Fat Rabbit

by Push Gaming
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Game features
Push Gaming
March 2018
Bet Size
€0.25 - 100
Max Win
Bonus Buy, Collect Symbols, Colossal Symbols, Extra Spins, Extra Wild, Free Spins, Random Wild, Scatter, Shifting Wilds, Stacked Symbols, Wild
3D, Animals, Farm

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Pros and cons
  • Wide betting range from $0.25 to $100
  • 3 slot features for dynamic play
  • Random Re-spins with sticky wilds
  • Max win 10.233x
  • Limited to 50 paylines

Fat Rabbit Slot Review

Released in March 2018 by Push Gaming, the Fat Rabbit slot machine quickly captured the hearts of online casino enthusiasts with its engaging blend of rustic charm and exciting gameplay. Players are transported to a whimsical farm setting where the blocky, Minecraft-inspired visuals come to life amid a tranquil pastural landscape.

This online slot game revolves around a voracious rabbit whose penchant for carrots leads to a delightful feeding frenzy in the bonus rounds. Sound elements, including cheerful tunes and the pleasant sounds of nature, contribute to the immersive player experience. Its resemblance to titles like NetEnt’s Tornado: Farm Escape and Yggdrasil Gaming Easter Island is evident in the fun animal themes and light-hearted presentation.

Dually optimized for mobile gaming, this video slot is designed to function flawlessly across modern smartphones and tablets, aligning with both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring players have access to practice play anytime, anywhere. The target audience encompasses a broad spectrum of slot aficionados, from those seeking a touch of bucolic joy to high-volatility thrill-seekers.

How to Play Fat Rabbit

Sporting a 5×5 reel structure, the Fat Rabbit online slot offers a distinctive gaming configuration with 50 non-negotiable paylines, contributing to a balanced combination of simplicity and slot innovation. Wins are traditionally acquired through lining up matching symbols in a left-to-right sequence, with at least three similar icons triggering winning combinations.

The game’s interface strikes a harmonious balance between functionality and pastoral visual design, providing players a clear and manageable control over their slot experience.

The Coin Value button adjusts the stake per coin, while the Bet Size button allows players to fine-tune their total bet for manual spin. The Play or Spin button launches a single turn of the reels, and the Autoplay function offers a preset number of rotations, complete with customizable loss and win limits. Access to game rules and paytables is readily available, providing players with valuable information to enhance their gameplay. Notably, the slot includes options to tailor the audio features to individual preferences, maintaining an intuitive user experience.

Bets range from $0.25 to $100, catering to both cautious players and high rollers. The standout max win of 10,233x times the stake, coupled with the slot’s RTP of 96.45%—standing slightly above the industry’s average—alongside high volatility, suggests potential for substantial payouts. This video slot maintains a competitive edge in the market with its variance and potential for significant returns.

Game Rules

Fat Rabbit Symbols

The game’s agricultural symbols mirror the lighthearted farm theme. From vibrant wooden card suits to an array of farm inhabitants and related items, the visuals offer a cohesive aesthetic experience while embracing contemporary slot trends.

Below are the higher-value symbols and their payouts:

  • Angry Farmer: With a grimace, this character awards players with $20 for a set of five in a payline, reflecting his top-tier status.
  • Angry Dog: Sporting a fierce look, this canine offers up to $16 for a matching quintet.
  • Water Bucket: A symbol that can splash out up to $10 for five on a payline.
  • Haystack: Aligning five of these yields a $6 reward.

The four wooden suit symbols—clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades—serve as the low-value icons, with payouts up to $1.60 and $2 for a full line, complementing the slot’s playful nature and providing ample opportunities for wins.

The symbol selection reflects the user experience and ratings positively, offering both visual appeal and the potential for lucrative outcomes, aligning with player reviews and striking a balance between fun and payout prospects.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in the Fat Rabbit casino game function as essential drivers that enhance the online gaming journey. With a couple of specially designed symbols, each feature is crafted to align with the game’s charming farm narrative and enhance the potential for winning combinations.

  • Wild Carrot Symbol: Visualized as a bright orange carrot, this symbol acts as a wild, substituting for other symbols to aid in creating winning combinations. Beyond its substitute role, the Wild Carrot is pivotal during the game’s free spins, feeding the eponymous character for sizable wins.
  • Wild Rabbit Symbol: As the namesake of the Fat Rabbit slot, the Wild Rabbit stands as a central figure. It acts as another wild symbol and, in its content white appearance, is instrumental in unlocking the game’s bonus rounds. Securing a full line of five rabbits not only yields a significant payout, echoing the farmer’s value but also leads directly to enhanced gameplay during the free spins.

Both symbols deliver extra depth to the game, accentuating the player’s experience with engaging animations and sound effects upon activation, distinguishing this slot from others and offering memorable moments in each session.

Fat Rabbit Features

The allure of Fat Rabbit lies in the bonus features that enrich the standard play with exciting twists and significant winning potential. While other slot machines may offer various bonus rounds, this game’s features are distinctively enmeshed within its farmyard tale, offering a harmonious blend of theme and function.

Harvest Feature

A whimsical bonus that activates randomly during the base game. A red tractor trundles across the screen, depositing Wild Carrot Symbols on the reels to potentially generate new payouts. This surprise element adds an unpredictability factor, much to the delight of players, and can trigger fortuitous bankroll boosts.

Free Games

The most coveted feature in the Fat Rabbit demo and real money play is the Free Games bonus, initiated when a Wild Rabbit symbol and one or more Wild Carrot symbols simultaneously hop onto the reels. Players commence with five free spins, during which the rabbit wild leaps to various reel positions, gobbling carrots as it goes. With each carrot consumed, the rabbit’s size swells, and additional free spins are awarded. The bonus round unfolds across several levels with increasing rabbit sizes:

  •   Level 1: Starts with a rabbit size of 1×1 and four carrots to the next level.
  •   Level 2: Rabbit expands to a 2×2 grid once five carrots are eaten, granting three extra spins.
  •   Level 3: With five more carrots, the rabbit grows to a 3×3 grid and awards two more spins.
  •   Level 4: After hree additional carrots, the rabbit balloons to a hefty 4×4 size, adding two spins.
  •   Level 5: Reaching full girth at 5×5, the rabbit covers the entire grid for one grand free spin.
Bonus Buy

For players eager to jump straight into action, the game offers a Bonus Buy option where, at the expense of 80 times the current stake, they can access the Free Games feature instantly. This ensures immediate engagement with the bonus content and offers a shortcut to the rabbit’s feasting and the players’ potential windfalls.

Bonus Buy

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