Ivan and the Immortal King

by Quickspin
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Game features
December 2018
Bet Size
€0.20 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Collect Symbols, Extra Spins, Free Spins, Increasing Multiplier, Multiplier, Mystery Symbol, Scatter, Stacked Symbols, Wild
3D, Books, Cartoons, Dragons, Jewels, Witches

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Pros and cons
  • The staggering max win of 40,000x stake
  • Wide betting range from $0.20 to $100
  • Limited paylines, total count is 20

Ivan and the Immortal King Slot Review

Dive into the mythological narrative of Ivan and the Immortal King slot machine, a graphical marvel developed by the pioneering Quickspin. Launched with much fanfare in December 2018, the online slot takes players on an audacious endeavor, all set within a digital art masterpiece of fantastical Russian legends.

The captivating design and atmosphere of this casino game invite players into a magical world. The immersive environs, comprised of rich, sumptuous hues and an interactive enchanted forest, make every spin a visual delight. So authentic is the game’s design that one can almost feel the mysticism seeping through the screen, as folklore is brought to life with each manual spin.

Central to this story-driven video slot are the characters that players will become intimately familiar with—foremost among them, Ivan Tsarevich and King Koschei. The plot is thick with myth, as Ivan’s journey weaves through challenges to ultimately face and overcome the immortal king. To emerge victorious against Koschei, and for a chance at the max win, one must delve into the deepest corners of the tale—a testament to the game’s engrossing narrative.

Animations in the slot are executed with finesse, embellishing the base game with eye-catching, dynamic visuals, indicative of Quickspin’s devotion to immersive user experience. While animated video sequences are not at the forefront, additional animations such as the enchantress Baba Yaga’s unexpected fly-ins supply depth and vibrancy to each spin.

In this symphony of visuals, the sound design plays no second fiddle. The music weaves traditional Russian melodies with contemporary flair, creating soundscapes that are harmonious with the theme. Sound effects are punctuated with clarity, from the spinning reels to the celebratory chimes of winning combinations, all contributing to a thoroughly enchanting auditory experience.

For enthusiasts captivated by the thematic essence of this slot, Yggdrasil Gaming’s “Vikings Go Berzerk” and Thunderkick’s “Bork the Berzerker” echo similar sagas of heroism and folklore.

The video slot sees no boundary between desktop and mobile gaming. Its flawless functionality extends across platforms, encompassing iOS and Android, providing seamless practice play, irrespective of the device.

How to Play Ivan and the Immortal King

Step onto the rich tapestry of this 5-reel, 3-row video slot, where 20 fixed paylines await to decipher your fate. To secure wins in this online slot, a player must align similar symbols, starting from the leftmost reel to the right, wielding the potential for lucrative winning combinations.

The user interface of the slot machine is an amalgamation of thematic design and ergonomic functionality, ensuring that newcomers and regulars alike can navigate the game rules with ease. Each aspect of the control panel is integrated seamlessly into the overall design, promoting an intuitive player experience without detracting from the slot’s visual appeal.

Control Buttons:

  • Coin Value: This slider is the gateway to adjust your stake, found in the settings or clearly displayed beneath the reels;
  • Bet Size: A quick-access feature that allows for easy modification of the total bet value;
  • Spin: The most prominent button, often in the center, beckons with each click for fortunes untold;
  • Auto-Play: Handy for the laid-back gamer, automating the adventure at your chosen bet level;
  • Slot Information: A compendium of symbols, paytables, and features at your fingertips;
  • Mute: A control that invites silence or sound in equal measure, located within the settings menu.

Betting in Ivan and the Immortal King online begins modestly at $0.20 and bravely ascends to a grand $100 per spin. This range is tailored to suit the cautious novice or the bold high roller, offering flexibility for diverse bankroll strategies. The max win—standing at a formidable 40,000x stake—is a siren’s call for those rightly dreaming of riches.

Noteworthy is the slot’s RTP rate, positioned slightly above the average at 96.29%, which assures a fair contest between luck and chance. The volatility rating of the game is noteworthy; categorized as extremely high, it promises adrenaline-inducing play where payouts are significant, albeit less frequent.

Game Rules

Ivan and the Immortal King Symbols

Venture into a realm where symbols are not mere icons on a reel but integral fragments of an ancient fable, Ivan and the Immortal King. In this casino game, each symbol is meticulously designed to echo the theme and story, with a selection from resplendent gemstones to formidable creatures and iconic characters, all contributing to potential winning combinations.

The Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Purple Gem 0.5x 1x 5x
Orange Gem 0.5x 1x 5x
Green Gem 0.5x 1x 5x
Blue Gem 0.75x 1.25x 6.25x
Red Gem 0.75x 1.25x 6.25x
Dragon 1x 4.5x 15x
Wolf 1.25x 5x 22.5x
Queen 1.5x 12.5x 37.5x
King 1.75x 15x 50x
Ivan 2x 20x 100x

Special Symbols

As crucial elements that often dictate the pace and excitement within Ivan and the Immortal King slot, special symbols serve pivotal roles in enhancing winning potential and paving the way for feature-rich rounds.

  • Wild Symbol: Aptly engraved with gold, capable of stepping in for any other symbols, barring scatters, and accommodating numerous ways to win.
  • Scatter Symbol: The enchanted chest harbors the power to usher in a cavalcade of free spins, a key that unlocks the tales woven within Bonus rounds.
  • Progress Scatter: A symbol crucial during the free spins, acting as a lighthouse guiding players to ascend through multiplier levels and thus increasing the possibility of a payout.

Ivan and the Immortal King Features

The slot’s bonus features are integral to the gameplay, providing enriched user experience and potential profitability. They encapsulate the developers’ vision, seamlessly blending with narrative elements to create an engaging and thematically consistent gaming experience. Trends in the slot gaming industry reflect an increase in such story-driven bonus features, which cater to a variety of player preferences while also elevating the realm of possibilities within the game.

Baba Yaga Surprise

In Ivan and the Immortal King, the Baba Yaga Surprise feature adds an unpredictable twist to the gaming experience. This feature can be randomly activated in the base game or during the free spins. Baba Yaga, the enigmatic witch, appears and conceals four random symbols. These can then transform to reveal up to three prize-bearing scatters or a single high-paying symbol, which ensures a surefire payout, heightening the thrill of the game.

Free Spins

The Free Spins feature is central to Ivan and the Immortal King’s gameplay, providing players with the opportunity to ascend through different levels, each associated with higher multipliers and additional spins.

Chest Scatters Free Spins Starting Level
3 10 Chest Level
4 14 Hare Level
5 18 Duck Level

To progress through six multiplier levels — ranging from Chest (1x) to Hare (2x), Duck (3x), Egg (5x), Needle (10x), and culminating at Dead King (20x) — players must collect coin Progress scatters. Each new level grants four extra spins and increases the multiplier, ultimately leading to the chance of hitting the slot’s max win. This feature ties in closely with the storyline, embarking players on an adventure to defeat the immortal king and claim his treasure.

Unique Slot Feature

Extraordinary payouts await in Ivan and the Immortal King with the inclusion of fully stacked symbols. This feature allows symbols to cover entire reels, increasing the chances of significant payouts. With the possibility of hitting a base game jackpot of up to 2,000 times the stake, the slot’s allure is undeniable.

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