the main interface. And, you can find two other exciting games by the sibling sites of BitKong Casino. These two games are Lucky Dice and Simple Dice.

Available games

Slots and software

As this casino uniquely features a single game built in-house, there are no game providers. No slots, live games, or any other kind of casino games can be found at this site.

However, the jackpot is an attractive feature and is available at BitKong too. The regular and monthly competitions feature progressive jackpots that offer whopping sums of money to the lucky few who rank high on the leaderboard. However, the twist here is that the more you bet, the more pool prize percentage you are subject to receive.

And when it comes to mobile gambling, BitKong doesn’t fall short. Just like every other casino, BitKong can also be accessed on mobile phones and other devices, regardless of the operating system. In addition, BitKong has also released a native app for Android devices. However, you can choose to play BitKong directly on your phone browser too.

Software List


Deposit and withdrawals

BitKong, as the name itself suggests, is a casino exclusively built for cryptocurrency gamers. Initially, it supported only Bitcoin, hence the name. But, eventually, many other cryptocurrencies were added to the list.

Therefore, you will not be able to find any payment methods other than cryptocurrency. Although the site does allow saving the money in account wallet in fiat currency, you cannot deposit or withdraw fiat currency.

The minimum and maximum payment limits are low enough to facilitate easy transactions. But, make sure you don’t deposit less than the minimum amount, or a commission will be charged.

Since we are well aware of the perks associated with cryptocurrency use, we can expect almost instant payouts. The usual time period for receiving payouts is about an hour or a few. Sadly, BitKong charges a fee of 2-10% of your withdrawal amount. And if you are in a hurry and need your payment within minutes, you can go for the super-quick transaction, which will be charged higher than the normal fees.

Payment method Limits Fees
20.00 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
25.00 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
Binance USD 1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited 1%
Payment method Limits Time Fees
20 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
25 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
Binance USD 1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%
1 EUR - Unlimited Up to 1 Hours 1%

Security and Licensing

BitKong Casino is a highly esteemed and popular site. But it is a weird fact that this casino holds no licenses from any authority. You will not be able to find any licenses at this site. But still, this casino is available around the globe, except in the USA, where it is restricted.

Despite the apparent lack of licenses, there is no shortage of security. Rather, BitKong Casino employs additional security measures to ensure a secure gambling arena. With supplementary two-factor authentication, the site enables higher security so that users can have peace of mind.

Customer Support

No matter how intuitive or easy to navigate a casino site may be, users can still face technical issues or be confused about certain aspects or rules by the casino. Therefore, there must be avenues of support available to the players.

The first line of customer support is usually through a passive method, which is the FAQ section. This FAQ page at BitKong is elaborate and accurately answers some of the most commonly asked questions. So before you try to get into direct contact with the support team, give the FAQ section a try.

If unfortunately, you are unable to find the answer to your queries in the FAQ section, you can resort to the other option, which is through email. However, this method is not the fastest way of getting answers.

When the matter needs urgent assistance, you can try the live chat feature. It is not the most efficient one, but you can get adequate service. The downside to this feature is that it is not available round-the-clock.

Since BitKong is available to players from around the world, it is a multi-lingual site and offers more than 8 languages. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese are to name a few.

Language Phone Email Live Chat
English, Russian, Armenian, Bengal, Vietnamese, Greek, Indonesian, Spanish, Italiano, Chinese, Korean, German, Persian, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, French, Swedish, Japanese No [email protected] Yes

Summary Rating


Can I have several gaming accounts at the casino?

No. The site specifically mentions that only one account is allowed per person.

What languages is the casino available in?

BitKong offers many languages like English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese, to name a few.

How long does it take for BitKong to payout?

Since BitKong is a crypto-based casino, the payouts are very quick. It can take a few hours for the payments to reach your account. And the high-speed transaction can deliver in about 5 minutes.

Do I have to download anything to play on mobile?

Not necessarily. The games are fully optimized to be played on mobile browsers. But if you like, you can also download the Android app. However, it is not mandatory.

Does BitKong Casino have a loyalty program?

Yes, and a very lucrative one. By playing the game and earning experience points, players can climb through the ranks and levels and receive bonuses at every level up.

What are the sister sites of BitKong Casino?

Lucky Dice and Simple Dice are the two sibling sites of BitKong Casino.

How can I get in touch with the customer care support executives?

You can either email or access the live chat feature by registering an account. The live chat is not offered round the clock, but it is multi-lingual.

Is BitKong Legit and Safe?

Absolutely. Although the BitKong Casino does not hold any gaming licenses, it assures players of stringent security measures used by the casino, such as the two-factor authentication, and guarantees fair gaming.

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