Immortal Fruits

by Nolimit City
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Game features
Nolimit City
August 2020
Bet Size
€0.20 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Bonus Wheel, Gamble, Jackpot, Stacked Symbols, Stacked Wild, Wild
3D, Classic, Fruits, Retro

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Wide betting range from $0.20 to $100
  • Larger grid size with 5x4 reels
  • Jackpot prizes offer big wins
  • Supports play on mobile and desktop
  • Available Bonus Buy Feature
  • Maximum win limited to 2,787x
  • Fixed 50 paylines without selection
  • No Free Spins feature available

Immortal Fruits Slot Review

Immortal Fruits slot machine, a creation by the esteemed Nolimit City, inaugurated its vibrant gameplay in August 2020. This game transports players onto a virtual dancefloor where classic motifs blend seamlessly with modern gameplay elements. The slot’s appealing design offers a visual feast — a medley of fruit symbols set against a backdrop pulsating with the essence of disco dynamism. Its traditional lever animation injects a hint of nostalgia that complements the shimmering disco ball illuminating the scene.

Without any characters or a narrative arc typical of more thematic slots, this casino game focuses on delivering an engaging experience through its design and mechanics. The animations in this slot are deliberate in their simplicity, maintaining clarity in the visuals while providing a modern touch during the game’s special features.

Players are immersed in a soundscape that combines the vivacity of funky rhythms with the modern flair of dub beats, defying the normative soundtracks of standard fruit machines. The fusion of music and game atmospherics firmly establishes Immortal Fruits in a genre of its own.

Should players seek similar experiences, they might explore the retro-inspired reels of NetEnt’s Twin Spin or delve into the innovative gameplay of Fruit Warp from Thunderkick. Both titles share an evolutionary approach to the classic slot genre and demonstrate how developers can reimagine conventional concepts.

The Immortal Fruits online slot is widely accessible, offering a seamless gaming experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet interfaces, specifically optimized for iOS and Android platforms. Its adaptability makes it a hit among diverse audiences, catering to a range of slot enthusiasts from purists to innovation-seekers.

How to Play Immortal Fruits

Behind its vivid graphics, Immortal Fruits reveals a well-structured 5×4 reel grid, fixed with 50 paylines that celebrate winning combinations forged from a bounty of fruit symbols. To win, players must land matching icons starting from the leftmost reel. The game rules dictate at least three like-symbols for a successful combo, though the more symbols aligned, the greater the reward.

The user interface bears a sleek design, melded organically into the exciting gameplay. Its intuitive layout promises easy navigation, simplifying the journey from learning to mastering the game. The core controls ensure essential functionality:

  • Bet Size: Modify the stake according to your bankroll strategy.
  • Manual spin: Engage the reels by manually activating a rotation.
  • Autoplay: Set the game to spin automatically under predefined parameters.
  • Game Information: Review the paytable and in-depth game rules.
  • Sound: Manage the auditory settings at your leisure.
  • Nolimit Bonus: A Lightning Bolt-shaped button inside the Yellow Star allows the player to buy the bonus feature and immediately move into its exciting mode.
  • Fast Spins: Unlocks access to turbo spins.

As an online slot that aspires to serve a spectrum of players, Immortal Fruits provides a flexible betting range. Stakes start modestly at $0.20 and can be amped up to a hearty $100 per spin. Players driven by prospects of high yields might find themselves enticed by the max win potential of 2,878 times the bet.

The slot prides itself on transparency, boasting an RTP of 96.06% while warning players of the turbulence ahead with its high variance rating. Although Immortal Fruits promises an adrenaline-rich experience, be mindful of its Hit Frequency which is calibrated to 10.95%—a characteristic that indicates substantial wins may not occur as frequently as some might hope.

The clear interface and user experience are thus the footlights on this metaphorical dancefloor, guiding you through the thrills that entail each autoplay and manual spin in this engaging video slot.

Game Rules

Immortal Fruits Symbols

The Immortal Fruits slot machine abounds with a plethora of symbols reminiscent of yesteryear’s one-armed bandits yet revitalized for contemporary gameplay, encouraging practice play with its familiar icons. From the juiciest of cherries to the most succulent strands of grapes, each symbol reverberates with the theme, enriching the player’s experience with each spin. These symbols, steeped in the traditions of classic slots, provide a bridge between the past and the present, showcasing innovation within a genre beloved by many.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line 5 in Line
Grapes 0.3x 0.5x 1x
Orange 0.35x 0.6x 1.2x
Plum 0.4x 0.8x 1.5x
Lemon 0.45x 1x 2x
Cherry 0.5x 1.2x 3x
Watermelon 0.6x 1.5x 4x
Strawberry 0.8x 1.8x 5x
Red 7 1x 2.5x 10x

These non-special symbols are not just significant for their payouts; they are visual testaments to the game’s theme, exuding a harmonious user experience through every animated match on the reels. All symbols manifest in stacked form, amplifying the potential for full-screen wins that can considerably boost the player’s bankroll.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in the Immortal Fruits slot play crucial roles, adding layers of depth to the gameplay:

  • Diamond Wild: Resplendent like the centerpiece of a disco ball, the Diamond Wild enlivens reels 2, 3, and 4. Its stacked appearance ensures that it adds sparkle to winning combinations, serving as a substitute for other symbols and potentially leading to tips for bigger wins.
  • Bonus Symbol: The harbinger of luck, this symbol signals the approach of fortuitous bonus rounds when it descends upon reels 1, 3, and 5. Achieving the alignment of three Bonus Symbols unravels the way to the xWheel feature, where players are feted with multipliers and the possibility of jackpot triumphs.

These special symbols resonate with the pulse of the game, rendering each spin a potential vortex of excitement. More than mere icons, they are the agents of action, pivotal in escalating the game’s energy and amplifying the chances of a payout.

Immortal Fruits Features

The casino game brims with enticing bonus features that elevate it beyond the realms of mere fruit slots, each designed to augment the player’s chances of securing a maximum payout. Such features are integral to not only maintaining interest but also providing substantial opportunities for rewards.

Such features, combined with the game’s high volatility and immersive presentation, lend the slot a distinctive edge, showcasing the innovative capabilities of modern video slots.


At the heart of the game lies the xWheel, a multi-level prize wheel that offers an exhilarating chance at hitting it big. Triggered by landing three Bonus symbols, the xWheel rewards players with increasing multipliers across three distinct levels, each more lucrative than the last. As players spin the wheel, they either land on a multiplier or a ‘Level Up’ section, which ushers them to the next tier, where even higher multipliers and jackpot prizes await. Jackpot values are tiered as follows:

  • Rapid Jackpot: 100x the stake.
  • Midi Jackpot: 250x the stake.
  • Mega Jackpot: 2,500x the stake.

When the wheel stops on a section that has already been hit or a jackpot, the feature concludes. The xWheel offers a tantalizing max win ceiling of 2,878x the player’s bet, making it a pivotal bonus round for those chasing the slot’s maximum rewards.

Gamble Feature

For those residing outside the grip of specific regulations, the gamble feature provides an extra layer of excitement post-win. This daring 50/50 chance allows players to double their spoils if they guess the color of a randomly drawn card correctly. While the feature can amplify a win significantly, it comes with the caveat that success is not guaranteed, and the prize may be lost entirely.

Nolimit Bonus

Available to players outside of the UK, the Nolimit Bonus opens a shortcut to the xWheel feature at the cost of 75x the current bet. By employing this feature, players bypass the base game and gain immediate access to the bonus wheel action, enhancing their slot strategy dynamically.

Bonus Buy Feature

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