Space Stacks

by Push Gaming
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Game features
Push Gaming
October 2022
Bet Size
€0.1 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Bonus Wheel, Collect Symbols, Increasing Multiplier, Multiplier, Pick Bonus, Stacked Symbols
3D, Adventures, Space

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Pros and cons
  • Max win potential of up to 5,000x the bet
  • Wide betting range from $0.10 to $100
  • Five dynamic slot features increase engagement
  • Three special symbols trigger unique bonus rounds
  • Unique Reelbets system replaces traditional paylines
  • Gameplay is somewhat confusing at first

Space Stacks Slot Review

Push Gaming is renowned for disrupting the gaming market with bold innovations, as evident with the release of the Space Stacks slot machine in October 2022. The game’s design conjures an immersive atmosphere, whisking players off on a cosmic adventure through the vastness of space. The engaging slots experience boasts an ethereal backdrop filled with planets and stars, heightening the sensation of exploring the unknown.

The absence of a narrative and characters in Space Stacks allows players to focus purely on the revolutionary Reelbets system, marking a departure from conventional slots that often rely on a storyline. What sets this game apart is that the excitement comes from strategies involved in betting rather than following a character’s journey. Animation quality is crisp, upholding Push Gaming’s standard, with effects that enhance the space theme without overwhelming the player. As for additional animations or video sequences, Space Stacks maintains simplicity to keep the gameplay streamlined and focused on the betting mechanics. The auditory experience in Space Stacks is as meticulously designed as the visual elements. Players enjoy a synthesized soundtrack that embodies the mystery of outer space, with effects that are tactfully employed to mark winning combinations and game actions.

Space enthusiasts and slot aficionados on the lookout for similar experiences may also enjoy NetEnt’s Starburst and Space Wars, or Galactic Streak by Playtech— each offering its own take on the space theme.

Space Stacks is fully optimized for mobile play, supporting iOS and Android platforms, thus catering to the modern player’s need for on-the-go gaming. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or a larger device like a laptop, the quality of gameplay remains uncompromised thanks to the use of HTML5 technology.

The target audience of Space Stacks demo extends to those experimenting with practice play to get a feel of the game, as well as seasoned players ready to dive into the Space Stacks real money action. This slot machine appeals to anyone looking for an exciting twist on the classic slots experience, complete with a space-age visual and auditory package.

Space Stacks How to play Space Stacks

The online slot differs significantly from traditional slot structures with its expansive 10×10 grid and the exclusive Reelbets mechanic. This system provides players with the autonomy to bet on individual columns, each offering its own set of wins or feature triggers— a fresh take on creating winning opportunities.

Navigating Space Stacks’ player interface is intuitive, with its design and functionality placing equal emphasis on aesthetics and user experience. The layout ensures players have straightforward access to the game’s multifaceted Reelbets betting options, inviting both veterans and novices to engage with the game’s unique mechanics.

The control buttons are elegantly incorporated into the UI:

  • Coin Value: Adjust the bet size with preset values;
  • Bet Size: Decide and place bets on the desired columns;
  • Spin: Commence a game round;
  • Auto-Rotate: Engage a predetermined number of automatic spins;
  • Information: View game rules and paytable;
  • Mute: Silence the game sounds for a quieter experience.

A standout feature button, specific to Space Stacks, is the ReelBets control. This enables strategic bets across the ten individual columns of the grid. Players can opt for wagering anything from $0.10 up to $100 per spin, providing a wide range of betting options that cater to various bankrolls.

With a sky-high max win rate of 5,000x the total stake, Space Stacks positions itself as a lucrative choice for high-rollers and those hoping for big payouts.

The slot’s RTP offers insights into the potential returns, varying with choices made on the board, averaging a solid 96.23%. Space Stacks embraces a medium variance, balancing the frequency and size of payouts for a consistent gaming experience without drastic bankroll fluctuations.

