Lotus Charm

by Booongo
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Pros and cons
  • Features 4 distinct bonus rounds
  • Includes 3 special symbols
  • Offers a Grand jackpot prize
  • Only 20 ways to win
  • Max win limit at 2221x stake

Lotus Charm Slot Review

Released by Booongo in July 2022, the Lotus Charm slot machine allows players to delve into a realm of enchantment. The game designs a portal to a tranquil, majestic forest brimming with the beauty and mysteries of nature. The slot envelops gamblers in an Asian-inspired aesthetic, with visuals characterised by the delicate blossoms of lotus flowers and serene bonsai trees. In addition to its extraordinary atmosphere, the slot enthrals with a soundtrack composed of traditional oriental instruments, enhancing the user experience with every spin.

Central characters, including elegant princesses robed in rich traditional garb, add depth to the mystical forest ambience. Although Lotus Charm does not pursue a deep narrative, these characters bring life and charm to the slot’s visual storytelling.

Innate animations, such as the gentle flapping of butterfly wings and the swaying of blossoms, animate the Lotus Charm experience gracefully. The game forgoes extensive video sequences, opting for understated motion that embellishes the gameplay with subtle finesse.

The auditory aspects of the Lotus Charm online slot underscore its Asian motif through melodies that usher players into a state of serenity and complement the game’s calming visuals. The sounds are carefully balanced with the action of the reels, punctuating moments of success without creating distractions.

Those seeking a similar gaming experience might enjoy slots such as “Sakura Fortune” from Quickspin or “Geisha Story” by Playtech. Both games share an appreciation for Asian culture, seamlessly integrating rich symbols and animations into the gameplay.

Compatible with various operating systems, Lotus Charm translates perfectly onto mobile devices. Whether using an app on a smartphone or a web browser on a tablet, this multi-platform slot ensures seamless play on iOS and Android devices.

How to Play Lotus Charm

Lotus Charm is structured with a traditional 5×3 reel grid, but the enchantment lies in its 20 fixed paylines that promise an array of winning combinations. To score in this video slot, players must align three or more identical symbols along a payline, from left to right.

The user interface meshes intuitively with the tranquil theme, offering a seamless design that aligns with game rules and operations. Here’s how players can control the game:

  • Coin Value Button: Located typically at the interface’s base, this feature allows players to set the denomination before spinning the reels.
  • Bet Size Selector: This control lets the gambler adjust the total bet, ensuring it aligns with their bankroll strategy.
  • Spin Button: Centrally placed, this prominent button initiates the manual spin, engaging players in the heart of the action.
  • Autoplay Button: For those who prefer continuous play, this function orchestrates a chosen number of automatic spins, supporting a consistent gameplay rhythm.
  • Information Button: Offering access to slot details, this button is essential for players who wish to review the paytable or clarify the rules before engaging in practice play.
  • Sound Control: An audio toggle that maintains the harmony of the game’s ambient soundtrack with the real-world environment.

Gamblers have a versatile wagering range from $0.20 to $60 per spin, inviting conservative players and risk-takers to try their chances. Maximising one’s stake could yield a Grand prize win of up to 2000x the bet amount. With an RTP of 95.78%, this casino game trails the industry standard slightly. However, what may seem like a modest discrepancy can be offset by the slot’s high volatility, offering infrequent but larger payouts.

Game Rules

Lotus Charm Symbols

The tapestry of symbols within the Lotus Charm video slot is a visual feast and the gateway to potential payouts. These symbols fuse the game’s theme with the mechanics, making each spin a step further into the lotus garden of possible wins. The slot assembles a variety of symbols—from high-paying images reflecting the slot’s narrative to the classic lineup of card symbols, rewarding players with more chances to form winning combinations.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol3 in Line4 in Line5 in Line
Lotus Charm Wild0.5x2.5x10x
Red Woman0.25x2x7.5x
Purple Woman0.25x1.5x6x
A Letter0.25x0.5x3x
K Letter0.25x0.5x3x
Q Letter0.25x0.5x3x
J Symbol0.25x0.5x3x

Special Symbols

The special symbols in Lotus Charm slot are emblems of good fortune that promise to enhance player wins and trigger captivating gameplay features. As the catalysts for the slot’s bonus rounds, these symbols spark a thrilling pursuit for breathtaking rewards.

  • Wild Symbol: The illustrious Lotus flower symbol takes on the Wild role, acting as a standard-bearer for substitution, enhancing the ways to win by transforming itself into other symbols, with exceptions made for Scatters and Bonus icons.
  • Scatter Symbol: Embodied by the tranquil Bonsai tree, this symbol has the honour of unlocking the free spins playground when it graces reels 2, 3, and 4. Accumulating three such serendipitous symbols inaugurates a procession of 10 Lotus Charm free spins.
  • Bonus Symbol: The moon symbol, when it graces the reels sixfold or more, calls forth the moon bonus game. This special symbol waxes a powerful influence by freezing in place and initiating a session of up to three re-spins, with each new moon resetting the opportunities.

Lotus Charm Features

In the intricately designed universe of the Lotus Charm slot, the bonus features are not merely additions but integral parts that complete the gaming experience. These features complement the slot’s theme and offer players lucrative avenues to maximise their winnings. The developers have imbued these features with the essence of the fortuitous lotus, ensuring that each aligns aesthetically and functionally with the game’s magical concept.

Random Wild

The collection of Wilds throughout the base gameplay in Lotus Charm can randomly trigger the Random Wild feature. This bonus bestows an additional 4 to 15 Wild symbols on the reels, significantly increasing the potential for winning combinations. The feature’s unpredictability adds an element of surprise and excitement, serving as a boon for players looking for an enchanted boost to their fortunes.

Free Spins

In Lotus Charm, the coveted Bonsai tree Scatters are the key to unlocking the game’s free spins, a much-sought-after feature among player reviews for its capability of amplifying wins without further stake requirements. Players can prolong the whimsical excursion by initiating the round with 10 free spins, with an additional 5 spins when gracing the reels with three more Scatters. This extension enhances the playing experience and greatly increases the chance for a substantial payout.

Moon Bonus Game

The Moon Bonus Game, a highlight for many enthusiasts of this casino slot, offers an engaging journey towards one of the slot’s jackpots. Triggered by a sextet of moon Bonus symbols, this game enfolds players into a re-spin feature where the goal is to collect as many moons as possible, each tagged with jackpots or cash values. With each new moon landing, the re-spin count resets to three, prolonging the anticipation and suspense. This feature captures what makes Lotus Charm so appealing—its serenity and excitement. The accumulation of moons can lead to winning the Mini, Minor, Major jackpots, or, in a twist of destiny, the Grand jackpot, mounting to an illustrious 2000x the stake win. Furthermore, the elusive Mystery Moon symbol can unexpectedly transform into one of the jackpot symbols, adding a layer of mystery and potential to every spin.

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