Golden Tiger

by iSoftBet
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Game features
May 2019
Bet Size
€0.10 - 10
Max Win
Bonus Guarantee, Bonus Symbol, Bonus Wheel, Collect Symbols, Multiplier, Stacked Symbols
Animals, Asian, Classic, Gold, Retro

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Minimum bet starts at a tiny $0.10
  • Features a trio of slot bonuses
  • High max win of 10,000x
  • Can be enjoyed on a variety of devices
  • Limited 5 ways to win
  • Max bet capped at low $10.00
  • Smaller than usual 3x3 grid size

Golden Tiger Slot Review

Golden Tiger slot machine, crafted by the esteemed iSoftBet and launched in May 2019, stands as a testament to the fusion of traditional gameplay with a decorative Asian touch. This online slot radiates with the richness of Asian culture, enveloped in a vibrant colour palette typical of the genre. The imagery of the Golden Tiger slot machine, featuring an array of tigers in various shades, serves as the high-paying symbols that players eagerly seek while also maintaining an atmosphere replete with auspicious vibes.

The slot’s visual narrative is further brought to life through meticulous animation, presenting a dynamic that is sophisticated yet avoids indulging in elaborate video sequences. Instead, the charm of Golden Tiger lies in the elegant simplicity of its animation, enhancing the classical experience with subtle contemporary inflexions.

Within this vibrant realm, players are treated to an auditory experience underscored by traditional Chinese melodies, a harmonious complement to the spinning reels and the clinking of winning coins. This music and the excitement of winning combinations are punctuated by the fitting sound effects that herald successful spins and feature activations.

Golden Tiger stands in harmonious company with slots such as NetEnt’s Riches of Midgard and Fire Joker by Play’n GO, which similarly adopt traditional slot mechanisms, imbued with a distinctive mythology and thematic slot content by their respective developers.

Multi-platform readiness is a highlight of the Golden Tiger slot game, boasting seamless integration across devices, thus welcoming a broader audience, including mobile users. Whether indulging in the game via a dedicated casino app on a smartphone or enjoying demo mode on a tablet, players are assured of an optimised user experience.

The primary audience for Golden Tiger spans enthusiasts of traditional 3-reel slots and those who appreciate Asian-themed content, appealing to a varied demographic keen on enjoying the thrills of medium-volatility play within an Orient-inspired setting. It serves up a playing field that is inviting to both connoisseurs of casino simplicity and those venturing into the realm of slots for practice play.

How to Play Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger emerges as a modern interpretation of the classic three-reel genre, with a user-friendly array of 3 reels by 3 rows that accommodate 5 fixed paylines. Eschewing complex game rules and alluring with uncomplicated excitement, it nonetheless surprises with a smattering of modern enhancements to enliven the traditional feel.

The game’s interface underpins its thematic essence while ensuring high user functionality. Each button, designed to be intuitively recognisable, aids in the seamless interplay of design and practice. The game’s interface marries form and function effortlessly.

Control Buttons Include:

  • Bet Size: Oreients players to quickly set the total stake for each manual spin.
  • Spin: The primary button initiating gameplay, prominently located.
  • Auto-rotate: Enables a prescribed number of automatic spins, perfect for hands-free play.
  • Slot Information: A reference for players seeking clarity on the game’s nuances.
  • Mute: Offers the flexibility to toggle sound options for personalised gameplay.

The betting range in Golden Tiger is designed to accommodate a spectrum of players, commencing at a minimum of $0.10 and capping at $10.00 per spin. The slot’s requirement of 10 coins per wager across the 5 paylines informs its betting mechanics.

The slot machine’s pinnacle of success is embodied in the max win of up to 10,000x. Golden Tiger’s RTP rate is a competitive 95.95%, placing it a fraction under the industry norm yet remaining well within the bounds of player expectations. Its medium variance provides an equilibrium of consistent payouts and hit frequency, ensuring that bankroll management remains straightforward for players across sessions.

Game Rules

Golden Tiger Symbols

In the Golden Tiger casino game, each symbol illustrates the game’s Oriental theme, offering an array of traditional and thoughtfully designed icons to foster gameplay that is both visually appealing and potentially lucrative. The symbols are a nod to the splendour of Asian culture, with vibrantly coloured tigers promising the heftier payouts and an ensemble of classic coins denoting lower-value winnings, all contributing to the distinct narrative of the game.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line
Golden Tiger 100x
Green Tiger 50x
Red Tiger 30x
Blue Tiger 10x
Cards 8x
Gold ingot 6x
3 Coins 4x
2 Coins 3x
1 Coin 2x

Special Symbols

Golden Tiger’s gameplay is elevated by special symbols that intertwine with the slot’s theme to amplify both the excitement and winning possibilities of the game. The absence of usual suspects such as wilds and customarily used scatters is notable, as it allows the unique symbol of the game to shine brightly on its own.

  • Golden Tiger Symbol: At the apex of the symbol hierarchy is the Golden Tiger. This prestigious icon not only promises generous payouts of up to 1,000 coins but also serves a pivotal role within the slot’s bonus rounds. As a harbinger of fortune in the online casino space, the Golden Tiger symbol nudges the player towards significant wins and activates the Stacked Wins feature when it occupies all nine positions on the reels. These prominent positions are then highlighted, setting the stage for the esteemed Bonus Wheel feature, further amplifying the player’s potential for a windfall.

Golden Tiger Features

The bonus features within Golden Tiger slot play are ingeniously tailored to its Asian theme, offering distinctive bonus modes that cater to players’ preferences for a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. These elements underline the game’s unique appeal and align with the thematic design, showcasing original ways to augment winnings.

Golden Tiger Collect Feature

At the crux of Golden Tiger’s bonus rounds is the Golden Tiger Collect feature, magnifying the thrill of play with an attribute unique to this video slot. Upon successfully filling all reel positions with the Golden Tiger symbol — each symbol essentially a token towards this bonus—this feature springs to life, ushering in the Bonus Wheel. The dual-layered wheel, once initiated, holds an exciting fortune: one wheel selects a premium symbol, while its counterpart discloses a multiplier. With a variance that intrigues the gameplay, this feature can propel a player’s fortune to the maximum payout of 10,000 coins, reflecting a noteworthy 1,000 times their wager.

Stacked Wins Feature

In the realm of this slot machine, full reel coverage with identical symbols leads to the Stacked Wins feature, where the payouts are subject to a lucrative multiplier. Achieving such a feat doubles the rewards from the winning combinations, signifying a boost in the game’s payout ratio.

Bonus Wheel Feature

Golden Tiger online slots also boast the Bonus Wheel feature, which is distinctively triggered within the context of the Stacked Wins feature. The anticipation builds as the reel set is blanketed in Golden Tiger symbols, culminating in a spin of the Bonus Wheel to discover both a high-value symbol and a game-enhancing multiplier. This adds an element of anticipation and potential for skyrocketing winnings, with a hit frequency that keeps players on the edges of their seats, all the while keeping autoplay as an option for a seamless game experience.

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