Criss Cross 81

by Wazdan
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Game features
November 2012
Bet Size
€0.20 - 10000
Max Win
Bonus Symbol, Gamble, Wild
Classic, Fruits, Retro

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Bonus offers

Pros and cons
  • Wide betting range: $0.20 to $10,000
  • High RTP of 96.29%
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • No Free Spins feature available
  • Grid size smaller than standard 5x3

Criss Cross 81 Slot Review

The Criss Cross 81 slot machine stands out as a creation of Wazdan, unveiled in November 2012, offering an engaging encounter that fuses vintage allure with contemporary game mechanics. With its minimalist design, this slot machine embodies the nostalgic sentiment that fruit machines and classic slots hold dear. The slot appeals to those seeking the thrill of arcade-like casinos while providing an easy-to-understand display that harks back to simpler days of gaming.

The atmosphere of the Criss Cross 81 slot machine is devoid of any complex narrative or characters, emphasizing the seamless gameplay for those looking to indulge in the pure joy of spinning the reels to land winning combinations. The user interface reflects this ethos, adopting a no-frills approach to allow for unobstructed enjoyment.

Animation in Criss Cross 81 is handled with subtlety, featuring elegant, enlivening motions that enhance the gaming experience without steering away from the game’s retro character. As for auditory components, they complement the theme, with sound effects that effectively replicate the clicks and clatters associated with the mechanical counterparts of yesteryear’s slot machines.

Admirably, the game supports a variety of devices across the mobile spectrum, allowing players to enjoy Criss Cross 81 on the go through their smartphone or tablet, be it on iOS or Android platforms. This means that whether in demo mode for practice play or spinning for real money, players have the flexibility to choose where and how they want to engage with the slot.

This online slot targets a broad audience, welcoming both newcomers trying out the Criss Cross 81 demo to familiarize themselves with game rules and veteran gamblers seeking the adrenaline rush of lucrative risk-taking with the potential for substantial payouts.

How to Play Criss Cross 81

Criss Cross 81 introduces game enthusiasts to an unconventional layout comprising 4 reels, 3 rows, and a notable 81 ways to win. This format, while straying from the standard, doesn’t complicate the user experience, offering clear and uncomplicated gameplay. Winning combinations are achieved by lining up matching symbols on active paylines, with payouts occurring from left to right.

The game commands attention with its intuitive user interface, the hallmark of which is a command bar located at the base of the display that subtly incorporates game functionality within the overall aesthetic. This design sensibility extends to the game’s controls, which include essential buttons such as:

  • Bet Size: This button enables adjusting the bet size per spin.
  • Manual Spin: Players can kickstart the game by pressing the spin button.
  • Auto-play: Facilitates uninterrupted spinning for a specified number of times.
  • Fast Play: One-click switching between slow, fast and ultra-fast rotation modes.
  • Info: Offers insight into the Criss Cross 81’s game rules and paytable.
  • Sound Control: Find the mute button to toggle the audio on or off as desired.

The betting range in Criss Cross 81 caters to varying bankroll sizes, with players able to wager from as low as $0.20 to a huge of $10,000 per spin. This flexibility alongside the fixed paylines broadens the appeal for different types of casino enthusiasts. The slot’s max win potential stands at a formidable 2,144x the initial bet per line.

With a Return to Player rate of 96.29%, Criss Cross 81’s RTP is competitive, aligning closely with industry expectations. The game’s medium-high volatility suggests that wins may come less frequently, but the thrill of chasing substantial payouts is ever-present. This balance makes the slot machine a tempting choice for players who appreciate games with a pronounced Hit Frequency.

Game Rules

Criss Cross 81 Symbols

The classic feel of Criss Cross 81 is prominently showcased through its game symbols, which feature a vibrant array of traditional fruit icons alongside vintage slot symbols. These icons serve as the heart of the slot, driving the action on the reels and reflecting both the title and the retro aesthetic inherent in the Criss Cross 81 online slot. In the current landscape of video slots, such symbols represent a nod to the origins of slot gaming, maintaining their place in a genre that continuously evolves.

Symbol Payout Table:

Symbol 3 in Line 4 in Line
Triple Seven 50x 500x
Double Seven 10x 80x
Seven 8x 40x
Double Bars 4x 16x
Blue Bar/Orange 2x 8x
Lemon/Cherries 1x 4x

The above table outlines the payouts for various symbol combinations in this engaging casino game. The slot forgoes the traditional 5-reel format, opting instead for a 4-reel structure that provides a unique twist in terms of winning combinations and gameplay. These symbols, void of a 5 in Line win option, illustrate the game’s variance and add to its unique charm.

The slot’s use of symbols is fundamental, avoiding the inclusion of intricate animations or extensive character-driven stories. Instead, it presents a straightforward and accessible path to potential wins, offering a player experience rooted in the simple pleasure of matching symbols across the game’s 81 ways to win.

Special Symbols

In Criss Cross 81, the special symbols play a pivotal role in elevating the user experience and increasing the player’s chances of hitting a rewarding payout. The distinct functions of these icons enrich the gameplay, transforming routine spins into potentially significant winnings thanks to their ability to trigger bonus rounds or contribute to winning combinations.

  • Wild Symbol: The joker serves as the slot’s Wild symbol, a versatile icon that substitutes for other symbols to boost winning combinations. It is a staple in slot machines that can transform an otherwise non-winning spin into a profitable one, enhancing the overall chances for success.
  • Mystery Dice Symbol: The Mystery Dice symbol functions as a scatter and is integral to unlocking the slot’s coveted mystery winnings. When three or four hits land anywhere on the reels, they activate a Mystery draw, which can amplify the stake by as much as 500 times. This element injects an air of unpredictability and excitement, keeping players engaged as they chase these elusive and potentially lucrative symbols.

In comparison to other slots, Criss Cross 81 keeps it relatively simple with its special symbols, but their impact on the game dynamic cannot be understated. They deliver an element of surprise that is cherished by slot enthusiasts, embodying the balance between traditional slot design and the captivating draw of modern features.

Criss Cross 81 Features

At the forefront of Criss Cross 81’s bonus features is the engagement of a time-honored gamble feature and the inclusion of a mystery win that can lead to exhilarating payouts. These features, while reminiscent of vintage slot bonuses, have been refined to provide ample excitement suitable for the modern player. By combining the thrill of possible high rewards with uncomplicated mechanics, these bonus rounds enrich and extend the player’s experience, aligning them with the retro theme while infusing a touch of unpredictability.

Gamble Feature

The gamble feature in Criss Cross 81 allows players to potentially double their winnings through a classic risk-and-reward minigame. After securing a payout, the player is presented with the option to wager their most recent win by guessing the correct color of a concealed playing card. Success in this straightforward test of chance leads to a doubling of the win, but an incorrect guess means the original winnings are forfeited, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay and enhancing the excitement of chasing the game’s max win.

Mystery Win Feature

The mystery win feature is a highlight of Criss Cross 81, offering an enigmatic draw when three or four Mystery Dice symbols appear across the reels. This tantalizing scatter feature provides a random multiplier that could exponentially increase the player’s stake, granting a payout multiplier between 1x and 50x for three symbols and an impressive range from 5x to 500x for four symbols. Such a substantial payoff adds a lucrative dimension to the Criss Cross 81 free play and real money versions, encapsulating the allure of classic slots with the potential for surprising windfalls.

Mystery Win

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