Game Rules

Space Stacks Symbols

The Space Stacks online casino game breaks away from traditional slot symbols, instead using blocks that resemble bets in various bright colors to harmonize with the game’s spatial theme. The absence of classic symbols and paylines is a forward-thinking approach, emphasizing on stacking symbols in columns to unlock winnings and bonus features.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol Payout Information
Blue Instant Prize Block Minimum payout of 2x bet – Average payout of 2.5x bet
Purple Instant Prize Block Minimum payout of 2x bet – Average payout of 2.8x bet
Green Instant Prize Block Minimum payout of 3x bet – Average payout of 4.5x bet
Pink Instant Prize Block Minimum payout of 5x bet – Average payout of 6.9x bet
Yellow Instant Prize Block Minimum payout of 10x bet – Average payout of 13.7x bet
Red Instant Prize Block Minimum payout of 50x bet – Average payout of 65.0x bet
Astro Feature Block Triggers Astro feature
Flip Feature Block Triggers Flip feature
Apex Feature Block Triggers Apex feature
MAX Instant Prize Block 5,000x bet payout

The listed payouts and RTPs for these blocks reflect the potential return to the player, with a clear linkage between bet size and the potential reward. Unlike most video slots where aligning symbols across paylines leads to wins, this slot machine introduces a fresh mechanic encouraging players to focus on individual columns representing different payouts.

Special Symbols

Space Stacks features a remarkable divergence from the norm by replacing traditional special symbols like Wilds and Scatters with unique Feature Blocks. These play a crucial role in the gameplay by offering diverse winning opportunities through the Reelbets feature.

  • Astro Block: This block triggers the Astro Feature, which presents players with a Prize Wheel filled with segments that hold bet multipliers, instant prizes, and collect segments. Mirroring the anticipation of a manual spin, the wheel spins until landing on a collect segment, concluding the bonus round. Players benefit from the average payout of 34x with an RTP of 96.19%.
  • Flip Block: Initiating the Flip Feature, the grid transforms into a 6×6 layout where players uncover tiles to reveal instant prize bet multipliers or Rocket symbols. Each Rocket symbol encountered escalates the total win multiplier, imbuing the feature with a progressive dynamic that could lead to significant payouts. The feature’s average payout stands at 64x bet with an RTP of 96.17%.
  • Apex Block: This block beckons players to an enhanced base game variant through the Apex Feature, where collecting prizes from filled columns can multiply the earnings. It integrates a life-based system where sustaining filled column streaks is key for maximizing wins. The anticipated average payout here is an impressive 299x bet accompanied by an RTP of 96.09%.

These special symbols are distinctive as they are inherently tied to the Reelbets mechanic. Each block is an opportunity to engage in a bonus mode, transitioning fluidly from base gameplay into the feature for a chance at increased payouts.

Space Stacks Features

The Space Stacks slot’s array of bonus features aligns with contemporary player expectations, delivering an advanced gaming experience where strategic bets can lead to the trigger of various bonus rounds. Space Stacks’ approach deviates from traditional slots, with its ReelBets feature serving as a pivotal element of action, drawing players into a multifaceted gaming event that combines the thrill of slot machines with the nuanced strategy of table gaming.


Players select from 10 distinctive columns, each one associated with a particular prize or bonus round. Being the core mechanic, this salient feature allows strategic betting and could lead to significant payouts, making Space Stacks a standout game in the online casino milieu.

Enhancement Feature

At the commencement of each game round, this feature has the potential to augment the values of Instant Prize Blocks, adding an unpredictable and dynamic layer to the game. As blocks cascade onto the grid, the enhanced values directly influence the potential payouts, demonstrating an intricate balance between chance and strategy.

Astro Feature

Unleashing the Astro Feature brings players face-to-face with a Prize Wheel of fortune, where each segment can escalate the return on their bet. This feature captures the essence of suspense and exhilaration that hallmark high-quality bonus rounds in leading online slots.

Flip Feature

Setting a new standard for interactivity, the Flip Feature invokes a picking game where users unravel the hidden prizes beneath a grid. The inclusion of Rocket symbols propels the excitement further, promising a game-changing experience with each revelation.

Apex Feature

The Apex Feature immerses players in a simulation of the base game but with an elevated intensity, fostering a blend of tactics and anticipation. It is a dynamic representation of how the layering of bonus features can simultaneously broaden and intensify the gameplay experience.

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